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(interview me)
Ilana O'Connor
Location: Milwaukee, WI United States
Birthday: Oct 17th
Joined: Mar 2nd, 2005
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Current Whereabouts:
Fort Lauderdale
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Savannah State University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Radio and Television
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None Yet
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment now is being accepted into SSU on 5/10/06.
High School: Holy Redeemer Educational Facility in , class of 2005
Southern Men vs Northern Men Southern Men vs Northern Men
I have lived in the north my whole life , besides the time I was living with my mom in Jamaica. they really got some trifilin dudes up here who aint got no respect fa females. Now I have alot of frien ...more
Posted by Ilana O'Connor on August 5th, 2005 • 27,131 Views
Friendship is beautiful Friendship is beautiful
My only true friend in the world name is Monica she and I have been to HELL and back. Now I'm about three days away from leaving the only friend I've ever had and it is truly a pain it seems real hard ...more
Posted by Ilana O'Connor on August 2nd, 2005 • 180 Views
My BIG Day My BIG Day
This Friday will be my last day in Milwaukee, WI. I'm So excited ...more
Posted by Ilana O'Connor on August 1st, 2005 • 186 Views
I finnaly did It I finnaly did It
I graduated last friday with honors. I never thought it would go by so fast but it did now I have a job doing the best I can to get prepared for college. ...more
Posted by Ilana O'Connor on June 9th, 2005 • 186 Views
My Groups
Savannah State State
Dirty South HBCU
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
The Society of Distinguished Black Women
G.O.O.D Music Fans
Guestbook Comments
Have you got your housing assignment yet?
Tagged by Melanie Briscoe on 06/11/2006  
Just wanted to show you some love. I plan on attending Savannah State Also!
Tagged by Melanie Briscoe on 04/24/2006  
Greetings Sis, I want to wish U the best N all Your Hopes, Dreams and Goals. "God" Bless, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 10/30/2005  
i like ya pic sweetie. just showing u some cu luv
Tagged by David Swinson on 10/06/2005  
wuz up ma' just stop by to show you some luv, holla back at ya boi aiight.
Tagged by Shervoski Moreland on 09/04/2005  
well, i noticedd you are a fellow Philandarian and I thought I would say,"Hey!!".
Tagged by Amber Eddings on 08/04/2005  
Okay.. thank you for coming through. Stay in touch, and I will see you at homecoming. We are playing Morehouse... K.I.T
Tagged by Anastasia Pierce on 08/04/2005  
I see you from the "Mil" just like me!! Thanx for the "LUV"!!
Tagged by Shaquana Clark on 08/03/2005  
I just gotta show you some A-State love. I'm from Pine Bluff, which is about 45 mins from PS. You seem intelligent, so keep doing your thing ma. Stay beautiful, ~M. Antonio Silas
Tagged by M. Antonio Silas on 08/03/2005  
hey whats going on with you?? listen I hope you keep in touch throughout the years, do your best @ philander.
Tagged by saffiyah muhammad on 08/02/2005  
thank you fro the insight ... and I really need this going away for the first time and all. and I need to be focused my first year...Peace p.s thanks for showing the love.
Tagged by saffiyah muhammad on 05/08/2005  
Thank you... I will do that.. I just really need to stay focused when I get down there.. I love to have fun. I just need to study before doing so. Thanks again.. Stay in touch...
Tagged by Anastasia Pierce on 04/28/2005  
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