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Elizabeth Pollard
Location: Dallas, TX United States
Birthday: May 3rd
Joined: Jun 13th, 2006
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Are you reaching your full potential?
What's Love? What's Love?
Love is not sex, love is choosing to heal the past hurts & pain of your mate. Depending on their past, you may have a lot of work to do. And love is helping your mate pursue their interests and talent ...more
Posted by Elizabeth Pollard on December 9th, 2006 • 368 Views
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black is beautiful!
We bringin' life back in the chat room
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Thank you for making me your friend. Check this out (See it to believe it. And if you still don't believe it, or Check out the information for yourself. Here is something I wrote to the U.S. Copyright Office and then I sent this information to the news media, and Oprah Winfrey, and CNN network, just to see there response.) Read my poem called Remebering My Historical / Prophetical Poem During The Republican Convention , located on my page/blog and if you dont believe it check the information through the US Copyright Office. Peace
Tagged by Terrance McCreary on 08/30/2012  
Just Started a new business venture with Mary Kay. Shop online at
Tagged by Elizabeth Pollard on 06/03/2009  
hey girl!
Tagged by Sparkle B. on 08/12/2008  
Just came by to say wizzzz up pimp. Scream at me. HOLLA
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 02/23/2007  
Just came by to say wizzzz up pimp. Scream at me. HOLLA
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 02/23/2007  
I just thought I sprinkle your page with mo' love pimp. Scream at me. HOLLA
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 02/07/2007  
Just showin' love. What up wit you?
Tagged by Dawayne Starr on 12/13/2006  
Hey there, just stopping by to say....."What's good girls holla at me" Your friend Miss 'B' ez~
Tagged by Sparkle B. on 12/13/2006
Tagged by J 3 on 12/08/2006  
wuts hapnin lil mama jus showin some love holla at me
Tagged by Brandon Middleton on 06/14/2006  
Hi Sis, Hope Your day is well, wanted 2 leave a cordial msg. wishing U the best n all Your Hopes, Dreams & Goals that is God speaking n2 Your heart 4 Your own Greatness. Blessings, sincerely Rattla Alum p.s. Happy 2 b 1st GBook sign!
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/13/2006  
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