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Why should I accept your friend request?
"Hey!! Make up a question. :=) If this was American Idol..I would be the best candidate. LOL!! I don't know what else to say....To be honest, I am learning to understand that life is really simple and people tend to make it more difficult than it is...I can testify to that."

Interviewed by Demetrius A 02/22/08

What is the #1 thing you like about
"I love being connected with members of other HBCU's and being able to express my thoughts, ideas, and videos. "

Interviewed by Will Moss 02/22/08

(interview me)
Candice Johnson
Joined: Nov 3rd, 2005
About   (request update)
Being comfortable with who I am as an individual. When you stop trying to act different than everyone else and start being who you are, you will see that you are different because you are unique. Nobody can copy you.

My Interview Question
What makes you happy?
Current Whereabouts:
Just learning to enjoy each and everyday. Laughter is a great remedy. You can't change the past but you can change the present.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I want to be happy with what I do in life. Continual happiness is the most important goal in my life. Once you have that, no negative person can take that away from you FREEDOM FOR ME FROM ME IS A DREAM!!
Education   (request update)
Morris College class of 2005
Undergrad Major: Radio and Television
Campus Organization:
Me Phi Me
Claim To Fame:
I'm just happy to be content with my life. I am grateful for my life.
Most Memorable Moment:
Everything I have encountered , the dorm life, being on the Chorale, Honors Program (the conferences was fun), the faculty, relaxing on the second floor of the library (I called it my 'sanctuary').
High School: Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, NY class of 2001
Activities & Accomplishments:
Best Memories:
Being a part of the pre-med program. Being on the gymnastics team
You Are Wonderful You Are Wonderful
Everybody experiences rejection, ridicule, and negative criticism. However, those instances of the past should neither make you bitter, nor let you hold on to pain. Yes, acknowledge th ...more
Posted by Candice Johnson on June 1st, 2011 • 5,951 Views
What defines Beauty What defines Beauty
There's a definition of beauty across different cultures and societies. But is this definition healthy or degrading? This preview of a documentary touches one societal aspect on how the definit ...more
Posted by Candice Johnson on May 26th, 2011 • 6,818 Views
Homeless Man Gets Second Chance Because of Homeless Man Gets Second Chance Because of "Golden Voice"
Ted Williams ,53, a native of Brooklyn Ny was panhandling off a interstate in Ohio and got the chance to show his God given talent. This is truly a story of second chances. ...more
Posted by Candice Johnson on January 5th, 2011 • 5,337 Views
Quote for Thought Quote for Thought
"You see, when people are in pain, they usually mistreat others. It didnt happen because there was something wrong with me or because I had done something wrong to him." Joyce Meyer (c) 2002 ...more
Posted by Candice Johnson on December 19th, 2010 • 2,433 Views
My Groups
Just Plain Facts
UDC Journalism Club
Alpha Kappa Mu
Morris College Club
Health and Wellness
The Wandering Journalist
Real Talk
Guestbook Comments
A very warm welcome to you. It is lovely to have you among us. May you have a blessed, constructive and prosperous day. Stay strong.
Tagged by Ralph White on 09/09/2022  
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale Read more at
Tagged by Ralph White on 09/12/2013  
Thanks for accepting me into your online world at HBCUConnect.
Tagged by Juan Davis on 07/15/2010  
Hey Candice, good to hear from you! Hope everything is going well and that you're moving closer towards your goals. Peace & Blessings
Tagged by Jon C. on 05/17/2010  
Thank you for sharing information. If you are into poetry, read my poem and if you like my poem add me as a friend.
Tagged by Herb McC on 07/02/2009  
My pleasure going on the HBCU cruise?
Tagged by michael freeman on 06/25/2009 Let's link up and stay in touch beyond HBCU Connect
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 06/12/2009  
Hi Candace!! I have been trying to drum up support for Morris Brown's situation!! Cn U as an Alumna do something??
Tagged by cece valentine on 02/08/2009  
Hi Candice I was one of the finalist but I did not win. I am a candidate for Detroit City Council in 2009 email me
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 11/16/2008  
What u get into for the holliday weekend?
Tagged by Marcus Matthews on 08/31/2008  
What's going on Miss Candace?
Tagged by Marcus Matthews on 08/31/2008  
Hey Candice, appreciate the blog comment (Learning To Be Still), I just replied. Take care Sis. -William
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 08/12/2008  
Hey Candice, good to see U Sis! Appreciate the blog comments, I just replied and wanted to send you a courteous heads-up. Have a good night, sincerely William
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 08/07/2008  
thanks for the comment!
Tagged by Jon C. on 06/17/2008  
nO you ain't just now asking me...and you didn't vote me! boo! lol...."niccas and flies, the more I am around niccas the more I like flies!" LOL
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 06/15/2008  
i would love to give you some inspiration...I am actually in the processing of finishing up an anthology of short stories, a couple of novelas and some aphorisms...let's chat
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 06/15/2008  
hey Candice, got your message and the answer is YES! I will email you when I get home with direcitons about how to go about that. Thank you!
Tagged by Patrice Baltimore on 05/13/2008  
add your videos to your school has its own channel
Tagged by Leon Burnette on 02/26/2008  
Hi Candace! Have a Happy Holiday.
Tagged by Joan E. Gosier on 12/20/2007  
ohh dah...ok
Tagged by Erica Johnson Shaw on 12/17/2007  
lol thanks and it's on youtube along with a couple other videos we did under actaboi...check them out
Tagged by ATWL PRODUCTIONS on 12/15/2007  
im not tryna sound stupid bt wat does ROTF
Tagged by Erica Johnson Shaw on 12/07/2007  
Thank u for that advice
Tagged by camille c on 10/01/2007  
Hello & thanks for he welcome from a Long Island native kid!
Tagged by Paul Curry on 09/22/2007  
Thanks for hitting up my blog! Stay Blessed
Tagged by Jon C. on 07/23/2007  
Lol! Wowww, well You go with Your bad self! I forgot about the Great Khali! I did not see that match.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/28/2007  
Hello, a fellowrette wrestling, fan! I liked Goldberg, Batista when he turned good, now Cena is my fav, esp. after seeing him pick up big show who weighed 550+, anyway, Lol!
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/28/2007  
Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU Luv. Have a wonderful week. Get back with me...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/21/2007  
Hi have you me so we can catch
Tagged by Simona Allen on 05/19/2007  
love the song!
Tagged by Joyce Brayboy on 02/09/2007  
Candice I was like, huh, I had to come over here to see what you meant. Yea, it's a process, but nothing like real growth.
Tagged by Joyce Brayboy on 02/09/2007  
Hey thanks for checking out my blog
Tagged by Ebony M. McKethern on 12/10/2006  
Hey stop by to say thanks for the add...and show some love
Tagged by Melissa Douglas on 11/19/2006  
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 10/20/2006  
Hey, Thanks for stopping by and showing some Morris Luv.. Come anytime...
Tagged by Alisa Washington on 09/15/2006  
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