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Ambrea Russell
Location: Orangeburg, SC United States
Birthday: Apr 17th
Joined: Mar 9th, 2006
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Hampton University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Nursing
High School: Orangeburg Wilkinson in , class of 2006
Best Memories:
I have too many to name! Lets see, there was a pep rally where one of the cheerleaders fell on while trying to perform(THAT WUZ HILARIOUS!!), there was prom 05', graduation night for the class of 05' (that wuz CRAZY).... n there's more but these r jus a f
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im reppin 06'
HBCU Models
HBCU Dymes
Hampton Recruits
TU Club
The living life for christ club
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
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Da OH Dime
South Carolina Taking Over
Guestbook Comments
Hello I am just stopping by your page
Tagged by Ms.Michael BellJunior on 07/01/2017  
grrr ! y ur daddy bein meen?! lolz wellz i ghez ill c ya n spring! dont worri lik i tol ya...we'll all jus go out da nit eu cum! o0o YAH!
Tagged by Erika Gonzales on 07/23/2006  
Hey! I see you chose to go to Hampton least you made up your mind!! That's my hometown! LOL!! Have fun and be safe!
Tagged by Dakida Brandon on 07/15/2006  
knew you as at marshall but keep me posted on wat u gonna do
Tagged by Davie Rickenbacker on 07/07/2006  
first year jus look me up on facebook if u got an account all the balls and stuff we did man i wish i woulda known sum1 from ow was considerin goin i woulda been botherin u the whole year and i said ambrea? because thats wat i always
Tagged by Davie Rickenbacker on 07/07/2006  
No i go to tuskegee but i think i mite have to go to state for a year and come back but tuskegee is in ole cc lookin town but auburn and montgumery is 15 minutes away and everything is watever you make out of it i had a great time my
Tagged by Davie Rickenbacker on 07/07/2006  
Hey Ambrea? you goin to tuskegee cus i see you in the group but ya thing thing says you gon be at hampton wit kelsi and them
Tagged by Davie Rickenbacker on 07/05/2006  
wat up. im jus stopin by to show u some luv...........H@LLA AT TH3 D@SH.......
Tagged by Randy Knightner on 07/04/2006  
Showin some HU love ma! One Love.
Tagged by Brandon H-b on 07/01/2006  
Really? I hope you come! Im so excited cause i dnt gotta go 2 skool friday...n then after the open house ima be in ATL!!!!!! Ima get 2 party all week!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/29/2006  
So you gonna be there on Saturday? Im goin! Me n my dad drivin dw to Bama on Friday!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/28/2006  
yea gurl i am! omg if u go den i wont b stuk wit my aunt...lolz! im leavn friday 4m cali i wus gon chill wit my plae sistas they already there so i can follow em around...?
Tagged by Erika Gonzales on 03/27/2006  
Just wanted to show some C-Town love. Reppin that c/o 2006 fresh to death. Best of wishes.
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 03/22/2006  
lol...but yeah, i like it and if u choose to come here, u might like it too. make sure u visit first to see if u do!! bye and good luck!!
Tagged by Dakida Brandon on 03/19/2006  
the only thing about nsu is that the financial ppl suck...there are always parties and things to do on campus...we have a new co-ed dorm, chic fil a, pizza hut, can be ghetto with SOME issues...but it's a HBCU, wut do u expect
Tagged by Dakida Brandon on 03/19/2006  
hey well, me being from hampton, i wouldn't go to HU because they're nasty (cafe always fails their tests) and their dorms are ghetto. but i LOVE nsu. it was actually the last school i wanted to come 2...but i love it
Tagged by Dakida Brandon on 03/19/2006  
actually im not sure..prob. not i basically know everything i need to know b/c my sis grad. from there in '05 so i guess im str8..i hope u like it & i hope to see u there in the fall!!
Tagged by Brittny McGee on 03/18/2006  
Lol yea i no right!!!! Um jus me n my stepdaddy goin. Who all you bringin?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/18/2006  
Waz up grl...yea you gotta register 4 the open house...n gotta do that by the 27th. Itz $5 per person that go w/ you includin you! Yea...I know they jus taken $$ b4 we even have enrolled!!!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/17/2006  
Yea!!! That be coo! I feel ya cuz ppl i talkd at Gram would talk bout stuff that botherd me n i cant handle that!!!! Yea gurl TU hype!!! I feel ya if i gotta pay all that i better be happy!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/16/2006  
Yea!!! Ima be there!!! So are you going to Skegee or Hampton? Hmmm...I'd choose Skegee, lol!!!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/16/2006  
Yea!!! They bout 2 have the spring one on April register now cause you gotta by March 27th...are you gonna go?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/15/2006  
whats jus stoppin by shoin u some love in your gbook..hollaback
Tagged by Terance Williams on 03/15/2006  
hey...was good! Dag i cant wait to leave so i can be at that TU!!! but i know you feel that for that bout da REAL HU, lol!!!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 03/15/2006  
Hey gurlee~I just got accepted there on march 11th. I'm trying to get on the volleyball squad. Check out there website and see what's up..they also have an open house April 1st maybe I'll see u there. holla bac
Tagged by Patrease Thomas on 03/14/2006  
Whatz up gurl!!!Yea i went to visit..its not as ghetto as everyone makes it out to be...Im supposed to be going back real soon to look at it again..But you should definantely go cheak it out!!!!
Tagged by Simone Garrison on 03/12/2006  
Cant wait to get where you are i'm a high school student but Hampton U in my future much luv holla
Tagged by Ashely Franklin on 03/12/2006  
I wanted to stop by and sign your GB, and welcome you.
Tagged by ashley r on 03/12/2006  
Hi, hope all is going well for You and I wanted to wish You the best in ALL that You Aspire, Dream and Endeavor to positively do in Life. Blessings, sincerely Rattla Alum. p.s. Honor to be 1st to start off GBook.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 03/09/2006  
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