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JaLeesa Bone
Location: Greenwood, SC United States
Birthday: Dec 12th
Joined: Apr 13th, 2006
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My Interview Question
What are your goals ????
Current Whereabouts:
In Greenwood waiting for school to start and my job which is at the Police Department obviously on the PC
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Education   (request update)
Benedict College class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Mass Communication
Claim To Fame:
I want my own Gospel CD. I have also dreamed of being a professional gospel singer. I want to save lives through my music and through the words I write in my songs.
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Most Memorable Moment:
*When I was named Colorguard Co-Captain and Captain my Junior and Senior year. * Well My great-grandma is my best friend if i was to lose her I would be so lost in this world. She is my back bone. I Love You so much Gma !!!
Hymnals VS Hip Gospel Hymnals VS Hip Gospel
What is up with todays society and how they see the new Hip Gospel. I love it and others do too. I think many elders are stuck in there old bound ways and just think that the future church is trying t ...more
Posted by JaLeesa Bone on July 3rd, 2006 • 197 Views
I'm Ready to Go !!! I'm Ready to Go !!!
I am so ready to attend Benedict. High school is so boring and I get tired of seeing the same old lame peeps everyday. I know Benedict will give me that sense of freedom. Better yet a sense of comfort ...more
Posted by JaLeesa Bone on May 11th, 2006 • 169 Views
My Groups
Dance/Flag Line
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
im reppin 06'
Mass Comm.
South Carolina Taking Over
Dirty South HBCU
Guestbook Comments
droppin by 2 show sume Benedict luv
Tagged by Dezera Long on 09/06/2006  
Good Luck on Sunday!!!
Tagged by sydney ford on 08/04/2006  
Fa sho, wishing u the same success in everything that u do....
Tagged by Khalid Brown on 07/26/2006  
Don't stress. It will be alright! do you have an army navy store anywhere around you?
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 07/25/2006  
Yo what's up? Thanks for the Luv Black Queen. Keep in touch!
Tagged by Carlos Heyward on 07/25/2006  
Thanks for the love sweetie. I've been on your campus a lot. In fact, I'm coming through in a couple of months. I'll be sure to holla. Xavier.
Tagged by Xavier Allen on 07/25/2006  
Stopping by to show some Tuskegee Luv...Much luv
Tagged by Khalid Brown on 07/25/2006  
Hey Girl! How you doin? Are you almost ready for pre-drill?
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 07/24/2006  
Thank You
Tagged by Jenean Sampson on 07/24/2006  
Thanks for the love, girl...Hope you have a good summer!
Tagged by Ru A. on 07/17/2006  
jus had to come thru and return the luv... - much luv, lik
Tagged by Malik Washington on 07/12/2006  
Hey mamas.How r u? Well I'm good I cant wait only about 3 weeks left.Im glad that you made the color guard and the choir.All of these things I want 2 try out 4 were during whiile i was still in school since i live in NY but its cool
Tagged by Tiffany Jernigan on 07/12/2006  
Spelman's orientation starts the 12th and ends the 23rd and we start classes on the 24th. I'm so excited!! What about ya'll?
Tagged by J Wash on 07/11/2006  
sounds fun.
Tagged by Darryl Fancher on 07/11/2006  
im chilin whats up
Tagged by Darryl Fancher on 07/11/2006  
Hey Gurl!! Wuts good witcha?
Tagged by J Wash on 07/11/2006  
You are so welcome, Baby Girl! Keep striving because God has greater things in store for you!
Tagged by Monica Brown on 07/07/2006  
whats up just showing love thanks for signing my book and good luck on your music career i wish u plenty of love and success!!!!!
Tagged by Robin Dean on 07/06/2006  
Hey i see ya a mass com major also. so i had to stop by and return tha love. Feel free to ask me anything u wanna know about BC. see ya in tha fall!!
Tagged by sydney ford on 07/06/2006  
there for you.
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 07/05/2006  
Girl I know what you mean. We are treated like the rest of the band. Just remember to always smile and listen to what upperclassmen say to you because most likely they, I mean we, are only trying to help. But don't be scared, I'll be
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 07/05/2006  
about 4 hours i live in birmingham
Tagged by Darryl Fancher on 07/05/2006  
Wow I see you plan on going to Benedict......well so am I as a criminal justice major. I cna wait either I'm ready 2 leave NY and expierience somethin new and plus it is too cold up here 4 me........ well I hope i c u there Holla @ me
Tagged by Tiffany Jernigan on 05/13/2006  
I will be happy to be your friend when you get to BC. Band camp is gonna be in early august. When I get the exact date, I will let you know. But it's probably the 2nd or 3rd since it was on the 3rd in 05.
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 05/09/2006  
Well, congratulations! I made the squad again as well. I will be glad to see you in the fall.
Tagged by Joi Johnson on 05/02/2006  
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