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Brian Simpson
Location: Lafayette, LA United States
Birthday: Sep 9th
Joined: Apr 17th, 2005
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Im in Chicago, IL right now doing this internship thing, enjoying the city, living life to the fullest, and makin' that money off of side, ya feel me? Ill be back in the 'boot' in August, so peep me out...
Education   (request update)
Tuskegee University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering
Claim To Fame:
I left Louisiana for a purpose and I dont plan to let anyone down. I was Born in Lafayette, LA but raised by my grandparents in Crowley, LA where I went and finished school then later moved back to Lafayette with my parents. I graduated valedictorian, by the way, and had the chance to attend many schools. Why tuskegee u ask? well it had to do with a couple of reasons. First off, i wanted to go outta state...many of the schools i applied to aboard the borders of LA accepted me but came up short as far as how much scholarship money they were willing to grant me. Tuskegee on the other hand granted me a full scholarship...secondly the school is rich in history, if you havent heard about us, u need to pick up a book, lol. Finally I had one lone family member who came all the way down to southwest LA to visit me and convince me tha TU was the place for me, and i was suckered in, ha! And that is the story of how i ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere Alabama. Despite my crazy life's journey, I plan to have fun at Skegee and meet alot of people.
Most Memorable Moment:
maaaan...i was a hermit my first year at Tuskegee (well at least i think so). I studied mostly, but i enjoyed my first summer with other people in my major who reign from all parts of the country and world, and the moments are already countless as far as all the stuff we got ourselves into these last few semesters.
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Guestbook Comments
Very nice page Dude
Tagged by Jonathan Wright on 02/15/2006  
showing u lov
Tagged by Krystle Sullivan on 01/15/2006  
Hey Brian! Thanks for showing me the love darlin! I appreciate it. People are friendly down in GA I'ma just stick it out there. I hope you're having a great summer in Chicago. Much love to you
Tagged by Tiffany Smith on 08/10/2005  
just hittin u back... showin some love on ya page-
Tagged by jeanine dansby on 08/08/2005  
Yea...we used to play Crowley for football...but the fightin incident stopped Eunice frm playin them ever again. But that is cool we are both vals and we are going to skool for a purpose...u seem like an amazing person.
Tagged by Rachel Hickerson on 08/06/2005  
Hey Brian! Thanks for the luv. Keep doing what u r doing cause u seem focused. You should keep in touch & hit me up when u get back to da boot!
Tagged by Shelia Bowers on 08/05/2005  
Hey Brian. Thanks for signing my guestbook. What skool did u go 2 in laf.. Do it grand at dad went there as a teen and he loved it. hope to keep in touch
Tagged by Rachel Hickerson on 08/05/2005  
showin the best kind of luv that BAMA STATE LUV...holla back atcha gurl~1~
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 08/05/2005  
Aight, I'm feeling the $ green, get back at me.
Tagged by Richard Johnson on 08/05/2005  
Hey. Showing you some love. I can respect the fact that you were valedictorian. thats good. Hit me back. Hope to see you soon
Tagged by Jessica Counts on 08/05/2005  
hope i get to meet u as well..good luck in the fall.see u in 2 weeks
Tagged by kristina Barre on 08/02/2005  
hey whats up!!!! just showing you some love on here. make sure you keep n touch :)
Tagged by Chayanne Samuels on 08/02/2005  
hey,im from louisiana too..just wanted to say hi
Tagged by kristina Barre on 08/01/2005  
I will continue to have fun and you canlook me up once we get to TU in the fall:-)
Tagged by Connie Williams on 07/25/2005  
Thanks for signing my guest book!
Tagged by Connie Williams on 07/25/2005  
I to am a val attending TU in this coming up fall. If you have any advice about what to do around campus as to upholding a standard hit me up!!
Tagged by Connie Williams on 07/23/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 07/22/2005  
Hi. I just had to come thru and show u some of this Skegee luv. I hope u do the same and hope to see y ou in the fall.
Tagged by Kimberly Smith on 07/11/2005  
*laughs* It's shouldn't be jealous of anything of mine. It's nothing but a blessing from God, just like all of YOUR talents...Keep on Keeping on... *~ADIOS~*
Tagged by Tempora Fisher on 07/08/2005  
wzup yall? im sry i really dont get on this too much but i see alot of yall on here...but look/hit me up on thefacebook or somethin'
Tagged by Brian Simpson on 07/08/2005  
Dude it like your my old roommate whats happening bro
Tagged by Tarrence Ransom on 07/05/2005  
just came thru to show luv. I wish nothing but the best for you. I hope you reach all your goals and have a successful future. Be encourage and May God Bless You
Tagged by Kimberly John on 07/01/2005  
What up B, this yo boy Rich. We gotta do it big in da Chi, holla back
Tagged by Richard Johnson on 07/01/2005  
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