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(interview me)
Danielle Franklin
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
Birthday: Sep 7th
Joined: Mar 16th, 2005
About   (request update)
I'm a princess!
My Interview Question
Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Current Whereabouts:
I'm currently a graduating senior at Spelman College, interning with Island Def Jam in the Publicity Department and I look forward to more learning experiences and possible employment in other avenues of the entertainment industry!
Education   (request update)
Spelman College class of 2009
Undergrad Major: English
Claim To Fame:
I survived a study abroad experience for 5 months in Costa Rica!
High School: Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, CA class of 2005
Activities & Accomplishments:
ASB President, Ruth Ann Murray Leadership Award, Multicultural Club
Best Memories: I miss it.
My Groups
HBCUConnect 'Creative Juices'
Guestbook Comments
O my home boi told me about it. so how you been doing? I tell you now Im burning up out here!!!!
Tagged by Yohance S on 07/21/2005  
Its a all girl school right LOL! We were going to pass out party flyers at ur school. LOL
Tagged by Yohance S on 07/18/2005  
From the o so grate Washington Prep( Los Angeles). What about you?
Tagged by Yohance S on 07/18/2005  
Hey ma, just stoppin by to say hey and seein whats good...see u in a few weeks
Tagged by Shiseida Aponte on 07/17/2005  
Man ppl shows you mad love. And thats was up. I just wanted to show Cali love : 0. Well much love and respect to u. See u in in the ATL.
Tagged by Yohance S on 07/16/2005  
hey girl! thanks for signing my guest book. i'm staying in manley. enjoy the rest of your summer, and i'll see u soon
Tagged by Normandi Pitts on 07/16/2005  
congrats on getting into the honors program! im in HHRH 312!! ~holla back~
Tagged by Renise Alexander on 07/10/2005  
Congrats with the honor the program! Yea im in HH the dorm that I have wanted for like a 2 years. Hope sumer is treating u wel and stay cool!
Tagged by Adrienne S on 07/09/2005  
What it do, ma peoples in AUC, favorite kuntry boi, just checkin wit erybody going to the A, after I get off the Nelly tour, Im throwin the 2nd annual "bak 2 skool jam", halla at me leave yall email, so i can put yall on the email list
Tagged by GUMBO . on 06/30/2005  
Hey girl whats up hows ur summer going u know where u stayin at ttyl
Tagged by Adrienne S on 06/29/2005  
lol i sent the last note to the wrong person lol my bad. there's a lil picnic in dc for all the incoming freshman who are goin to spelman from this area. maybe u will be havin the same thing. it's put on by the alumni from ur area.
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 06/24/2005  
hey girl! that's picnic is on sunday so im excited about that. have u gotten ur rooming assignment yet?
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 06/24/2005  
hey girl! haven't talked to u in a minute! have a great summer and keep in touch kk?
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 06/23/2005  
Hey, wats good? Just showin some luv to another spelmanite, maybe I’ll see you around campus and can’t wait till August!
Tagged by geor rat on 06/22/2005  
Just stopping by to say sup! See you next year!!!!!!!!
Tagged by Elliott Lawrence on 06/13/2005  
Comin thru to spread that oh so coveted 'Skegee Luv! Best wishes to you and God Bless!
Tagged by Caramel Velle on 06/02/2005  
Hi their, I am just stoping through, good luck this fall
Tagged by Danny Patterson on 05/31/2005  
Me 2! I have no idea when we'll hear by tho!
Tagged by Adrienne S on 05/29/2005  
Hey Spelmanite...I was just showin ya some luv ...Have a fun and safe summer, and hopefully I'll see ya in tha AUC next year.
Tagged by Jerrica Roy on 05/27/2005  
Thanx for writng back! What dorm did you register for? The skool year will definately be hot specially if I have summin to say about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!
Tagged by Adrienne S on 05/26/2005  
Hey what up LA? Did u get crunk with us 09 sistas at spelbound write back! Bye
Tagged by Adrienne S on 05/25/2005  
Hey whats up? Just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/20/2005  
Hello this is Ivy! Congratulations for taking one step closer to your goals. Have a good summer and don’t forget to return the favor! .~*ONE*~.
Tagged by Ivy Wells on 05/19/2005  
spelbound was AMAZING! it was soo much fun. they had all these really fun things for us to do. they had a talent show wit a dj who was off tha hook...we were gettin CRUNK! hit me up at vbalshorti (aim) if u wanna talk more kk?
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 05/16/2005  
hey girl! yea i am also really excited but kinda nervous. i mean if freshman week goes like spelbound did...then no worries!
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 05/16/2005  
hey girl! haven't talked to u in a minute! what's goin on wit u? excited for spelman?? hit me up at vbalshorti (aim) if u wanna chat
Tagged by Heather Winfield on 05/03/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/28/2005  
just saying wassup. i wish i would have gone to spelbound- it seems like it was so much fun. oh well hope to see you in the fall girl!
Tagged by Ieshaah Murphy on 04/27/2005  
Hey Daniele, Guess what? I didn't get to go to Spelbound either. Now I am sitting here at home. Man last night when I got in my stepfather said that he has to go to work. I was so mad. Lord but that's okay. Talk to you soon.
Tagged by Makiva Renee' Van Buren on 04/17/2005  
A-S-A-S-A-S-A-S-U. Take care and show me some love.VISIT OUT SITE @ COME VISIT MY PAGE.
Tagged by Coach Wade Jackson on 04/16/2005  
aww .. guess i wont see you there .. i cant wait to go im leavin friday!
Tagged by Jasmine Johnson on 04/13/2005  
hey wassup.. just lookin around seein who else is goin to spelman in the fall .. are you goin to spelbound? let me know!
Tagged by Jasmine Johnson on 04/12/2005  
You only have 4 months until you get to the AUC! LOL
Tagged by Makiva Renee' Van Buren on 04/04/2005  
Sorry you can't go but I will surly telll you all about it. Til Next time Bye!
Tagged by Makiva Renee' Van Buren on 04/02/2005  
Hey, what's up. just stopping to say hi to my future classmate (same major). My prom is on april 16 too but I am closer to atlanta so I am going to Spel-bound. Hope to see you in august.
Tagged by Makiva Renee' Van Buren on 04/01/2005  
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