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Kamilah Lewis
Location: Richmond, VA United States
Birthday: Jul 17th
Joined: May 22nd, 2002
About   (request update)
Born and raised in Washington, DC, I am a results-driven Product / Brand Manager with 5+ years experience managing the profitability and growth of products/brands through planning, communication, marketing and development efforts. Recently, as a Product Manager for a global SKA manafacturer I was solely responsible for three small kitchen appliance categories that comprised over $5 million of company revenue. As a Brand/Product Manager in Hawaii I sourced, co-developed and launched 4 new food products over an 18 month period which garnered 67% of total market share within 22 months.

I received a BS in Marketing, an MBA with a Marketing concentration and I am currently working towards a PhD in Management.

I have three fantastic children who are happy, healthy and respectful. It doesn't hurt that they are also straight A students and incredible athletes. Writing this all down makes me feel very blessed, but sometimes I forget to appreciate all the things that God is doing for me right now. My goal is to take time and say "thank you" to God everyday.

Please feel free to ask me a question about brand management. Many business owners think that salesmanship and marketing are enough to succeed in business. Bzzzt! Wrong answer! There's another level to which all businesses should aspire: Creating a brand. Branding is not marketing. Rather it is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It's also an important part of how you interact with clients, prospects, vendors, employees, and anyone else with whom you come in contact. Branding creates an image. Proper branding creates loyalty. Remember PERSONAL branding is just as important as product/service branding.
My Interview Question
Do you have any questions about Brand Management? It can be a question about personal branding or business branding.
Current Whereabouts:
Brand Management Consultant
Life & Professional Aspirations:
To finish by PhD by 2011. To raise happy children. To be the top African American Franchise Broker in my metro area.
Education   (request update)
Univ of Maryland at Col Park class of 2004
Undergrad Major: Marketing
Claim To Fame:
I'm from Washington, DC....what bigger claim to fame can you have.......??? I also created and published the first survey in Hawaii that measured demography, media consumption, psychographics and consumption patterns of African-American RESIDENTS in Hawaii. Former CEO of Brass Moxie, Inc - a boutique brand management firm based in Hawaii. Launchmaster of "Virginia's Power Elite"
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Guestbook Comments Hello. My Name is Gina I was impressed when i saw your profile at and will like you to email me back to my in box so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am . i believe we can establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private email box ( This is because i don't know the possibilities of remaining in forum for a long time please reply me to my email OK. Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest. Gina.
Tagged by gina arona on 04/25/2011  
Lots of great info...Congrats on being the first African American to do the survey in Hawaii...I would love to be there now...
Tagged by Simeon Deskins on 12/02/2008  
Thanks, I just purchased my site actually so I should be getting that developed here pretty soon, you know I'll keep you updated.
Tagged by Brandon Haines on 10/31/2008  
You seem like you take prid ein your work thats what up
Tagged by Corey Totress on 07/25/2008  
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