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Q&A With Trenton Perry

(interview me)
Trenton Perry
Advertising Analyst, Chicago Sun-Times

Location: Chicago, IL United States
Birthday: Jan 11th
Joined: Apr 30th, 2007
About   (request update)
I'm a singer/songwriter from Chicago with a major in Political Science at FAMU.
My Interview Question
What are you good at?
Current Whereabouts:
I'm mainly into school. The #1 HBCU and school for African Americans, FAMU. I try to make it to church every Sunday while at school. Music plays a role in my life every single day. I don't go a day without singing, writing, playing, or listening to music. School Church
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Go to law school and/or get as many degrees I can in my field Become a lawyer or judge
Education   (request update)
Florida A&M University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Political Science
Campus Organization:
Me Phi Me
Claim To Fame:
FAMU Concert Choir FAMU Concert Choir
Most Memorable Moment:
FAMU Concert Choir HBCU concert tour 2007 FAMU Gospel Choir 2006 Homecoming ft. Kim Burrell
High School: Tilden High School in Chicago, IL class of 2006
Activities & Accomplishments:
Business Professionals of America, JROTC, marching band, Kappa Alpha Omicron Regional Music Fraternity
Best Memories:
My band performances, winning BPA competitions, prom, luncheon, and graduation
I currently work with Chicago Sun-Times as Advertising Analyst
I have 1 years of experience working in the Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations industry.
My Groups
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Guestbook Comments
where have u been, just passing by to show sum motherly love
Tagged by Anita Brown on 09/23/2008  
Hey, how is FAMU , im thinking about going there when I graduate. How is the campus life and the people. And what about the Advertising and Marketing industry that's what I am looking into.
Tagged by Miss. Lace on 07/30/2008  
nope...i aint been up there since some time in going to before i go back ust to see mr. washington
Tagged by Tasia Thompson on 07/19/2008  
lol...imma mess...but im in da chi waitin to get back to da ville...its nothin up here for me...i aint got no type of job and its time to go back now
Tagged by Tasia Thompson on 07/18/2008 i wish i had a aint doin nothin but chillin...u still in talla(u finish the rest)
Tagged by Tasia Thompson on 07/17/2008  
im good...chillin waitin on skool to start...wat u been up to
Tagged by Tasia Thompson on 07/17/2008  
so can u right a song about me hahaha............ l'm just joking don't it serious.nice meeting u.
Tagged by Anita Brown on 07/15/2008  
thanks for the comment
Tagged by Anita Brown on 07/14/2008  
Thanx, for the return!
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 07/14/2008  
hey boy...
Tagged by Tasia Thompson on 07/11/2008  
tell me what u like it? am joking boy,l got this wrds from lilwayne just showing some luv bye .
Tagged by Anita Brown on 07/10/2008  
hey trenton just showing some lil luv, you are a singer,wow me too. you got it boy. just do your thing. but l luv singing thats cool.
Tagged by Anita Brown on 07/10/2008  
Wats good pimpin....holla @ a playa when u get a chance papi.
Tagged by Adam Green on 06/16/2008  
Tagged by Iesha Bynum on 06/10/2008  
im jus droppin sum luv on ya honey, dnt b a stranger...
Tagged by Shequila Taylor on 05/14/2008  
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