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Desmond Cato
Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Joined: Apr 11th, 2003
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South Carolina State University class of 1997
Undergrad Major: Education Administration
Campus Organization:
Omega Psi Phi
Claim To Fame:
I was into a little bit of everything and knew everybody. I hung out with the Frat (Omega Psi Phi), my boys (Dirty South). We had parties at Foxxy 44 and parties in Metts Trailer Park that are legend. Hit me and share a memory about these parties or anything else we made famous at State.
Most Memorable Moment:
Homecoming 1992, It was a block party and all the cars were allowed to pass through campus and we partied in the street all night long. Spring 94 coming out show and party at Foxxy 44. We had the campus going crazy............. SLUTFEST was a true party for all Alumni. Yall hit me up and lets reminisce about the Good Ole Days........ All yall new college students, Do it until the wheels fall off, but dont forget why you are there. Get that lil piece of paper and ride out.
My Groups
Entrepreneurial Think Tank
South Carolina State Univ. Club
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (Dawg House)
The Most Exclusove
The Most Exclusive
Guestbook Comments
Hi, I would just like to say that you have some nice pictures on your website.
Tagged by Ms.Michael BellJunior on 01/04/2009  
i guess no one writes on walls anymore ....well im making a come hope all is well just wanted to show my face....later
Tagged by cherrelle tillery on 01/24/2008  
Rue-Rue Bruh. James Douglas XI PSI Spr 90!
Tagged by James Douglas on 09/18/2007  
Coming by 2 return tha love! ~Ashley
Tagged by Ashley Hunt on 05/29/2007  
just checking in OOOPS- Nice to know you are still doing big things. seems like I ussually keep running into peole at funerals- hope that the Coleman Love is bumping at Homecoming!
Tagged by Claudia Buckner-Bowman on 10/28/2006  
hey, jus comin 2 say wussup. get at me later ok !!
Tagged by Shay O on 07/05/2006  
Thanks for the luv Desmond!! Thought I would come through and show you the same.....~*~*PEACE AND BLESSINGS~*~*
Tagged by Jessica Burroughs on 07/03/2006  
Hey Desmond! Long time no hear!! Hope that things are going well for you!!
Tagged by Rolanda Staley on 06/30/2006  
just showin luv
Tagged by Shay J on 06/26/2006  
Whats good with the bruhs?!?!? Thanks for the love.
Tagged by Zena Conway on 06/25/2006  
hello Mr. Cato.. I was shock to see that was you!
Tagged by cherrelle tillery on 06/24/2006  
Thanks for dropping by. You know I love the Bulldogs!
Tagged by Adrienne Heatley on 06/16/2006  
Were U on the band with John Bovain?
Tagged by Samantha Sturdivant on 06/15/2006  
showin sum QC luv
Tagged by LA Holmes on 06/13/2006  
Thanks for the love now I am returning the love back.
Tagged by Keturah Wiley on 05/31/2006  
What's going on Cato? Boy, we had some good times at State, didn't we? It's just not the same any more. I have just been working, anf taking care of the family. What about you? I hear that you are holding things down at NW...
Tagged by Michele Brown-Good on 01/05/2006  
hey state isn't the same when i graduated it was so boring
Tagged by Sheril Strong on 12/17/2005  
Thanks for hittin me up and for the it right back to you!! Many blessings...much luv
Tagged by Teri (Rhodes) Taylor on 11/12/2005  
check out my greek store
Tagged by Othello Mookie Burruss on 11/09/2005  
Thanx 4 the luv. Just wanted to return the favor maybe i'll see u at homecomin. Be Blessed'
Tagged by Byrd Lady on 10/21/2005  
thanks for the luv........Keep me updated on ya'll Homecoming
Tagged by niesha burnett on 10/08/2005  
Thanks for the luv, see ya at Homecoming '05
Tagged by LaDonna Jones on 10/07/2005  
Here is some Panther luv for the Bulldog luv you gave me
Tagged by Tracie Gamble on 10/03/2005  
Giving u some BullDog Luv Back. Take Care!
Tagged by Shea Lowry on 09/19/2005  
Lady Golden Bulls coming to show State some luv because I had a some friends on the team they just graduated and some may still be at ST.
Tagged by Judith Ju Ju Morisset on 09/16/2005  
thanks for the love and much more to you
Tagged by Crystal Jones on 09/10/2005  
thanx for the love many blessings in school and keep it real
Tagged by HONEY COMB on 08/29/2005  
Hey wussup wit it jus hittin up yo G-BOOK!
Tagged by Sharita Thompson on 08/18/2005  
Thanks for stopping by and showing some SCSU luv! Peace & Blessings, Charlene E.
Tagged by Charlene Evans on 08/13/2005  
Hey! Thanks for showing me some luv on my guestbook. Keep holdin it down and Be easy!
Tagged by Adrienne Bonds on 08/11/2005  
wassup! Just wanted to return the bulldog luv right back u. Holla
Tagged by Chanta Davis on 08/09/2005  
What's Good, Just buzzing by to show some ASU Luv
Tagged by Odessa Y Smith on 08/09/2005  
Thanks for Signing My Guestbook Just Returning the Love
Tagged by Alexandria Jackson on 08/08/2005  
Hey wuz up, I'm just returnin the love you showed me. I appreciate it! Stay up
Tagged by Jasmine Neal on 08/04/2005  
thanx for hittin up my spot,just returnin the luv.
Tagged by Shay Jones on 08/04/2005  
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