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Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"God/Jesus is number one in my life. My children are number two in my life. I love the color purple (the actual color--even though the movie was good too) & I have a gift with words. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles & playing any game that I have to use my mind. The most exciting things that I look forward to on my days off is sleeping in, eating a big breakfast & watching Jeopardy!!! "

Interviewed by Nich Vickerstaff 07/11/10

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tamara Cagle
Location: Davenport, IA United States
Birthday: Sep 30th
Joined: May 22nd, 2007
About   (request update)
I am a mother that is striving to be the best that I can be, without forgetting that Jesus is the source of making all my dreams come true. I am not just "religious," I am truly saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled. I am living a holy life the way that the Bible says that we can live it.
My Interview Question
How do you feel about Jesus?
Current Whereabouts:
The one place you are bound to find me is at church, praying, and singing. At home I enjoy reading my bible, watching movies and eating junk food. I enjoy cooking, when I have time. I also enjoy outside activities.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I would like to have my own counseling office, so that I can talk about Jesus without having to worry about it being against the rules. (Even though if I work for someone else, I believe I will still find a way to talk about Jesus.) I am a firm believer that there is not a single problem in the world that Jesus can't fix, so anybody that came to my office would leave knowing that if they believe and call on the name of "Jesus," he will deliver them out of any situation that they are tired of. I would also like to be married and have one more child by my husband. This way I can have at least one child that I did right by from the beginning.
Education   (request update)
High School: Rock Island High School in Rock Island , IL class of 1991
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