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Elaina Patterson
Location: Macon, GA United States
Birthday: Jul 24th
Joined: Jul 13th, 2005
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.....Ask me later lol
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High School: John F Kennedy in Cleveland, OH class of 2006
Who play better? Who play better?
Southern U or Jackson State? ...more
Posted by Elaina Patterson on January 18th, 2006 • 481 Views
the first to say whats up the first to say whats up
I know there are more band folk on this site... but anyway i just wanna say wats up, tell me how you got inot music. What was the first thing that drew your attention? ...more
Posted by Elaina Patterson on September 8th, 2005 • 177 Views
You tell on yourself You tell on yourself
You tell on yourself by the friends you seek By the very manner in whic you speak By the way you employ your leisure time By the use you make of dollar and dime You tell what you are by t ...more
Posted by Elaina Patterson on August 10th, 2005 • 329 Views
remember or forget remember or forget
There are those who forget then those who remember...... I never forget but know that I'm one of the few who are meant to remind.... i keep telling you that your just wasting your time although ...more
Posted by Elaina Patterson on August 8th, 2005 • 209 Views
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HBCUConnect 'Creative Juices'
im reppin 06'
For the real Band Peoples ONLY.
Guestbook Comments
hey whats up sexy just wanted to show ya page sum luv.
Tagged by Angorit Terrell on 08/16/2007  
How have u been? What school do u go to?
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 10/19/2006  
hey jus showin luv hit me up
Tagged by Diamond Greer on 05/10/2006  
yea u feel u on that!!! We got like 20 some odd days left and im like damn!!! But how u been hit me up
Tagged by Antoine Loper on 04/26/2006  
Thanks 4 hittin me up! I aint doin ben doin nothin but bein crazy bored on spring break!!! Whats up wit u??? U readi to get out of school?
Tagged by Antoine Loper on 04/19/2006  
whats up? Im new on this site just tryin to stop by and show u some luv... hollA BACK AT ME
Tagged by Antoine Loper on 04/14/2006  
Happy Valentine's Day
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 02/14/2006  
Hi Sis, hope to find all is well for You. I want to wish You the best in All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Endeavors. Blessings, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 01/26/2006  
jus shown sum 06 luv keep doin u ...1
Tagged by Jasmine Underwood on 01/09/2006  
Happy New Year to you also, Hope everything is going well for you
Tagged by Kedric McKennon on 01/06/2006  
happy new year and hopefully many more, and you hav som beautiful pics of yourself you need to add som mor...holla at me som time..1.
Tagged by tyree melchor on 01/05/2006  
Just wanted to show some C-Town luv. Happy New Year!! Best of wishes
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 01/04/2006  
jus stoppin thro to say wuzzup, and ask were central state is?
Tagged by tyree melchor on 12/05/2005  
wats good jus stoppin by to show u that DELAWARE love, holla when u get tha chance
Tagged by Tonye Davis on 11/30/2005  
jus stoppin thro to show som 06 luv , holla at me some time. 1
Tagged by tyree melchor on 11/22/2005  
What's up Elaina. Brittany will not be going because she quit. I was her section leader.
Tagged by Micah Momient on 11/21/2005  
sup ma...jus stoppin by shoin
Tagged by Terance Williams on 11/12/2005  
I can understand you wanting to get out because i live in Athen where the University of Georgia is and a lot of my classmates r going there
Tagged by Chontal Tripp on 10/11/2005  
Oh ok.I just realized that you are from Ohio i have family there. I was out there visiting them this past summer.They live in Dayton, Trottwood and Toledo.
Tagged by Chontal Tripp on 10/10/2005  
hey thanks for tha luv. I plan on going to Albany State University what about you?I am really excited about trying out for their band!
Tagged by Chontal Tripp on 10/06/2005  
hey what's good wit ya i'm currently not in band this year cause i just changed school and wasn't too sure about it but i play the flute & picolo i plan to play in college also.
Tagged by Chontal Tripp on 10/04/2005  
hey waz good? so what section you in? im in the color guard but you mind as well call it the cross country team this year since our show so fast all we do is run lolhows your show? n you gonna march in college im thinkin bout it ~1~
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 09/12/2005  
jus showin you some luv since you reppin band...yup but up its marching season so you already know how them tam lines are lol hit me back up it nice to meet people who understand what you into from your point of view on the topic
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 09/08/2005  
I ve been playing the organ for my church since I was 7... I haven't had any formal lessons..... How long U been playin'?
Tagged by Jasmine Underwood on 08/08/2005  
Jus showin Luv... Girl you have talent... keep writin' and reppin' 06'... much Luv... get bac @ me ...1
Tagged by Jasmine Underwood on 08/08/2005  
hey returnin the love you sent my way. stay safe
Tagged by melissa Syverin on 08/08/2005  
Hey girl this is a fellow Central State Student represneting DC. I will be seeing oyu this fall :) Hit me back
Tagged by Janay Reed on 08/04/2005  
Hey whats up just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 08/03/2005  
what u know bout that evil monkey?? :-) ooh riight
Tagged by yari washington on 07/28/2005  
Anybody that can rock the Family Guy Evil Monkey on their profile has got to be alright. Holla back. Giggidy.
Tagged by C Scott on 07/27/2005  
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