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Donnell Bolds
Location: Lincoln University, PA United States
Joined: Dec 4th, 2002
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Current Whereabouts:
My current whereabouts are here at Lincoln and in Philadelphia PA.
Education   (request update)
Lincoln University -Pennsylvania class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Communication
Claim To Fame:
Well I am just getting an education right now while I am in college. But after college I plan to work for the #1 Hip-Hop and R&B Radio Station in Philadelphia Power 99.
Most Memorable Moment:
I don't have a most memorible moment in this school yet because I am just a freshmen. If I had to pick one it would be playing in the Alonzo Holmes Tournament and losing our last point from on eof my teammates missing a lay-up.
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Guestbook Comments
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 10/15/2005  
Hey check out this new Lincoln site( and sign in thanks!
Tagged by Whitney Williams on 07/30/2005  
whats up just showin you some Del State Luv...get at me cutie
Tagged by Teesha Harper on 07/26/2005  
Thanks for the welcome hun. And I for sure have a very positive attitude towards EVERYTHING. And a very open mind. See You! ~Peachez~
Tagged by Articia Chesson on 07/25/2005  
JessiLO808* in ur rite i dont use as much as it use* holla back
Tagged by JESSI LO on 02/10/2005  
oh hey what up wit u* just been hella busy* but nice 2 kno u was worried n shyt* but yeah no hard feelingz *holla back*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 02/08/2005  
hey wats good.. i c dat u be dong ya thing at the basket ball games... keep doing ya thing lata
Tagged by Christelle Noel on 02/07/2005  
: ) Oh, now you know who I am, LoL. Aww, I wonít see you in class anymoreÖitís okay, you didnít talk to me anyway. Sike, thanks for the compliment and Iíll see you before you see me!
Tagged by Tiffany Danielle Francis on 12/02/2004  
Just dropping by (spreading that HBCU love) and wishing you the best with your future endeavors!
Tagged by Dawn Elise Rhodes on 11/16/2004  
whats up CHOCOLATE THUNDER, holla back
Tagged by Keyona Saunders on 11/13/2004  
Donnell, we definately have English together. Kardash . . .
Tagged by Tiffany Danielle Francis on 10/21/2004  
:( my picture won't come up on ur guestbook...hmm...i wonder why?
Tagged by Aja Taylor on 10/21/2004 seem to be quite the popular one, any event, i was just stopping through to say "what's the business?"...stay up, and tell your teammates to stop missing those easy a$$ layups!!!
Tagged by Aja Taylor on 10/21/2004  
Hey wassup, just returning that Philly love. When ever you get a chance holla at ya girl. The real HU girl.
Tagged by Janell Harmon on 10/13/2004  
yo what's good* just hit me up sum time* AIM: JessiLO808* talk 2 u later
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/11/2004  
Wassup.... Thank You...I'm chillen up here in VA holdin it down for A-Town!!!!! Get at me sometime!
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 10/05/2004  
hey what';s good just comin thru from H.U. wit that luv* i wish u luck in all u do & hopefully 1 day back home i'll hear u on tha radio!!!so how is Philly * i miss home!!!!!!!!
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/04/2004  
hey whats good? Im hollerin at you now stop frontin! lol nah Im just playin wit you. I'll see you when I see you. peace and luv
Tagged by Keisha Herndon on 09/29/2004  
Man I feel u tho... I luv power 99! My girl did an internship there! She said it was mad coo! Anytime I come back 2 philly I put the radio on MD n VA radio sucks! if u have aim or aol holla @ me @ Iluvqt6 07.... Philly stand up!!!
Tagged by Danielle Carroll on 09/28/2004  
thanks for da luv... I appreciate it cuz I miss philly so much! I'm happy tho. I'm comin home in 2 weeks! Anyway where are u from originally? I see u play tennis... so do I... Played for 7 years n coached lil kids for 5! It's mad fun!
Tagged by Danielle Carroll on 09/28/2004  
hey whats good? see you in the LLC. holla at me....
Tagged by Keisha Herndon on 09/07/2004  
just stopin by showing u some 757/HU luv...
Tagged by Britt'Nee Hunt on 08/01/2003  
Boooo! That picture sucks!
Tagged by Jessica Porter on 03/19/2003  
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