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A'Lelianne Warren
Location: Hampton, VA United States
Birthday: Mar 5th
Joined: Feb 9th, 2005
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Current Whereabouts:

Currenty I am in NC at school but I am from Hampton, Va.....dA can reach me on AIM @ leilei757 or you can email me @ Thanx for comin to check me out...much and madd luv PeAcE

Education   (request update)
Elizabeth City State University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Claim To Fame:
After graduating, I plan to attend Graduate School to get my PhD in Psychology. While getting my PhD I would also like degrees in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.
Most Memorable Moment:
Thus far, my most memorable moment has been perofrming with the Marching Sound of Class (ECSU Marching Band) as a Black Pearl dancer. Though we are small in number our hearts and emtions are BIG.
Breaking the Cycle Breaking the Cycle
i read this book called Breaking the Cycle by is so so good. Its abotu domestic abuse...even though i havent experienced it...i felt it and the book get 3 stars ...more
Posted by A'Lelianne Warren on September 18th, 2005 • 294 Views
Left for no reason....then what Left for no reason....then what
Hurricane O was heading towards our way at school (ECSU) so they told us we had to leave the school by 7pm or go to teh gym...ok ppl left..but so many bad things happened when we had to leave....a gir ...more
Posted by A'Lelianne Warren on September 18th, 2005 • 332 Views
Father's Day...a lost dream Father's Day...a lost dream
well it been almost 4 years since i lasted celebrated father's day.... and for some reason this day alwayz seems to make up cry....i lost my father to cancer and it makes me MADD to see ppl who dont ...more
Posted by A'Lelianne Warren on June 19th, 2005 • 299 Views Back Back
hey hbcu ppl...i left cause i had to handle a lil business..but what been going on with everyone... ...more
Posted by A'Lelianne Warren on June 18th, 2005 • 331 Views
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Tagged by Ashley Brabham on 05/09/2006  
wasssup babe!!!! just thought id come find you and say wassup, i never be up here, but im bout to hok up my page, so just holla at me!!!
Tagged by blakeney on 02/09/2006  
hey wats just droppin by showing you some viking love...see ya on the yard!
Tagged by Lenora Mayne on 09/21/2005  
Hello Sis. Rev 21:3-7 (my empathies). Heep up the great work in your major. Your Father is proud of you and so am I(Respectfully). God Bless, sincerely Rattla Alumnus.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 09/18/2005  
Hey gurl, just stoppin by to show u some ECSU luv!
Tagged by Shana Smith on 08/24/2005  
What's Good LeLe? I'm working this summer at Wachovia in Charlotte. Just trying to survive. Well, I gotta go back to work, so I'll holla! Hit me up!
Tagged by Nealand Lewis on 08/09/2005  
Whats good ma, just dropped in to show a lil love, get at me when you get the chance
Tagged by Patrick Hand on 07/28/2005  
wanted to show a little Tougaloo love!!!
Tagged by Lexi T on 06/22/2005  
wanted to show a little Tougaloo love!!!
Tagged by Lexi T on 06/22/2005  
Whats up Lelianne? Just coming through to show some HORNET love to someone so beautiful. Holla back gorgeous. Stay Blessed and Beautiful.l
Tagged by Stephen C. Walker on 06/20/2005  
Droppin thru to share somma that coveted 'Skegee Luv! Lata and God bless!
Tagged by Caramel Velle on 06/02/2005  
Guch Man daddy. just droppin bye to see whats good with you
Tagged by Garry Cameron on 06/01/2005  
whats good gurl This is
Tagged by Garry Cameron on 06/01/2005  
what's up smooth I didn't think u be up hurr util we got back ta school emm hit me up and let me know when u gona be up hurr or maybe ill catch u in place ! chief
Tagged by chief chief on 05/29/2005  
what up ma strollin trough an seen u hit me up dis ya boi chief
Tagged by chief chief on 05/22/2005  
hey, u went to Bethel! just showing love. follow your dreams!
Tagged by Brittany H. on 05/08/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/27/2005  
Tagged by Ru A. on 04/22/2005  
Hey girl. Thanks for sending the luv. Just stopped by to return that viking luv.
Tagged by Krystal Holmes on 03/29/2005  
I was kind of upset about that b/c i was gonna go on thursday night :-) for the first time but it was closed so i let before they re-opened
Tagged by Katrina Connell on 03/21/2005  
i feel you spring break was boring, can't wait for black college reunion
Tagged by lasharon tyus on 03/20/2005  
thanks for the Luv. I feel you girl o that spring break thing I am readly to come back too.
Tagged by Joseph Thornton on 03/17/2005  
Cool cause me and some of my people are comming up to VA, maybe you could show me a few things around there...
Tagged by Classic on 03/09/2005  
Hey, whats good just returnin the love you sent me, whats goin down in VA for spring break- get back at me...
Tagged by Classic on 03/08/2005  
I just wanted to say Happy B-DAY!!!
Tagged by Nealand Lewis on 03/07/2005  
WHat's Good A' Lelianne!!
Tagged by Nealand Lewis on 03/07/2005  
hey girl just spreadin some viking love to ya..also reppin that class of 2008...BUTLER HALL HERE! GOOD LUCK!
Tagged by Lenora Mayne on 02/28/2005  
I think it might be cause both individuals would act alike, well i don't know, let me know what u think.
Tagged by Rock Magis on 02/23/2005  
????is it good or bad if 2 people born on da same day to hook up????
Tagged by Rock Magis on 02/23/2005  
hey!!! how's ur first year going? Since u be coming back to Hampton holla at me sometime or even if u just need something let me know . Well good luck and enjoy it now cause it only gets harder as u get older!
Tagged by Porshia W on 02/23/2005  
Good luck on deciding which major you want. I'm also spreading some GSU Tiger love your way as well. Good luck...
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 02/22/2005  
Whats up gurl? I see u wit that pretty smile! check me out and holla back if u like
Tagged by Ryan Williams on 02/18/2005  
jus returnin the love.. take care.
Tagged by Brandon Woods on 02/17/2005  
Hey there how are you just looking at all these beautiful ladies. You blew my mind when I saw you
Tagged by Brandon Moraven on 02/16/2005  
whats goin on wit u?i was just gettin back at u.get at me sometime.
Tagged by Dale Moore on 02/11/2005  
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