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Michael Hoke
Location: normal, AL United States
Birthday: May 11th
Joined: Apr 20th, 2005
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My Interview Question
What are your intentions??
Current Whereabouts:
well... now im living in the fast-paced city of Huntsville, AL (lol) but im from Indianapolis IN aww yea i rep Hopkins AkA Ho hall
Education   (request update)
Alabama A&M University class of 2011
Undergrad Major: Finance
Claim To Fame:
Nothin special so far...just tryin to keep this 3.5 nah mean? i was the only yellaboi on snare drum this year...
Most Memorable Moment:
Marching the Honda BOTB and going to the Classic down here for the first time
dymes... dymes...
i have a quick question... why is it that every young lady seems to think they're a DYME these days? I mean some of you all have made it that that distinction now means nothin... and on top of that... ...more
Posted by Michael Hoke on April 28th, 2005 • 281 Views
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Tagged by CALTIA LATIMER on 10/06/2005  
I see you've stopped by my spot...thanks cutie and stay in touch!
Tagged by Markasa Chambers on 09/21/2005  
Hey Mr. Hoke, How are things? thats great! Hope your enjoying Your semester a A&M I will be attending next fall (06) so keep in touch. take care
Tagged by Alexandria Jackson on 09/09/2005  
wassup just stopping through to send you some GOLDEN TIGER luv from TU stay up and stay safe im out Shonda
Tagged by LaShonda Redd on 08/30/2005  
Yo, What up Mike??? Man, I you have my sympothy dawg, Stay Up man, God knows Best.......Mike
Tagged by Michael T on 08/22/2005  
Hi, good luck with that 3.5 . That's what's really good. T-U-U Know!
Tagged by Ne Si on 08/22/2005  
Yo wit up with you? Yo if you ever need a pair of fresh kicks hit me up. Checkout the website everything is authentic and nothings over $115. good luck to u in school! Holla back!
Tagged by Ebonie Hubbard on 08/08/2005  
Hi Mike! just stopped in to show some Bulldo luv. see u on the hill.
Tagged by Karisa Spencer on 08/06/2005  
hey uh, I'm supposed 2 be in Nap Tuesday 'til school starts wit' Beanie (Lil' Derrick) holla at'cha boy.
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 08/01/2005  
U know what I heard the uva day? U know what I heard the uva day? .... That... SU had the best band, that's it. But don't tell Sponge or Chops I said that.
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 08/01/2005  
We are starting a club on your campus, that will give you access to scholarships at Fortune 500 companies and develop your leadership, service and social skills. Contact Dionne Mance for more info. She is a member of HBCUCONNECT.
Tagged by Arthur Monroe, Jr (Southwest Regional on 07/24/2005  
Look at'cha boy. Cool than MF as always. This ya boy Runt. Hold it down 4 ya boy out there this yr.
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 07/21/2005  
havent heard from you in a have you been?
Tagged by Porsha Smith on 07/17/2005  
wat up just throwin some luv ur way see u in August
Tagged by Ciara Caldwell on 07/13/2005  
What up Mike! Blaze one 4 me holla in the fall.
Tagged by Dee Jackson on 07/11/2005  
Yea,I was just showing you some Bulldog love.Hope to see you on "The Hill"!
Tagged by Crystal Sanders on 07/06/2005  
What up Mike....Man, I dont know man. I am thinking about transferring, A&M put me through to much shit yo!!! What's been up wit you dawg???
Tagged by Michael T on 07/05/2005  
Tagged by Dionne Mance on 07/05/2005  
whats really good with you with your sexy self?
Tagged by Pier jea Lyon on 07/05/2005  
What up Mike??? Dis ya boi Mike. What it is main??? Be safe dis summer yo, see ya in da fall. Peace!!!
Tagged by Michael T on 06/20/2005  
Wow, I've never seen you on the yard before. I just wanted to show you some Bulldog Love and keep doin your thing on the drums. ~Holla Back
Tagged by Trista Davis on 06/17/2005  
Whats up, Michael thanks for the love hopefully I'll see you in August!
Tagged by Veronica J. Jones on 06/10/2005  
was good sexy-hit me up when u get a chance-1
Tagged by Alesha Brandon on 06/03/2005  
Holla @ me if you get a chance
Tagged by April Kittel on 06/02/2005  
i told you you was gonna see me. you're gonna have to show me the ropes in the fall!
Tagged by Porsha Smith on 05/25/2005  
Showin a little luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/20/2005  
Hey cutie, Thanks for the wink. Keep doing what u doing.
Tagged by Jacinta Parlor on 05/09/2005  
Awww, aren't you sweet! Thanks for the wink, definately appreciated. Hit me up if you ever want 2 talk- you know you can never have too many friends :0)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 05/09/2005  
What up Mike. How is everything going with you? Make sure you stop by and see my new pics! Holla!
Tagged by Ariana Simmons on 05/04/2005  
wut it do? jus wanted 2 sho luv to one of my favorite big brothers. Luv & Miss ya. A-Houze Naptown ya heard!!!
Tagged by Ja'Nieka Conley on 04/29/2005  
What it is? Just droppin by ta make yo page nasti ...But anyway get at this nasti nati chick...
Tagged by on 04/29/2005  
thanks for returning the love. how are you doing?
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/26/2005  
What's going on? Just showing some luv.
Tagged by Ariana Simmons on 04/26/2005  
whats up wit cha? i jjust wanted to stop by and show some of dat one and only WILDCAT love. holla back
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/25/2005  
Tagged by danielle mcneill on 04/25/2005  
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