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"for fun...i like to hang out with my crazy friends...and go shoppin!!! "

Interviewed by Jon Alan 07/19/08

Where do you see yourself in five years?
"In fives years I see myself graduating with a degree in Early Childhood development from FSU, UNCG, or either WSSU!!! CLASS OF 2013!!!;0"

Interviewed by nicholas lewis 06/17/08

(interview me)
Location: Chapel Hill, NC United States
Birthday: Dec 6th
Joined: Apr 3rd, 2007
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Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

Instead of tellin you my whole life story, i'll just tell you a lil about me in general! I want to become a home and economics teacher because I love kids! If i had to describe myself in one word, I would say U-NEEK! I'm very different, I have my own style! I'm also very sarcastic!!! :)
My Interview Question
what is your biggest fear!
Current Whereabouts:
Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina!

Life & Professional Aspirations:

Education   (request update)
North Carolina A&T State University class of 2013
Undergrad Major: Education
High School: east chapel hill high in chapel hill , NC, NC class of 2009
Activities & Accomplishments:
AVID, Academic awards, National Achievers Society. I'm about to be a FRESHMAN at North Carolina A&T!! AGGIE PRIDE!!
Best Memories:
whenever I'm with my bestie Syd and my other hoes!

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Nice profile!
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 10/15/2014  
Hello my friend My name is Amanda, in my search for friend, i came across your profile and after going through it, i then made up my mind to contact you as my friend, hope you don't mind,if you are interesting in knowing more about me, i will like you to write back to me through my email address. so that i can give you my picture, for you to know whom i am, a single girl, I'm waiting to see your lovely reply soon, GOD bless you,have a nice day. yours Amanda.
Tagged by hambrick Amanda on 05/18/2012  
Hi, I am just stopping by your page.
Tagged by Ms.Michael BellJunior on 06/15/2010 thanks, hit me up!
Tagged by David Briscoe on 08/04/2009  
Wassup?! u got facebook???
Tagged by David Briscoe on 08/03/2009  
All is good with me as well, A&T + Aggie Pride= :-) Now its time for my favorite activity, the basketball games!!!!
Tagged by Terrace McKinnon on 12/07/2008  
Happy Birthday!!!!! How are you!!!!
Tagged by Terrace McKinnon on 12/06/2008  
pretty much the same. gotta funeral to go to though
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 10/26/2008  
how u doin boo?
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 10/25/2008  
ur welcome!
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 10/24/2008  
That's what's up! Thanx for returning tha love. Cute profile!
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 10/23/2008  
it's pretty cool...I like the environment. professor's are involved, students are real cool...I wouldn't want to go anywhere else...
Tagged by Chantin Collins on 10/20/2008  
Hey, just stoped by to show someTX love.
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 10/19/2008  
Whats Gud?? Im always doing good and yourself?
Tagged by Hank Harriel on 10/18/2008  
So what is your major.
Tagged by Antoine Wongus on 10/06/2008  
Man, i stay busy wit school. Jus had an exam in algebra yesterday and got a paper due 2morro in english.
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 09/25/2008  
Hey girl, wussup? Its been a minute. How ya doin? How's school comin along?
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 09/23/2008  
thanks for the poke
Tagged by Jackie Williams on 08/21/2008  
hi ... come join us on the new HBCU social networking site at ... please invite all your friends. Thanks
Tagged by Alexander Adeyinka Templar on 08/20/2008  
Tagged by James Johnson on 08/14/2008  
naw i dont start till september 2. when do you start
Tagged by James Johnson on 08/14/2008  
yea my parents been on my back cuase this last year of high school goin to be crazy 4 me
Tagged by James Johnson on 08/12/2008  
so u think u funny?????? well then HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!! lol
Tagged by Joshua Jones on 08/12/2008  
hamton, morgan state right now. it might be more if i can find school with good infomation technology progams
Tagged by James Johnson on 08/11/2008  
nm. just filling out college admission
Tagged by James Johnson on 08/10/2008  
its hard work but nothin i cant handle
Tagged by Cameron Scott on 08/05/2008  
Lol imma do my thang, 4sure. Heck yeah, on my own finally.
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 08/03/2008  
Nothin much, jus kickin it as usual. Gettin ready to leave next week.
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 08/02/2008  
Yeah i saw it, i had 2 check it on my phone cuz i wont home.
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 07/31/2008  
haha aight
Tagged by Elliott Moss on 07/31/2008  
ur right i need to pay attenction. im majorin in business managment. but nah im goin in as a sophmore this fall.
Tagged by Cameron Scott on 07/30/2008  
o ok thats cool u know what ur tryna do. i transferred in as a sophmore tho.
Tagged by Cameron Scott on 07/30/2008  
o i had to update that cause i still got a couple years at school. im not exactly what im doin after but hopefully gettin straight into my masters program. whats ur plans look like?
Tagged by Cameron Scott on 07/30/2008  
I got ya add.
Tagged by Terrance Powell on 07/29/2008  
yea i think he got a couple but i dont kno they names
Tagged by Elliott Moss on 07/29/2008  
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