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Gabrielle newton
Location: Hinesville, GA United States
Birthday: Jul 12th
Joined: Jun 5th, 2005
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Current Whereabouts:
Academic acheivements Graduated at the top 15% of my class with a 89 (3.4) gpa. I Have been on honor roll my entire high school years. I am on the national honor roll, who's who among high school students.
Education   (request update)
Savannah State University class of 2009
Undergrad Major:
Claim To Fame:
I am a semi finalists in a poetry contests I am going to have it published and it will be on ts very on page
Most Memorable Moment:
when i went to sav state thee was alot of nice people i just hope they wasnt being fake
High School: Bradwell Institute in , class of 2005
Best Memories:
At District honors chorus me and mt friends had alot of fun, my freshman year all the pep rallys this years prom I had a good time in High school
nervous nervous
Dang I leave next week i am so nervous i dont know how they gon act towards me how my roomate gon be I just hope I like it ...more
Posted by Gabrielle newton on August 2nd, 2005 • 216 Views
gettin ready gettin ready
I cannot wait to leave i got 2 weeks till I go to Savannah State. I guess next week i will start gettin ready i cant even wait to start packin i hope i dont get disappointed ...more
Posted by Gabrielle newton on July 28th, 2005 • 178 Views
18th birthday 18th birthday
yep today I the big 1-8 yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh i am so happy now i can get a real job i know yall feeling me ...more
Posted by Gabrielle newton on July 12th, 2005 • 164 Views
Dang Dang
dang now they got a man pop up will the madness ever stop ...more
Posted by Gabrielle newton on July 12th, 2005 • 181 Views
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HBCUConnect 'Creative Juices'
Guestbook Comments
Hi Sis, pray all is well. I wanted to say hello. Hope You don't mind. I wish You the best in All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. "God" Bless, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 02/21/2006  
Just wanted to show some C-Town luv. Best of wishes
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 02/21/2006  
I appreciate you welcoming to SSU maybe i'll see you around once i get on campus in Jan.
Tagged by Marcell Williams on 12/20/2005  
hey, thanx for signin my guestbook, much ssu '09 love to you. hopefully i'll see u in the fall...holla
Tagged by Tim Cannon on 07/29/2005  
Whats realy good wit u ma. Preciate the luv and u signin my guestbook. jus thought i would return the favor. jus holla @ ya boy later, or when u see me in 2 weeks. - MAGEC-STEM
Tagged by Drew Stephenson on 07/27/2005  
Tagged by MATTHEW GRIFFIN on 07/27/2005  
whats good, thanx for the luv u have shown. I'll holla lata or until then c u in 2 weeks.
Tagged by Quiana Finney on 07/26/2005  
Hey gurl wassup...thanks for showin me some luv...hope to see this fall... lata
Tagged by Carisha Boneque on 07/23/2005  
wassup shawty jus hittin yo spot 2 show u some SSU love get at me & c u in da fall
Tagged by Kyle Brown on 07/23/2005  
whats good. this is hilary. just returning the love. i'll holla! peace.
Tagged by Hilary Bellinger on 07/22/2005  
hey just stoping by showing you some ssu love
Tagged by Crystal Jeffery on 07/20/2005  
what's up? showing you some ssu 09' love. well we have about two and half weeks left. hope you ready cause we about to do it big at ssu
Tagged by Brittany Jones on 07/20/2005  
came thru to show some luv back,maybe i can hear some of your poetry, until then i'll see u in the fall
Tagged by Keith Baldwin on 07/20/2005  
wuz ma i c u goin to da state to holla at me
Tagged by DANTHONY HARRIS on 07/17/2005  
wuz up wit u i just stop bye to show u some sav luv get at me aight
Tagged by O'bryan Clemons on 07/13/2005  
yo, just comin' thru and showin' yo page some love..holla at me in da fall
Tagged by Deveon Hood on 07/12/2005  
Hey girl. Just wanted to drop off some luv. I wish u the best of luck in college and in whatever you do.
Tagged by Kimberly Smith on 07/12/2005  
thanks for the love and motivation ma
Tagged by Diamond Allen on 07/11/2005  
Thanks for the luv. Hope to see u around campus this fall!
Tagged by Ashley B on 06/28/2005  
The way the building is made some rooms are smaller than others, but they all have enough room for two people. Me and my roommate both have iceboxes(like my grandma says) so you should be straight
Tagged by Marshellyica Wells on 06/25/2005  
Whats really good Gab.. did you find out about the 8 person cluster yet, cuz i need to know about the 4 person one...I just realized youre from hinesville, and i have some friends that live there, you might know some of "em"...holla!!
Tagged by Candace Wilson on 06/23/2005  
thank you much. just had to hit ya back on yo page
Tagged by Andrea Bannister on 06/21/2005  
Hey whats up...just stopped by and wanted to leave some luv in your guestbook...make sure you come by and do the same. Stay Up...
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 06/21/2005  
In an eight person cluster there are 2 single rooms and 3 double rooms and eight people share one bathroom with two showers and two toilets. I think they have 3 sinks. I was in a four person cluster.
Tagged by Marshellyica Wells on 06/21/2005  
So you from hinesville too, thats cool. I say that the FLLC is stricter because of the dorm director and his kids
Tagged by Marshellyica Wells on 06/21/2005  
okkk, umm this my email, so we dont have to have errbody lookin at what we writin lol
Tagged by Candace Wilson on 06/21/2005  
whats hood with you thanks for the love and you know holla at cha boi sometime
Tagged by henry franklin on 06/21/2005  
when did you visit SSU?
Tagged by Candace Wilson on 06/21/2005  
Whats really good Gab' I'm a biology major too! maybe we could chill sometimes see you in the FLLC!
Tagged by Candace Wilson on 06/20/2005  
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