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(interview me)
ashley collier
Location: dayton, OH United States
Birthday: Feb 25th
Joined: Apr 29th, 2006
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Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
Current Whereabouts:
Dayton, OH
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Sociology
High School: chaminade-julienne in , class of 2006
Activities & Accomplishments:
varsity cheerleader!!
Best Memories:
debutante ball and september kairos my senior yr.
housing assignments! housing assignments!
hey everyone! i just got my room assignment and i'm really excited! i'm in meridian hill hall and i have a single room. i'm kinda sad that i'm not with all the other freshman girls but, at the same ti ...more
Posted by ashley collier on June 11th, 2006 • 164 Views
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06 Howard Recruits!
im reppin 06'
Guestbook Comments
Hey Ashley. Wassup. Thats cool that u get your own room. Im in a double room in Frazier Hall. U ready to go to DC?
Tagged by Simone Berry on 07/20/2006  
Hey Ashley! I didn't know you were goin to Howard either.I'm staying in Crandall what dorm r u in?
Tagged by JASMINE Wallace on 07/11/2006  
wuz hapnin shawty jus showin som love
Tagged by Brandon Middleton on 05/23/2006  
Hey wassup glad to show another bisonette from the midwest some luv, see u in the fall
Tagged by Autumn Hunt on 05/23/2006  
Hey what's up? Just showing some Future Bison love! I see you are a cheerleader as well! So am I, so that's cool! Hope to see ya in the fall! Keep in touch!
Tagged by Whitney Hall on 05/20/2006  
Hey, Ashley I'm just returning the Bison love. Hope to see you in the fall! ~Be Blessed
Tagged by Al D on 05/18/2006  
Just came through to show some class of 2006 luv. That's whats sup you are going to be going to Howard. You seem really focused, and thats what sup. Do you!
Tagged by Aiesha Davie on 05/18/2006  
Congradulations 2 u also on getting accepted and going 2 Howard
Tagged by Jackie Bell on 05/17/2006  
hey thanx for the add and showin my page some wishes in all your future endeavors...god bless
Tagged by Mike Washington on 05/17/2006  
i appreciate it...yea it should b a good time, we da real
Tagged by Joe Phillips on 05/17/2006  
Hey girl. We'll have to meet up when we get there! See you in August. ~Angi
Tagged by Angi Porter on 05/16/2006  
Thanks, I REALLY appreciate it! is that you that friended me on facebook?
Tagged by Branden D. Bufford (B. BUFF) on 05/16/2006  
What's good? Just hitting you back
Tagged by Will Johnson on 05/16/2006  
hey ashley! congrats to you too, do you know where you're staying and all that stuff yet?
Tagged by Lillia Patterson on 05/16/2006  
Hey just wanted to return the favor, see ya this fall
Tagged by lateaqua alston on 05/16/2006  
See ya there!!! What is your room assignment?
Tagged by Brieanna Samples-Wright on 05/16/2006  
ash this yo boo boo mary m. jus wante dto say wut up. hollllaaaaa. fuck waffle house get money!
Tagged by Odis Scales on 05/12/2006  
mike u r right! they are stupid, and i dont talk to them!
Tagged by ashley collier on 05/09/2006  
why do u look like that dont talk to those ppl at that table behind u they are stupid and they might rub off on u
Tagged by mike crider on 05/09/2006  
Aww...all my friends leavin me! ::Sniff sniff:: I'm bout to go have a moment
Tagged by Regina Jones on 05/08/2006  
hey girl! thanx for showin me some love earlier. u excited bout this goin to hu this fall?
Tagged by Jacquita Haynes on 05/05/2006  
Tagged by Lindsey Reynolds on 05/05/2006  
hey skank you know i am going to miss yo crazy ass and all the shit you use to say in religion class but stay the same maybe u should calm down and dont worry i wont shoot anyone in GA i gave that up
Tagged by Chuckeia Folley on 05/05/2006  
Hey, thanks for the luv! I guess i'll see u possibly this fall. Well I'm tryin to figure this cite out. How do i include my profile to read about my goals, hoppies, ect...?
Tagged by Jalita Henry on 05/05/2006  
i LOVE u ash!
Tagged by Kathryn Carter on 05/04/2006  
what up lil mama u finally got on i see
Tagged by mike crider on 05/01/2006  
what up babe
Tagged by Odis Scales on 05/01/2006  
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