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Janae Leath
Location: jamaica, NY United States
Birthday: Jan 13th
Joined: Mar 28th, 2005
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Howard University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Psychology
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I want to be know for being me.
what is gogo music? what is gogo music?
I am going to Howard and everyone I know from NY that are attending college in VA, DC, MD can not explain to me what gogo music is. All they can tell me is they dont like it. I've been told the new ...more
Posted by Janae Leath on June 29th, 2005 • 173 Views
we can do it we can do it
I got this card for graduation from my god mother. It just made me think. Well it said " as black women in the 21 century we have more oppurtunities than there are stars in the sky". Ladies lets kee ...more
Posted by Janae Leath on June 26th, 2005 • 133 Views
is it anticipation or is my school slow is it anticipation or is my school slow
My friends going to Hampton have their room assignments and know who their roommates are already. My school (howard) claims to be the real HU but right now I am wondering what is taking them so long. ...more
Posted by Janae Leath on June 26th, 2005 • 193 Views
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Just wanted to get to know some ppl so I wont feel like a fish in a big fish tank. When you get da chance, holla back. Much luv & respect
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 09/22/2005  
Hey gurl. I see you reppin Queens, I'm from HARLEM, but it's NEW YORK luv all day. I just wanted 2 holla @ cha cuz I just came 2 HOWARD and I've learn, it's not a skool, it's a city. NEway I read your blog about gogo music & I hate it
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 09/22/2005  
janae hi jaaaaaaaaaannnnaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee how r u at howard u betta take da time out 2 sign my wall on facebook
Tagged by Shanequa McKoy on 08/21/2005  
hey gurl! i'm from queens to Far Rockaway though. Well see u at Howard in Seventeen dayz!! Shit dat's mad close!! Well i'm in the quad in Truth hall where are u staying?
Tagged by Lateefah A on 08/03/2005  
hey janae, this is alyssa a fellow classmate. just stoppin by 2 show u some HU & '09 luv. hope 2 see u next month. feel free 2 stay n touch! by the way, we have the same major.
Tagged by Alyssa Armstead on 07/26/2005  
whats the deal with you?? Im from Queens ALL DAY!!!, Just showing that HU LOVE, I hope ill see you next year on campus... Holla back when u get the chance 1
Tagged by Keith Barclay on 07/19/2005  
hey wat up just sayin hello uwe got the same major i wonder if we r in the same dorm hit me u p when u find out i'm in baldwin
Tagged by Monica Hampton on 07/18/2005  
Hey Sexxy Wuz Good Just Came by to show you some luv 1.
Tagged by Timothy Inge on 07/12/2005  
Wats UP! I just wanted 2 Say Hey to a fellow freshman BiSonEttE!! c/09' I'm from Jamaica, NY too! wow, wat dorm hall are u in?! Holla @ me!!
Tagged by DiannA* SimonE* on 07/06/2005  
ihola ! Chica! This is Janika De'Nae! I am just showing u some HU love! bee Blessed.
Tagged by Janika De*Nae on 06/30/2005  
thanks for hittign my moved in now..if u want u can stop by Im in HCOP HSEP III in 1-162 in Slowe Hall
Tagged by Mitchell Tarver on 06/27/2005  
Hey, just wanted to say w'sup, to a fellow '09 Bison. We have the same major and ur from the tri-state. See you in the fall! Much Love!
Tagged by Dominique Saint-Fort on 06/27/2005  
no its not jus u ur skool is jus slow ha ha see 2morrow ol buddy ole pal n im da 2nd 2 sign it
Tagged by Shanequa McKoy on 06/26/2005  
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