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Q&A With Aisha M. Richard

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Aisha M. Richard
Location: Harlem, NY United States
Birthday: Aug 14th
Joined: Apr 14th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
I am in Baltimore at University of Maryland School of Law... pullin my hair out cuz I'm stressed!
Education   (request update)
Morgan State University class of 2004
Undergrad Major: Economics
Campus Organization:
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Claim To Fame:
I'm a very laid back, rootsy individual. I wouldn't say that I really have a "claim to fame". I'm known as a renaissance woman because I taught myself German while attending Morgan, can speak French, Haitian Creole and Spanish. I knit, crochet, design my own clothes, braid and twist my own hair, and straighten it too at times (I keep my hair natural) myself. I also did breakdancing and was on the step team for my sorority (The first and finest by the way... Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated #8ADSP02). And that is why my peers call me the Morgan State Renaissance Woman.
Most Memorable Moment:
May 17, 2004... I graduated... Halleluja!!!
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Guestbook Comments
hi, Aisha my name is Lady Michaele Bell,jr I am sending greetings from Harris Stowe State University in St.Louis,Missouri.
Tagged by Ms.Michael BellJunior on 06/16/2007  
Hey young lady!! hit me up sometime so we can e-chat or something. You seem interesting and fun at the same time which is rare. Keep Mo in check up there in law school and have a big Bon Fet for graduation.
Tagged by Jamar Harp on 12/28/2005  
what's poppin? had to show sum luv to a NY native like myself... make sure you do da same
Tagged by Sharelle Johnson on 08/10/2005  
Phi - Skee...Whas good? Yeah I made it through accounting. Thanks for hittin me up and don't pull out your nat'rl beauty...relax and take it easy in law school.
Tagged by Corey J. Bartley on 02/25/2005  
Aisha, it' s been a long time...I hope your doing well over there, and oh yeah, I have something for you!
Tagged by Bryan Thomas on 02/02/2005  
Hi, i go to morgan also and just thought you was cute
Tagged by Emmaus Ferdinand on 02/02/2005  
Hey Aisha, How is everything? Just stopping through to show luv. I wish the best to your future. GOD Bless!
Tagged by Angela Tilghman on 11/09/2004  
showing that good msu love
Tagged by Anwaa Kong on 10/26/2004  
wassup, thanks for leavin a note. I used to live right across form Morgan State. But yea I am a Neo that is doin his thing. Good luck in everything you do, I wish the best.
Tagged by Christopher Burke on 10/14/2004  
Wassup girl...I am just hitting you back and thanking you for your encouragement. Good luck in law school...I hope to be in your shoes one day too!
Tagged by India Walker on 10/11/2004  
Hi Lady, Showin that MSU Love
Tagged by Anwaa Kong on 10/10/2004  
Just showin some love. I am a brother of the one and only KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. U know contrary to popular beliefe I believe that all fraternities and sororities are created equall its just some of us look better. YO-YO
Tagged by Christopher Burke on 07/30/2004  
Hey beautiful.....I promise I didn't laugh at your most memorable moment. It's a good thing one of my bros. saved you. My cousin is your soror Lenore York, I'm trying to make it to the graduation...holla back at me... .. Yo!
Tagged by Jeremy York on 04/30/2004  
Whats up Ma ' this is ur boy Tim Im from DC but I go to NSU just stopping by to show your page some love so stop by my page and do the same....nice pic
Tagged by Timothy Bennett on 04/19/2004  
Hey Queen. Just came past and thought I'd drop my 2. until..... PS: PHI - SKEE
Tagged by William Lyle on 04/07/2004  
from a younger college student, i can really admire a "Renaissance Woman"!
Tagged by Lynn K. Dorvil on 12/31/2003  
lol aisha, u memorable moment is funny, but u still cool. anyways holla back at ur boi! keep that morgan spirit up
Tagged by Artis Miller on 07/26/2003  
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