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Zachary Robinson
Location: North Plainfield, NJ United States
Birthday: Jul 18th
Joined: Oct 25th, 2000
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My Interview Question
What is your impression about me as a person?
Current Whereabouts:
Currently, I'm involved with the CSU Alumni Association, Northern New Jersey Chapter Vice- President. Involved in Computer Technical Support and will be going for the A+ and Network+ certifications. Moderator of the HBCU Band website "The 5th". And there will be many more to come... Update!!!! Right now, I work at C3i as a Level 1 Helpdesk Technichan. I can say it's a challenging position mainly because you have to be patient, but I'm really enjoying it!!
Education   (request update)
Central State University class of 1998
Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering
Claim To Fame:
Being part of the Central State University Invincible Marching Marauder Band for 4 years, a very quiet, cool down-to-earth person and known to wearing many ballcaps to cover my eyes. *lol*
Most Memorable Moment:
Taking part of the Honda HBCU All-Star Challenge in Florida in my senior year. And meeting many friends from other HBCU schools and that would last a lifetime.
High School: North Plainfield High Schol in North Plainfield, NJ class of 1990
10 WORST mistakes “nice-guys” make with Women 10 WORST mistakes “nice-guys” make with Women
I go this from another messageboard and thought I would share with you. This was an interesting read to say the least not only because I've been know as a nice guy w/some flaws. And no, there's no Cl ...more
Posted by Zachary Robinson on January 25th, 2009 • 20,690 Views
Valentine's Day...blah!! Valentine's Day...blah!!
Say, am I the only one on here who doesn't like this day? I know some folks who feel that way as well. Something about the 14th just makes me so....discouraged or something close to it. Feel f ...more
Posted by Zachary Robinson on February 10th, 2006 • 376 Views update update
Looks like that I won't be making the trip this weekend. *cries* I hold these dayum outrageous gas prices accountable. The prices in NJ are something else from ranges of 2.49 to some areas which ha ...more
Posted by Zachary Robinson on August 17th, 2005 • 365 Views
Welp.... Welp....
In a few days I'll be driving up to Michigan om my way to my freinds wedding which will take place this coming Saturday. But not without stopping to Ohio first to check out things @ Central. It will b ...more
Posted by Zachary Robinson on August 14th, 2005 • 325 Views
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Central State University Club
Guestbook Comments
Hi Zach, Good to see you on HBSUC. I see you everywhere. Hope things are well with you. Have not chatted with you in a while. Take care my friend. God Bless.
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 06/17/2011  
Hi Zachary! I ended up not going to hc. Did you enjoy it? I heard it was alot of fun!
Tagged by Jehan Bunch on 12/12/2008  
Hi Zachary! I am going to Homecoming,so I hope to see you as well!
Tagged by Jehan Bunch on 09/08/2008
Tagged by Scott McNeal on 06/07/2008  
Just a PRE B-Day ShoutOut To Fellow 7/18ers. If you have to shop try this first
Tagged by Vinicent Holland on 05/24/2008  
Hey Zach! Showing some Marauder Love!
Tagged by Jehan Bunch on 02/18/2006  
Greetings to you! I hope that all is well in life and love.
Tagged by Zaria Davis on 02/11/2006  
just stoppin in to show you some of that CSU Marauder love.
Tagged by Charlene Ball on 02/05/2006  
Yo wuz up man? how has life been treating you? holla at me at
Tagged by Christian Campbell on 10/30/2005  
Just stopping by to welcome you and show you some love! I know folks from the Central State/Wilberforce area. You take care and holla me sometime.
Tagged by Markasa Chambers on 08/09/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/20/2005  
get at me my e-mail address at
Tagged by JD Woods on 05/20/2005  
Hello this is Ivy! Congratulations for taking one step closer to your goals. Have a good summer and don’t forget to return the favor! .~*ONE*~.
Tagged by Ivy Wells on 05/19/2005  
emal ..... toidi ..... krod .... lol Bore Phi batch!
Tagged by Devaughn Moore on 05/19/2005  
Hey whats up, just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/12/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
hey zach...showin some BPD love and some 5th love also...
Tagged by Theresa Blount on 05/09/2005  
Zach, thanks for signing my guetbook. I am looking forward to homecoming this year. I will probably go to May weekend too, if I can. Hope to see you back at CSU so that we an do it like we used to! Peace and Guidance my king!
Tagged by Dawn Crooks on 04/07/2003  
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