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Nicole Davis
Location: Riverdale, GA United States
Birthday: Oct 31st
Joined: Mar 17th, 2005
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My Interview Question
After first meeting you, what one word would someone use to describe your personality?
Current Whereabouts:
Back in ATL!!!
Education   (request update)
Grambling State University class of 2003
Undergrad Major: Accounting
Claim To Fame:
I recently finished my MBA at the University of Tulsa so I am trying to do some new things. I also have my own online store called Flirt Language Brand Tees. I design cute flirty tees!
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment (most unforgettable moment) in college was during my freshmen year. A group of friends and I were playing manhunt late one night. Well, while running around campus trying to get back to base...I accidently fell in a trench (located behind the laundry building). I mean I fell straight into it like I was lying in a coffin. My friends all saw it and still talk about it to this day.
Shirts-Less Material, More Money Shirts-Less Material, More Money
I consider myself a Straddler (old enough to remember the good ol' days but young enough to be included in the 18-25 age range category). I am female so I enjoy shopping and I know a lot about it. I r ...more
Posted by Nicole Davis on December 11th, 2005 • 177 Views
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Planning to take over the world... that's about it with me. What about you?
Tagged by ~ Veronica ~ on 02/12/2008  
pardon me if this is forward but, that is a very nice photo
Tagged by Kevin Jones on 12/13/2006  
wow... married and a kid...
Tagged by Mark Edmonson on 08/13/2006  
Life is good. Getting ready for Grad school so that's taking up my down time right now. What about yourself. What's good with you?
Tagged by ~ Veronica ~ on 07/20/2006  
Hey Nicole. I knew about the marriage. Congrats on motherhood. I'm out in Dallas now but if I'm out in ATL, I hope we can cross paths. Good to know you're doing well. God bless.
Tagged by ~ Veronica ~ on 06/30/2006  
I'm in Atlanta 3 to 4 days a week maybe we can link up? Email me at
Tagged by Teak Safiya Wilson on 04/10/2006  
Just showin Luv!!! I'm reppin tha A and GSU
Tagged by Gregory Jackson on 04/06/2006  
Hey Nicole I bumped into you Atlanta about a year ago, how's life?
Tagged by Teak Safiya Wilson on 04/04/2006  
Greetings...Just wanted to stop and share some of that GSU LOVE with a Beautiful Sista!!! GSU c/o 98!!!
Tagged by Carlos L. Nelson on 03/31/2006  
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 02/14/2006  
Hey! How did you like Grambling?
Tagged by Autry Brantley on 02/05/2006  
I just wanted to show some GSU luv and wish you the best in your new online business
Tagged by Tiara J on 01/15/2006  
Greetings Sis and giving credit where due. Congratulations and I wish You the best in All Your aspirations and Endeavors, "God" Bless, Sincerely Rattla Alum P.S. Since You are ok after the fall... Lol!!!!
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 12/12/2005  
Your welcome, and congratulations on your master's
Tagged by Candice Johnson on 12/12/2005  
What's up Nicole? Hope things are going well. It's Mark from the 2003 Coop Ambassadors, Comp Sci Major. Send me an email or something.
Tagged by Mark Edmonson on 09/18/2005  
that 's you know any other GSU..grad
Tagged by corey smith on 09/13/2005  
hi..what type of work you do here in ATL>
Tagged by corey smith on 09/12/2005  
Just dropping through to share a little love from GSU Alum!!! c/o Spring '98
Tagged by Carlos L. Nelson on 09/08/2005  
Hey Nicole. How is motherhood and married life?
Tagged by Brittni Lundie on 07/22/2005  
I am doing fine. what can of business did you start up
Tagged by Brian Harris on 04/21/2005  
What's up Nicole giving rep from the Gramblinite
Tagged by Brian Harris on 04/20/2005  
Hey folks I know from 1999-2003. Are you holding things down outside of GSU?
Tagged by Nicole Davis on 03/28/2005  
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