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Michelle Carter
Location: Durham, NC United States
Birthday: Aug 26th
Joined: Apr 26th, 2007
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Im an independent college student on my onw away from home in school tryning to make it and do better for myself. I grew up in a single parent home after my father was killed at the age of 8, i raised my littl esister and now i want to become something so i can be a role model for her and help my mother since she hasnt ebeen able to work in almost 4+ years. Im the rock of my family and i juyst want better forthem and myself im willing to travel and work hard in any field to get the tool si need to make it in thsi world. I belive no one in this worl d can stop me from being sucessful
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I would like to be on radio, tv, movies, and own companies. I would love to work on a radio show with a production team on a magazine or anything in media and the arts. i love to support blacks and meet new people that are driven like me
Education   (request update)
High School: West Caldwell High school in Lenoir, NC class of 2010
I Just Want To Graduate: A Students Struggle to stay in school I Just Want To Graduate: A Students Struggle to stay in school
I Have attended Livingstone college since June 2010 and my experience there has been one for the books. aside from all the drama of college my biggest issue was paying for it. Not only am i a young bl ...more
Posted by Michelle Carter on March 20th, 2012 • 2,140 Views
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