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Rishaurd Wallace
Location: Detroit, MI United States
Birthday: Feb 11th
Joined: Feb 8th, 2006
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Right now I'm @ home in Detroit preppin' fa college.
Education   (request update)
Alabama A&M University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Environmental Science
Claim To Fame:
My "Claim to Fame" during college will be my outgoing persona. Throughout high school, I didn't take advantage of anything. You could've called me a wallflower, but upon my departure from my former school, I realized that I had way more potential than what I was using. Now, at my new school, I am nothing shy of infamous. I plan to carry tha' fame all the way through college and make myself known. AAMU get ready fa' ya' boy!!!! I'm bringing the best Detroit has to offer! If you see me (I'll always have on a "D" 59-50 during my Freshman year) holla @ ya' boy. To all my Kappa Alpha Psi Bro's, look foward to seeing me. To my boy Miles, I wish you wouldn't have chose Weslyan in Chi-town. My Ace Janee you know we'll be clownin' down south!!! Kayelani, you know what's up! To any body I left out get at me!!! It's ya' boy Rishaurd "The King of Hearts" Wallace reppin' C/O 2006 and holdin' it down fa' AAMU!!! Bulldawgs ARRR...
Most Memorable Moment:
I think my most memorable moment in college will be my entire freshman year. Soooo many things about me will be different and I can't wait to experience the new me...
Happy Time!!! Happy Time!!!
Long time no blog, but guess what? I got my room!!!!! I'm in Grayson Hall, so any other Grayson residents holla! ...more
Posted by Rishaurd Wallace on June 23rd, 2006 • 397 Views
Thoughts of Regret... Thoughts of Regret...
Have you ever let an opportunity pass you by? Have you ever opted not to take advantage of something when you had the chance? Do you ever wish you could change something that has altered you? Do you e ...more
Posted by Rishaurd Wallace on April 16th, 2006 • 163 Views
Rage Rage
Ok, now usually I'm a calm, logical, rational, laid-back, guy with little to no beef with anybody, but last night, I came about 5 minutes away from losing all of that. So me and my best friend were at ...more
Posted by Rishaurd Wallace on March 25th, 2006 • 166 Views
The Thug Thizzle The Thug Thizzle
A legitimate question for anyone who can answer... Why is it everyone feels that they HAVE to be a thug? What is the point? More importantly, why is it that it seems that ALOT of females want to be wi ...more
Posted by Rishaurd Wallace on March 22nd, 2006 • 705 Views
My Groups
AAMU Stand UP!!!
Dirty South HBCU
im reppin 06'
Guestbook Comments
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Tagged by gina arona on 04/25/2011  
stoppin by to say hey!!!...ttyl
Tagged by April Thomas on 05/25/2006  
Hey Rishaurd, had to show you some love. hopefully i will see you in the fall, it will be my firts semster at AAMU, but it will be my jr yr. I cant wait to get back to a HBCU, and i know you will love it & enjoy yourself 2 the fullest.
Tagged by Alexandria Jackson on 04/25/2006  
What's really hood, just showin sum Bulldog luv to ya. Just a word of advice...Don't let anyone know what u want to do KAY..feel me. Dont mess up ur chances b4 u even try to join. Aight. See u when u get here. Aight son. 100
Tagged by Wayne Foster on 04/15/2006  
what up doe, just showing some d town love 313
Tagged by sophia jackson on 04/08/2006  
wats up jus showin sum bulldog luv!!
Tagged by Racquel Smith on 04/06/2006  
Whats up witcha, just showin sum luv 2 ya before the Fall season start.
Tagged by Lydia Wilson on 04/06/2006  
I dont know you personally but you seem to be a positive black man, for that reason I had to sign your GB keep doing you thing
Tagged by ashley r on 03/23/2006  
RISHAURD!!!! What's up man?? Where you at now?? You just dipped with no one knowing. How's life?? Email
Tagged by LaToia Marzette on 03/13/2006  
whassup wit it? Jut came thru showin some future bulldawg love. yup!
Tagged by Lindsey Reynolds on 03/10/2006  
Hmm...The King of Hearts bursting out of his shell? I gotta see the new power. Wallace, I got some interesting news...I might actually end up at a HBCU...Morehouse might take me...GEORGIA!!!GEORRRRGGIIAAA!!!
Tagged by Miles Spann on 03/05/2006  
Just wanted to show some C-Town love. Reppin that c/o 2006 fresh to death. Best of wishes.
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 02/24/2006  
hey hey!!...thanks for the comment...i was peaceful..and yes i do plan to stay "somewhat"..peaceful when im out...but umm thanks for the luv bulldog!!..holla back!
Tagged by April Thomas on 02/23/2006  
Hey sweetheart thanks for showing me love in the guessbook have fun at school , and rep 06 all day!
Tagged by Tiffany Hunter on 02/23/2006  
Hey Boy!!! Sorry it took me so long to sign your guest book... But anything from me is worth waiting for!!! ha ha ha... AAMU for life!!! HOLLA BACK
Tagged by Kayelani Jackson on 02/22/2006  
Hey fellow bulldawg, I just wanted to show you love on ya page and when you get the chance come do the same. Peace
Tagged by B Dub on 02/15/2006  
Whats going on Bulldog just came by to help break in the book. HOLLA BACK
Tagged by Jonathan Wright on 02/08/2006  
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