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Q&A With Roi Chinn

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Roi Chinn
Public Administrator, City of Detroit

Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI United States
Birthday: Sep 16th
Joined: May 21st, 2003
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Roi Le-Thanh Chinn was born in San Francisco, California. The son of an immigrant father from mainland China and an African-American mother who grew up in the south. Roi's Grandfather immigrated to America in the 1920's from Nanning, China.

Roi was instilled with a deep appreciation for the values of the Republican Party which has always been a part of his family’s life. The GOP helped African-Americans register to vote where his mother grew up in areas that were once oppressed by the Jim Crow laws, the Republicans also reached out to Chinese immigrants in South San Francisco where his father lived.

The GOP and the great state of Michigan does not belong to the political party bosses, who pick the winners and losers every election year nor does it belong to big special interest groups that buy, sell, and trade politicians like tampons, toilet tissue paper, cigarettes, and chewing gum. The GOP and the great state of michigan belongs to the people, to us. And we must FIGHT both for our party and our state.

MY motivation is pride in our state, pride in our homeleand. It's the same motivation that inspired my grandfather to leave China for America, the motivation that many immigrant families like mine possessed, a firm and unyielding belief that Michigan can be the greatest place in the world to not only to dream the American Dream, but in fact to seize it.

From Detroit to the upper pensula, from suburbs, townships and villages, we are all Michiganders first, and the time for partisan poltics is behind us. We have some very serious challenges ahead of us and this is the time for us to pull together. Republicans, Democrats and Independents because we are all Michiganders first.

There has never been a clearer mandate for change in our state. I am committed to working tirelessly each day to inspire all conservatives to live-out the GOP's highest be the party of Freedom again. Freedom to stand on, and stand-up for our beliefs, while providing relevant and sustainable solutions in an honest but compassionate manner. Freedom to address what is wrong within the party, and the courage to act to change it; freedom to embrace a new way of thinking; freedom to include and help; not exclude and ignore.

A false picture of our party has been depicted in the media as being racist, mean-spirited, sexist, and homophobic...and at times that has rung true. of now I am serving notice the days of the Republican Party being the "Party of NO" are officially over. The people of the GOP are the salt of the earth, God-fearing, hard-working, law-abiding, freedom-loving people who look out for each other.

Today, we begin a new chapter in the history of Michigan. I'm asking you to believe that we will turn our state around. I'm asking you to give Michigan another chance. I'm asking you to believe in the decency and greatness of our people.


Roi Chinn

The People's Lobbyist
My Interview Question
what are the key character traits of great leaders?
Current Whereabouts:
2010 Conservative candidate for Michigan State Senate 13th district
Education   (request update)
University of Notre Dame class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Management
Most Memorable Moment:
BA in Political Science & Economics from Rockhurst University MBA in International Mgmt from Phoenix College MA in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University MPA in Urban Policy Mgmt from Wyane State University Advance Mediation from Northwestern University
Notre Dame, Wayne State, Northwestern, Phoenix College class of
Grad Major:
I currently work with City of Detroit as Public Administrator
I have 4 years of experience working in the Government and Policy industry.
My Groups
Detroit's Finest
Black Unity Inc.
Diversity Activists/Minority Recruiting Forum
Blacks in Politics
Christian Politics
Sojourner TRUTH sisterhood
The Midwest!
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