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Roshaunda Merritt
Location: Newark, NJ United States
Birthday: Aug 11th
Joined: Sep 3rd, 2005
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Current Whereabouts:
I currently reside in Pennsylvania @ Lincoln University. It's not home but it's gonna have to do. I need to go home 4 a while.
Education   (request update)
Lincoln University -Pennsylvania class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Music
Claim To Fame:
My claim to fame is to stay focused where ever I go in life and never let anyone bring me down in the process. I think of myself as a very strong, black beautiful human and I encourage evryone else to think the same positive way. Stay alert and Be true to yourself.
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment was @ my high school graduation. I had to sing and I did a dayum good job too. After that was done it was time for the rose ceremony and I was shedding some serious tears. I guess because my senior year was coming to an end and my class would be going their separate ways.
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I guess i'm the first in your Guestbook. I have made history,but anyways i'm just seeing how everyting is going with you.I'll catch up with you later.
Tagged by Tyrell Muir on 10/15/2005  
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