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Location: Brooklyn, NY United States
Birthday: Jul 8th
Joined: Aug 8th, 2005
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Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!!
Go ahead and show da kidd some love people... ...more
Posted by DARRELL SWEET on July 11th, 2006 • 209 Views
I'm I'm
Iím living, I make the rest fall in line Iím in place, so I guess Iím not falling behind Iím on point, youíll notice it from time to time Iím blessed, and you can tell from the spiritual incline I ...more
Posted by DARRELL SWEET on December 19th, 2005 • 177 Views
Where's My Mama? Where's My Mama?
Whereís my mama? Can someone tell me please? This I need to know So my nerves will be eased Is she over here? Is she over there? I canít find my mama anywhere Whereís m ...more
Posted by DARRELL SWEET on December 19th, 2005 • 178 Views
Golden Years Golden Years
Grandma, eight and a half decades on earth was spent Through the years wisdom was gained in increments Passed on to use in life as instruments Trials and tribulations arenít always pain and torme ...more
Posted by DARRELL SWEET on November 3rd, 2005 • 160 Views
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The Lyricist's Lounge: Poetry In Motion
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Hello dear friend, Great to communicate with you and to know each other for relationship if you don't mind and have desire to correspond with me,i will appreciate you communication through my email address so that we can get to know more of each other. my email is ( ) i will be waiting to read from you. have a nice day. yours blessing.
Tagged by blessing444 akimeh on 11/14/2011  
sup brah...just wanted to say thank u for EVERYTHING!!! ur r truely sweet!!!! mmmmmmuah
Tagged by Tiffany P on 11/29/2006  
Sup, Bro! Spreadin' the Blue Luv back atcha! Air Power!
Tagged by L D Horne on 07/16/2006  
Hey. Thanks for adding me to the friend list.
Tagged by ~ Veronica ~ on 07/14/2006  
Just stoped by to say "HI"
Tagged by Megan Merriweather on 04/02/2006  
just wanted 2 show u love...holla @cha gurl
Tagged by ashley McCrory on 01/23/2006  
just wanted 2 show u love...holla @cha gurl
Tagged by ashley McCrory on 01/23/2006  
Hey Darrell, thanks for the poem!
Tagged by Erica Evans on 01/20/2006  
Thank you so much!
Tagged by Lisa M. on 12/09/2005  
Thank you and same to you!
Tagged by Simone Wright on 12/09/2005  
The mail was so sweet, I really appreciate it!
Tagged by Amber Brown on 12/06/2005  
Thanks for the mail! I just checked it today. You write beautifully!
Tagged by Britney Darnell on 11/28/2005  
Thank you for signing! Hope to hear from you soon!
Tagged by Britney Darnell on 11/19/2005  
thanks for the encouraging words
Tagged by Lori Banks on 11/17/2005  
wat up? jus wanted 2 stop by and thank u 4 ya poem it was very sweet. I guess ill talk 2 u lata.
Tagged by Brittany Lester on 11/10/2005  
Thank you all for bringing the love and for all of the encouragement shown! I extend it to you all. Thanks and God bless!
Tagged by DARRELL SWEET on 11/09/2005  
thanx for your poem, you sound extremely intelligent and wise. god will also bless you!!
Tagged by jasmine hamlin on 11/09/2005  
Thank you for your're not too bad looking yourself. Many blessings...much luv
Tagged by Teri (Rhodes) Taylor on 11/01/2005  
Hey jus showin u some love like u asked me to..keep doin ya poetry thing cuz its great
Tagged by Jazmn Elebe on 10/21/2005  
i see that u are a ladies man!! lol
Tagged by Brittney Neveaux on 10/19/2005  
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 10/11/2005  
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 10/11/2005  
love the peom and just showing some luv
Tagged by Aiesha Erwin on 10/06/2005  
Tagged by hot love on 10/05/2005  
Hey, wuz up thanx for taken my g-book virginity. Your one of a kind. Stay in touch
Tagged by Demetria Lee on 10/05/2005  
Hey, thanks for stopping by my page. I'm just returning the luv
Tagged by Joyia Smith on 10/03/2005  
hey whatz up? i loved ya poem very sweet i just came by to say thank u 4 tha poem and to show u some luv i hope u will return tha fava so holla @ cha gurl
Tagged by Victoria Moore on 09/27/2005  
hey loved the poem! just showin u some luv!
Tagged by Ciara Caldwell on 09/27/2005  
Hi. The poem was nice. Just stopping by to show your g-book some luv.
Tagged by Brittany Payne on 09/24/2005  
Hey whats goin on wit u? Just passin thru to show u some luv , keep in touch....~~1~~
Tagged by Chantelle J on 09/22/2005  
hey whats up?
Tagged by Crystal Jones on 09/22/2005  
Hey, thanx for the love it was so sweet ;) ...Metria
Tagged by Demetria Lee on 09/22/2005  
Hey just stoppin by to show some love on yo g-book
Tagged by Shaunte Collins on 09/20/2005  
Hey how u doin? Im juss stoppin by to show u sum luv...
Tagged by Donielle Joseph on 09/15/2005  
Yep! I know exactly what u mean. But it's my Junior so i'm trying to get out of here.
Tagged by Eric Reid on 09/15/2005  
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