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Kenzie Moore
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Location: Montgomery, AL United States
Birthday: Jul 17th
Joined: Mar 9th, 2024
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Life & Professional Aspirations:
As a proud native of the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, I've had a unique vantage point concerning leadership and service that have guided me successfully through my education. Professionally, my aspirations to become a woman of color engineer led me to Spelman College, the nation's #1 HBCU and #1 producer of women of color in STEM. I was accepted Early Decision and plan to major in Computer Science/Engineering in the Fall of 2024. After my matriculation at Spelman College, I plan to become a software engineer and a bridge builder in helping aspiring engineers, minorities struggling with technology, and women of color seeking to build their online platforms and businesses. My ultimate desire is to use technology as a leverage to promote diversity and inclusivity in the field of technology.
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Spelman College class of 2028
Undergrad Major: Computer and Information Science
Claim To Fame:
My "claim to fame" in college will revolve around my unwavering commitment to academic excellence, advocacy for underrepresented communities, and innovative approach to leveraging technology for social change. As a student at Spelman College, I believe that my passion for STEM fields, particularly in computer engineering, will set me apart. My dedication to making a meaningful impact in the technology industry and my proactive efforts to address social issues through initiatives like "Black Women Matter" during high school demonstrate my ability to use coding as a tool for activism and advocacy. I anticipate that my commitment to addressing disparities and advocating for equity will earn recognition and respect from both my peers and faculty members. Additionally, my decision to attend an HBCU despite my family's ties to predominantly white institutions reflects my determination to embrace my cultural identity and contribute to my community. Overall, I believe that my "claim to fame" in college will stem from my dedication to academic achievement, social activism, and advancing the representation of underrepresented groups in STEM and beyond.
Most Memorable Moment:
Although I haven't yet stepped through the gates of Spelman College, I anticipate that my most memorable college moment will be my induction into the Spelman Sisterhood at the August ceremony. This event symbolizes the development of my journey towards attending college and represents a significant milestone in my evolution as a woman. Just as the concept of evolution implies gradual progression towards a better, more advanced state, my college experience promises to be transformative and reflective of personal growth and aspirations. As human beings, evolution is inherent to our nature, and I have witnessed this transformation within myself, especially as I stand on the cusp of beginning my college journey at Spelman College. Reflecting on my high school years, I acknowledge the significant strides I have made, yet I am keenly aware that my evolution is ongoing. In the forthcoming months leading up to my enrollment, I anticipate further growth and development, both academically and personally. Spelman College represents a pivotal milestone in my evolution as a woman. Its rich legacy of academic Black excellence, sisterhood, and commitment to scholarship deeply resonate with me. The institution's reputation as the foremost producer of women in STEM who pursue higher education underscores its dedication to empowering women of color. Attending Spelman College transcends mere education; it promises a transformative journey into womanhood. I am grateful for the foundation laid by my parents, who have instilled in me the values and lessons necessary for success. Their guidance and support have prepared me for this moment, and it is now my responsibility to uphold their legacy and fulfill the potential they envision for me. In the nurturing environment of Spelman College, I am confident that I will continue to evolve, embracing my identity, and striving towards the woman I am destined to become. Guided by faith, determination, and a profound sense of purpose, I endeavor to make a positive impact on the world, empowered by the values instilled in me by my parents and nurtured by the sisterhood at Spelman College.
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