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Allison Simone
Location: Brooklyn, NY United States
Birthday: Jan 16th
Joined: Jan 31st, 2005
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Hampton University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
Most Memorable Moment:
not there yet, comin soon
High School: John Dewey in , class of 2005
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Best Memories:
The prom 2005, leaving all my friends form HS. When i was being hated on by all the otha females. lol, good memories. My senior was the best year of HS. I also waited till the last month of HS to tell my crush i liked him. Also when i met 50 cent, Young
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Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU Luv. Have a wonderful week. Get back with me...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/25/2007  
Hi Sis, I hope all is well for You and I wish You the best in All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals, and Endeavors. "God" Bless, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 01/25/2006  
Hey allison im jus stoppin by to spread some of that NY love good luck Hampton. Oh don't be a stranger hit up my page when you get a chance.
Tagged by Tyrone Hall on 09/19/2005  
hey how r u?
Tagged by harry gooden on 09/19/2005  
Hope yo brought the real New Yorker with you.
Tagged by Jonathan Hickson on 09/15/2005  
Hope yo brought the real New Yorker with you.
Tagged by Jonathan Hickson on 09/15/2005  
What's poppin B?? I may be headin up ur way @ HU. I need 2 call da skool 2morrow cuz they be b/s with admission. But it's all good. They're gonna get tired of me callin so I'll get in AGAIN.
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 09/07/2005  
I didn't get down there yet but when Im down there Ima holla at u aiight 100
Tagged by Randy Millard on 08/29/2005  
Tagged by David Swinson on 08/17/2005  
hey homie, just returning the HU/VC luv! See you in about a week!
Tagged by Nazlah Walker on 08/17/2005  
YEAAAAAAAA i understand "I just had to do it " was an understatement, Get @ me BKKKKKKKKKKKKKK all day, what up. ....PEace, Saffiyah
Tagged by saffiyah muhammad on 08/15/2005  
Thanks for showing the love. It's all love from my side. Stay sweet.
Tagged by Lance Marshall on 08/15/2005  
Whatsup, dis yo boy SEX APEal. Just sending love your way by way of the J. #2 "Richard J" A Phi A
Tagged by Richard Johnson on 08/10/2005  
yo whats good im givin back the love , my man is gonna be a frshman at hampton too , his name is chad (lightskin wit braids) so if u see him , treat him good, thanks for the love. 1
Tagged by JAQUANN HOLLEY on 08/05/2005  
i'm 17, why u ask
Tagged by Chris O on 08/05/2005  
What up ma? I C u holdin' BK down! When shcool start holla at me and I'll show u around "TU"
Tagged by Andre Minor on 08/04/2005  
I used to attend Transit Tech in East New York
Tagged by Tyrell Muir on 08/04/2005  
EH wassup my FacebOOk buddy
Tagged by Phillip Welch on 08/04/2005  
Wuz up cutie? I just drop by to leave some ATL-iean love on your page, B E-Z and Holla Back
Tagged by Edward ( Chad ) on 08/03/2005  
Hey whats up just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 08/03/2005  
Hey What'S up GiRl? We got sum in commOns> I gotta sho u dat Ny luV, anD we both goin to HU's (Hampton&HowarD), PLus+Our names are "SimonE" WOw thas a loT rite there!! nah but just Returnin tha Luv..I wish tha best oF luCk 2 yAh; )
Tagged by DiannA* SimonE* on 08/02/2005  
ws good! just stopped through HU love! schools about to start soon i'm sure i'll see you around!
Tagged by Yazid Britt on 07/29/2005  
Thank you for the luv mami keep in touch
Tagged by Rodney Matthews on 07/27/2005  
Wuz Really H00d, thanx for the luv and what not you know i g0t's to do me b00 b00 1.
Tagged by Timothy Inge on 07/26/2005  
yea u kno imma keep in touch wuts ya ex name?
Tagged by Capo Status on 07/26/2005  
Tha school is aight for the most part. It gets boring sumtimes but that happens erywhere. Freshman year is gonna be a bitch at first b/c u will be on curfew for tha 1st couple of months. U will have a lot more fun after curfew is over.
Tagged by Justin Durant on 07/26/2005  
supp how r u? email me... keep in touch
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 07/25/2005  
I'm from New York! This is Shae Shay reppin Harlem World to the fulliest! Thanxs 4 da luv. u no I'm gona rep NY right
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 07/25/2005  
What it is shawty. I appreciate u bein the 1st to sign my page. Welcome 2 da fam at tha real HU. Holla at a nigga if u want to know anythang bout me or tha school.
Tagged by Justin Durant on 07/25/2005  
Wut it is mama. Lookin real fly in them pics i see. thats definately a good look. hit me up lata aight.
Tagged by Capo Status on 07/25/2005  
was up wit ya. thanx for da luv, it was truly appreciated. Glad to see u makin hat move down to a VA HBCU. I got peoples up hampton so i be up there some times. keep in touch so we can meet up sometime. ~Live~Love~Life
Tagged by Ray Mooring on 07/25/2005  
LOL...I thought u were talking about when I visited NY; anyway I didn't go to precollege:( I thought I was like the only 1...everyone I have talked to seems to be having so much fun
Tagged by Laura Wise on 07/23/2005  
yea its me ima be a vc cutie wat dorm u stayin in hit me up on facebook
Tagged by Shanequa McKoy on 07/22/2005  
I Didnt Mean To Confuse You With The Blog But It Caught Me At A Crazy Time This Morning Stay Up From The ChiTown Represenative -Josh-
Tagged by Joshua Smith on 07/22/2005  
NY is VERY diff. than TX!!! i'm on D hall...hit me up on aim MsWiseHU2009
Tagged by Laura Wise on 07/22/2005  
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