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Ashley Tanner
Location: Greenwood, MS United States
Birthday: Jun 27th
Joined: Jul 26th, 2005
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
New Orleans, LA currently finished with classes in the physics lab....
Education   (request update)
Xavier University of Louisiana class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Pre-Medicine
Claim To Fame:
My butt.. which is so sad! Can i be known for my Brains!
Most Memorable Moment:
That Night where we were so sleepy but we were all to dumb to get up and go to sleep, so we stayed there in my room,just sitting around and i was being dumb and started talking about people while huntin killer flys and shit
few days left okkkk few days left okkkk
yea these days are winding down.... CANT WAIT til i hit da campus and get to know people. Im still in the mist of packing all my stuff..! My room is a mess! Anyways... cant wait to the see the rest of ...more
Posted by Ashley Tanner on August 9th, 2005 • 129 Views
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I just wanted to stop by and show you a little luv from JSU. Have a wonderful week...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/14/2007  
Hi Sis, Wanted to speak, hope You don't mind. I Hope All is well and wish You the best in All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. Blessings, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 02/10/2006  
Hey! How did you like Xavier?
Tagged by Autry Brantley on 02/05/2006  
Happy New Year, just sending all the best... Congratulations you have been granted VIP Membership to timesQuare...
Tagged by Delete Account on 01/08/2006  
tight pictures. just coming through showing love. holla back.
Tagged by Jazz Cook on 11/07/2005  
Just showing you some JSU love. Good luck this semester and n life. -LDOT
Tagged by Larry Carpenter on 10/14/2005  
wassup ma!!! i see u over there reppin my hometown!!! i hope u like it as much as i do!!! i wish i could come back right about now!!! holla back at ya boy
Tagged by Merrill Brouillette on 10/02/2005  
u can email me ta
Tagged by Chatlin Magee on 09/30/2005  
Hey my name is Chat i was just viewing ur profile ans saw you were majoring in pre-med so am i good luck, give me a holla maybe we could talk sometimes
Tagged by Chatlin Magee on 09/26/2005  
i am doing fine now that u answer back.the question is how r u doing?
Tagged by terance williams on 09/15/2005  
i just wanted 2drop n show sum luv and tel u that u r beautiful
Tagged by terance williams on 09/13/2005  
DON'T CALL ME BUMPER!! Dats good but I'm not goin back 2 skool Ima wait till XU open back and till den geet a job... what's dat website 2 get da ringtones again?
Tagged by Amanda Garrison on 09/06/2005  
Well..Well.... Hi friend!! I heard frm Bonita dat u left b4 da storm and went r u cumin back? (Ikno u kno who dis is as many times I've visited u and bonita--bo bo)
Tagged by Amanda Garrison on 09/05/2005  
if u know can you tell me the artist and title of that song that we do the XU line dance to. thanks
Tagged by Brianna P on 08/31/2005  
So when are you coming to California?
Tagged by Daniel Redd on 08/18/2005  
what up ? just showing some luv holla bac
Tagged by Leroy.R on 08/17/2005  
damn ma you aight... just stop'n by ta show u some CU love hope i CU sum day
Tagged by Kendell Bowers on 08/10/2005  
hey girly jus stoppin by....THREE DAYS LEFT!!! can u even believe it? i barely grasped the fact i graduated. lolz SEE YA SOON!!
Tagged by Buerkie Klokpah on 08/10/2005  
I emailed you back!!
Tagged by camille c on 08/09/2005  
that would be cool Iam at the sheraton I arrive on the 12th around noon. we can just exchange cell numbers and met up Iam soo excited!!! Iam not packing until wed. tho
Tagged by camille c on 08/08/2005  
XU....aug.13 its goin down. Hope to see you there.
Tagged by Kevin Drummond on 08/08/2005  
I'd be happy 2 meet up with you b4 orentation but I arrive only a day b4 in the moring when do u arrive ??
Tagged by camille c on 07/29/2005  
Sorry Iam a little embrassed that I did'nt know that but anyways I have no idea what dorm Iam in and I really wanted to be in k.D you know Katherine Drexel is from my hometown
Tagged by camille c on 07/29/2005  
hey just stoppin by to show u some love! see u in k.d hall though!
Tagged by Dominique Johnson on 07/29/2005  
Aight girl!.. I guess I'll see ya around the halls.. Enjoy the rest of ya summer! See ya in August..-E
Tagged by Miss Emma B on 07/28/2005  
hey whats up? Im going to xavier too.Hope to see you around!
Tagged by Janay Robinson on 07/28/2005  
just sayin wassup. holla front
Tagged by james bradford on 07/28/2005  
you know already that you're in katherine Drexel ?? do you have a rommate yet??
Tagged by camille c on 07/28/2005  
hey girl thanks for coming bye and showing love time is winding down fast just what two weeks can't what, good luk with everthing, this might be a dumb question but what does MS stand for??
Tagged by camille c on 07/28/2005  
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