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Phanchita Mctaggart
Location: Tamarac , FL United States
Birthday: Apr 21st
Joined: Apr 14th, 2005
About   (request update)
What makes me who I am today are life experience and passing the chanlleges that come along with It weather It's good or bad happy or sad. I am and always will be more than a Conquerer and any one else who reads this message can do the same. I love to read books that values something Important than foolishness and I love movies that are adventurous such as comedy, romance, I also enjoy music such as rock, pop, r&b, gospel, and contemporary. Because I lov e to sing. And have fun like they say laughter Is always good for the soul. And this Is who I am..... Inside and out I smile when It rain, and sing when the rain smile with the sun and I dance when the atmosphere makes a promising rainbow. Because It all meaning full to me so any one who feel that they can't like Obama say yes we can lol too all be blessed and let ur sunshine no matter any one say's because In this day and time we are all more than a "conquere" god bless!
My Interview Question
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Current Whereabouts:
My ware abouts conclude in college, and work of couse. Just a daily spiff we have to set pastes for to make life remarkable and memorable.
Education   (request update)
Florida Memorial University class of 2005
Undergrad Major: Accounting
Claim To Fame:
My claim to fame consist of strength and ability to push forth my industry of what volves around me. I'am like a shooting star that keeps shooting and before you know it i'm not landing but standing.
Most Memorable Moment:
A memorable moment from my aspect view would take to someone that glows in which, that is my grandma. Wacthing her smile when i comb her hair makes me feel like I have shared a moment of memory.
High School: American Academy High in Miami, FL class of 2004
Activities & Accomplishments:
Fashion Modeling, & Vocal Ensemble,
Best Memories:
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Guestbook Comments
you're coolll!
Tagged by Godswill Nwachukwu C. on 09/17/2009  
I'm Doing well Releigh can't complain gods given us a chance to choose and I chose the good life... But thanks for your concern god bless all
Tagged by Phanchita Mctaggart on 09/16/2009  
Hi Sis, I have to give credit where due, you have deep, interesting, motivational words in your Pro. I pray all is well for you and I wish you continued best in all your great hopes, dreams and goals. God Bless, sincerest, Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 08/17/2009  
You guy's still rock I know it's been a while
Tagged by Phanchita Mctaggart on 08/16/2009  
just returning ur message thankyou i would like to see how you look.
Tagged by Chatlin Magee on 09/27/2005  
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