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Darnita Smith
Location: Washington, DC United States
Joined: Mar 8th, 2003
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Current Whereabouts:
10-07-2005 Marching for Howard Univ. and attending UDC.
Education   (request update)
University of the District of Columbia class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Radio and Television
Claim To Fame:
Updated: Oct. 7, 2005 Hey wassup. I am not at Delaware State no u can see, I am at UDC, but I am marching in the Howard University Showtime Marching Band. SHOOOOOWWWTIIIIMMEEEEE!
Most Memorable Moment:
Well, it wasn't in college but it was with college students. On February 13, 2005@1:50am, an organization by the name of Beta Phi Delta Co-Ed Fraternity was founded. It was three founders. I was the #1 of three. Beta Phi Delta is an online organization whose purpose is to reconstruct the orginal meaning of boredom and make it a more enjoyable state of life while building a strong brother/sisterhood. It also bonds the nocturnal. We crossed our first line on March 15, 2005 and that was a joy in my life. I know it seems "fast" but hey everything happens for reason. Anyways....BORRREEE PHIIII to all my Krods on this thing here.
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Guestbook Comments
Hey nita hope all is well with you, don't know if your coming back the year is almost through. It wasn't the same without you. Peace and Love.
Tagged by Kiisha Nelson on 09/12/2005  
hey darnita, his is patrice...just thought i show u a lil luv
Tagged by Patrice Gibson on 08/31/2005  
What the hell u leaving the Hornets Nest for? Anyway I was just returning the Hornet love.
Tagged by NA'IMAH AKBAR on 05/12/2005  
Thanx for the love sweetie! Returnin the favor with some VSU and UPT love. Keep In Touch, Sam.
Tagged by Samuel Johnson on 05/09/2005  
hey nita i would do the call but folks arent ready yet!!...
Tagged by Theresa Blount on 05/01/2005  
Hey Nita, jus hittin ya back up, Reppin the Highlife you know, lil Weezy, jus returnin the love to a fellow HORNET and "HIGHLIFE"
Tagged by Alex Weal on 04/05/2005  
Hey Bouchous wats goin on girl...from one Approaching Storm member to the next...jus hittin u up sayin keep yo head up...see ya
Tagged by Theresa Blount on 09/23/2004  
Showin some luv for hittin the book and because you are a Mass Media Major. I was on the drumline and I remember when we played y'all. It's okay not everybody is as good as Hampton (lol). Anyway, hit me back sometime. Holla
Tagged by Joseph Walters on 06/04/2004  
Showin sum luv from one band member to another. Reppin that blue and white Marching FORCE
Tagged by Tony Davis on 04/21/2004  
Hey Sweet D your, I hope your grades are good and you stay doing your thing on the radio
Tagged by Tiffany Williams on 04/14/2004  
Just showing you and your guestbook some love! Holla back at me and don't be a stranger!
Tagged by Kiri Loraine on 04/02/2004  
"This one time at band camp" Just kidding. Every time I meet a girl in the band I think of the Movie American Pie. Keep doing your thing.
Tagged by Lawrence McNair on 12/21/2003  
Whats up Ma this is Tim im from DC but I go to NSU just stopping by to show u some love so stop by my page and do the same........holla at ur boy ps: nice pic
Tagged by Timothy Bennett on 10/30/2003  
Hey sista, I appreciate the luv you showed my page and I thought that I would holla back wtih some good ol' Southern Hospitality. Do yo' thang on the field and in the stands, and I'll holla at you later!!
Tagged by Brandon Dewayne Brown on 10/06/2003  
Didnt u go to Jeff, u was in the band there too, wore glasses?
Tagged by Belinette J. Thompson on 08/20/2003  
You right, I should've been a hornet but its all good. Hit me up sometime. And if its cool wit you, lets talk
Tagged by Lawrence Valentine on 03/16/2003  
I Just Wanted 2 Say Hello 2 My Fellow HORNET!!!
Tagged by Danielle H. on 03/14/2003  
You should've been a HAWK! Just comin thru to show you some of that Hawk Pride. Hit me up on AIM s/n CBurna. Thanks for tha love.
Tagged by Chris Williams on 03/13/2003  
Hey Sweet D this is Angel yup that's right from "The Angel Show last semester"
Tagged by Sherrell Widgeon on 03/12/2003  
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