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Hazel F.
Location: Durham, NC United States
Birthday: Sep 5th
Joined: Mar 18th, 2005
About   (request update)
I come from a rough neighborhood (kind of its getting better). I have lost a lot of classmates to crimes and gang banging. Of course I stayed in the house all the time and I am lucky enough to have both of my parents still married. So that fatherly input made a lot of difference. I went to Northern High School lol NOT HILLSIDE OR SOUTHERN gosh! I now attend North Carolina A&T State University and I am glad that I am an AGGIE!
My Interview Question
What are your pet peves?
Current Whereabouts:
Nothing I chill now. My social life is kind of on Hiatus I like to write about my feelings, I enjoy being a lazy slob. Its soooo wrong and at times feels wrong but its soooo right! LOL I like volunteering but I haven't done that in 2 REALLY on hiatus. Next semester it will be a rollercoaster
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I hope to be an Occupational Therapist (this might change because my mind always changes). I do not know where I will be going for Grad school it depends on whether or not my boyfriend will go into the military.BUT I AM going to GRAD SCHOOL I would like to pursue a Doctoral degree... DR. Ford-Cherry YAY!
Education   (request update)
North Carolina A&T State University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Campus Organization:
Me Phi Me
Claim To Fame:
Being a black female in college on her way to graduation at a historically black institution!! Thats my claim to fame, ya dig?? I found my love Mike Cherry and some wonderful friends I'll keep and know forever!
Most Memorable Moment:
Homecoming words for that Never again though Hanging out with Greenbench!!!! YEAH my fam! Going to play 28 days later with them at midnight at the soccer field on UNCGs campus! Great memory Playing games inside the suite being a member of SUAB (thats a lot of memories both good and horrible lol) The beginning of my relationship with Mike yeah im pretty lame
High School: Northern High School in Durham, NC class of 2005
Activities & Accomplishments:
I was a member of SADD, SAVE, I was a scorekeeper for the boys basketball team for a year. I was a member of Student Council as a Senior Class Representative and a member of KEY CLUB!!!
Best Memories:
Procrastinating in AP Psychology, not doing work until the last minute and ending up with an A in the class!! I remember English class. That was my favorite class throughout high school and I learned a lot. Open lunch was fun I have only been to two or three high school parties...yeah I dont club often or at all
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