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Terance Williams
Location: Pensacola, FL United States
Birthday: Sep 14th
Joined: Oct 26th, 2005
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
What are your life aspirations?
Current Whereabouts:
Atlanta, GA
Education   (request update)
Florida A&M University class of 2003
Undergrad Major: Computer and Information Science
Claim To Fame:
"Don't judge me until you have been where I've been, done what I've done and seen what I've seen!"
Most Memorable Moment:
The Campus Bombings. Tom Joyner being the speaker at my college graduation.
High School: Woodham High School in Pensacola, FL class of 1997
that rare woman that rare woman
I know there are plenty of good woman out there. But not too many have those Rare characteristics. This is jus a SMALL list of those that I am referring to that make her: The Rare Woman : ...that ...more
Posted by Terance Williams on November 14th, 2006 • 520 Views
Serving a Purpose Serving a Purpose
Everyone in someones life ultimately should be serving some kind of a pupose or cease to exist in that persons life. Now I know at first this may sound kind of cruel or even selfish. But bare wit me a ...more
Posted by Terance Williams on October 26th, 2005 • 483 Views
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Florida A&M
Real Talk
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Hello. My name is Miss Tessey,i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address ( i believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your mail to my Email address above. Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters allot in life Yours Love. pls contact me back with this email address here ( don't write me on the site,please remember that i see others, but i see you as the best,
Tagged by tesygirg best on 07/04/2010  
Hey there
Tagged by Sparkle B. on 08/12/2008  
Thank you for hitting me up...I'm sorry it took me so long. Email me then I can talk to u!
Tagged by Na-Jee St-Juicy on 10/19/2007  
thankz for the love that u showed me. so im here to return the love and to bless ur guest book wit a little of me!!!!!!!!!
Tagged by Jessica Breeze on 12/05/2006  
HEY HEY>>>just dropping a little somethin on your guestbook>>>Where have you been??
Tagged by Princess Gray on 11/30/2006  
My ex bf name is Terrence Williams..... but thanks. How was your thanksgiving? Wat are you thankful for?
Tagged by Meladie Clopton on 11/28/2006  
Thank you for stopping by my page. Talk to you.
Tagged by Vernicia Urquhart on 11/20/2006  
Thanks for responding to my blog.
Tagged by Tyhesha Judge-Fogle on 11/18/2006  
Thanks for the hello... How are you?
Tagged by Meladie Clopton on 11/13/2006  
thanks for tha comment
Tagged by Jaima Saunders on 11/13/2006  
Hey T, how are you? I hope all is well. Thx for the note.
Tagged by Kantina Williams on 11/10/2006  
hey Mr. WILLIAMS just showin some luv
Tagged by Marina Williams on 11/09/2006  
Lol sorry for the late response..but thats in the past now cause im levin u thanks for the luv!!
Tagged by Chelsea Brown on 11/09/2006  
how are you .....just wanted to drop by and say hello
Tagged by jerissa gregory on 11/07/2006  
hey mr.williams lol! just returnin tha love
Tagged by dominique williams on 11/03/2006  
Thanx for stopping by my page and showing me love. Everything is cool with me, how are you?
Tagged by Renee McKenzie on 11/02/2006  
Just stopping by to Bless your page. Be easy.
Tagged by Sparkle B. on 11/01/2006  
This Is Ms.Booty showing u some love just cuzu showed me some HOLA BACK AT YA GURL
Tagged by Malekia brown on 10/26/2006  
Hey thanks for the add. Keep doing what you do. Peace.
Tagged by Melissa Douglas on 10/18/2006  
thanks for signing my guestbook yea im chillen in pcola fa right movin to atl to go to clark tho as u can see
Tagged by zuri sullivan on 10/18/2006  
Thanks for signing my G-Book!
Tagged by Erin Winn on 10/12/2006  
hey was going on, just stopping by to show your page some luv...panther style...erica09...
Tagged by ERICA ... on 10/12/2006  
Hello Terance, how r things going 4 u!
Tagged by Carolyn Haylock on 04/26/2006  
wassup wil, jus stoppin bye to show you some "real" luv lol get at me
Tagged by Kiera Roberts on 04/24/2006  
hey will, thanks for signing my guestbook. im new here, so thanks for making me feel welcomed. i hope everything goes well for u and also your career. God bless, and always look foward never back. Aight peace man.
Tagged by Tiana Davis on 04/16/2006  
Hey, I just wanted to sho sum luv back at u, much luv 2 ya :)
Tagged by Cassaundra Ward on 04/14/2006  
hey terrance thanks for showing ya gurl some love hit cha gurl back anytime
Tagged by Kendra McCoy on 04/12/2006  
Wassup T just stoppin by to return the love, hit me up sometime
Tagged by Kiera Roberts on 04/03/2006  
Just wanted to drop a line. Showing some HBCU Love!!!
Tagged by VICSKEYAS MOORE on 04/03/2006  
Hey! How are you? Just wanted to come by and check on you, since I haven't done this since October. well, holla back alright
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 04/02/2006  
what up nigga i see u got mad groupies on ya page. damn that sit is cute . u better be famous
Tagged by shaye russell on 03/31/2006  
hey cutie how you doin just droppin by returnin tha love..stay sexy
Tagged by dominique flowers on 03/30/2006  
Hey thanks for showing love! PEACE!
Tagged by Tiffany Frank on 03/17/2006  
Just returnin tha love!!! Thanx 4 stoppin by
Tagged by Ambrea Russell on 03/15/2006  
Thanks for the Love T!!! Many Blessings Brotha!
Tagged by Tinia McCoy on 03/15/2006  
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