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James Howe
Location: East Orange, NJ United States
Joined: Jan 14th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
I'm in Jersey working and doing intern stuff, but I'll be back in the Courtyards the 22nd
Education   (request update)
Delaware State University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Radio and Television
Claim To Fame:
This radio thing or something in the music/entertainment industry. I've stepped up from Street Team director and on air personality at the school station to Program director, so I'm second in charge of the whole thing. (if u interested in a show holla at me) Shout out to my WDSU Radio Family. Not to mention I'm an intern at the #1 Station in the #1 Radio market in the world, New York's Hot 97. I'm Also a memeber of the school newspaper staff.
Most Memorable Moment:
Everything is a memory at Del State. Being on the radio, seeing the 'Well close, the village opening, moving off campus, making the deans list, having 3 influential teachers leave, And the school trying to jerk our department. All things I'll never forget. Finally I'm a senior and I don't know if I wanna go. I hope December 06 doesn't come to fast. Shout out to the whole WDSU radio family, FTS (The Hood), Gametime, Courtyard building 3 (The Carter). Big shout to my man Flow, Welcome back solider
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Guestbook Comments
DSU! What's good family? Jus Showin the Hornet Love back fam...I pray that all is well link up when you get time...Bless
Tagged by Andrew A. Cuffy on 12/17/2005  
whats good jus showin sum luv n u reppin jurzee me 2 dats whats good!! hit me back up:)
Tagged by Modesty Jenkins on 08/26/2005  
I mean i had to do it...bc its that HORNET LOVE
Tagged by Teesha Harper on 08/25/2005  
What up Hommie!...Nice 2 see u back, damn, when Imma hear a nig on the Hive?
Tagged by jennifer reid on 08/25/2005  

Tagged by Teesha Harper on 08/24/2005  
umm.......... can i have a show heard you the hnic down there at the hive...... whats poppin boss?
Tagged by laquan james on 08/24/2005  
yo, the hood said hget some new glasses.... and yes its hate.
Tagged by Dennis Worsley (Wit da on 08/17/2005  
Wat up i had to come by here and hit u up it only fair that i do.
Tagged by Courtney Barrett on 08/09/2005  
SHUT UP!!! I can have my own show and im only a sophomore?? Yea Im DEFINATELY down hit me up with more details...
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 08/06/2005  
Hey James. Yes, we would love to have a show. What times are avaliable?
Tagged by Jasmine Thompson on 08/06/2005  
Hi Sweety... I'm just coming through to return the love you've shown me... Thanks so much... I wish you the best of God's blessings that only He can give... ~Chy'Nah~
Tagged by Chy'Nah McNeill on 06/21/2005  
comin through to show u a little Tougaloo Love!! get at me
Tagged by Lexi T on 06/14/2005  
Tagged by Alesha Brandon on 05/23/2005  
I just wanted to tell u that out of everyone who signed my page yours was the "tweetest". Thanks
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/21/2005  
Just coming thru showing u some luv.
Tagged by Kimberly Smith on 05/21/2005  
Showin a little luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/20/2005  
Hello this is Ivy! Congratulations for taking one step closer to your goals. Have a good summer and don’t forget to return the favor! .~*ONE*~.
Tagged by Ivy Wells on 05/19/2005  
i just checked my page and seen that my number 1 buddy has hit me up! anyway miss u. talk to u soon
Tagged by Kiera McFadgen on 05/14/2005  
Yea, this pic is before the ball. What u not suppose to take it personal?
Tagged by tyter asfa on 05/13/2005  
just showin some luv...holla back! 1
Tagged by Maegan Gallman on 05/13/2005  
Hey papí, thanx 4 hittin me up! I like the Bleek hat position.( ha, ha)
Tagged by tyter asfa on 05/12/2005  
o 4 real im tryin run da city like p .diddy yo i need a show i gotta come see you right p.diddy
Tagged by Daemon Snead {Weezy} on 05/12/2005  
yo dis da kid wit da fresh @ss chevy blazer
Tagged by Daemon Snead {Weezy} on 05/12/2005  
Whats up! Congrats on becoming an entertainment correspondent. We will be working together b/c I am the editor for entertainment. Keep in touch!
Tagged by Jasmine Thompson on 05/12/2005  
Hey whats up, just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/11/2005  
Thats really good. I am a News Correspondent. You will definitely see me in the staff meetings.
Tagged by Destiny Boyd on 05/11/2005  
What will you be doing at the Hornet?
Tagged by Destiny Boyd on 05/11/2005  
Yes I do and I have seen you around. You work for DSU Radio right?
Tagged by Destiny Boyd on 05/11/2005  
Thanks for showin me luv...hope to see ya around next year @ Del State
Tagged by Teesha Harper on 05/10/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/27/2005  
Yea zi went it was nice but the after party was BOO :(
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 04/17/2005  
Hey wassup, did you go to the spring ball?
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 04/16/2005  
Nah I commute, Im movin in the Village next semester tho...I was JUST in the ETV today LOL
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 04/13/2005  
Wassup pa...thanx for showin DSU love Dont be stranger ;)
Tagged by Kandyce Odwin on 04/13/2005  
What's Good Fam...Thanx 4 showin that Hornet Luv on my Guest Book...Keep positive thoughts fam and positive will happen....One-Love I miss being on WDSU give our fans a shout for me...One-Love
Tagged by Andrew A. Cuffy on 03/06/2005  
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