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Shakeema S.
Location: Georgetown, SC United States
Birthday: Dec 4th
Joined: May 25th, 2007
About   (request update)
Hey, I'm Shakeema(17), and I am going to be attending Howard University this Spring as a sophomore transfer student. I am taking the fall off because I have been forced to join the military due to lack of funds, lol.

Iím definitely, what you would call a starving artist. I am a writer (not professional, though I aspire to be), but my minimum-wage job doesnít support my passion, feel me?

I am not religious, though I am a conscientious objector to all things war and intolerant. Of course, this is quite the dilemma for me because I am joining the military. Either that or not go to school. I pick the lesser of two evils, at least I hope so.

I donít see religion as the crutch that some use it for, I see it as a beautiful thing that, like human nature, has the ability to transcend dogma.

I plan to pursue an undergraduate degree in marketing and then go on to Harvard or Wharton business school (s) to pursue a dual degree in marketing or international relations and international development.

Hit me up sometime!
My Interview Question
What do you find most interesting about me?
Current Whereabouts:
Rock, especially classic rock. I am also an aspiring writer/entreprneur. I love writing, it is, and always has been my passion, since I was about three years old. It is the outlet for my overactive imagination and life.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I plan to go into both private and non-profit business development/international development. I am really into community development that places an emphasis on educational/economic development and/or restructuring.
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Marketing
Claim To Fame:
I'm me.
Most Memorable Moment:
Walking into class too early, finding someone in my seat, and looking around to see a completely different class surrounding me, staring, lol.
High School: Ashworth University High in , class of 2007
Best Memories:
Well, this isn't necessarily a "high school memory" but I love going to the library. its like shopping for me. I get a rush. Since most of my high school time was spent in a homeschooling, I could leave whenever I wanted, go wherever I wanted to go, and I'd always go to the library. One of the benefits of a self-taught program. Though, it was hard because I didn't have any teachers.
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Hope yor enjoying the military!Seems we share some common interest but I like the way that you're applying yourself toward your goals though!
Tagged by Levester Green II on 03/23/2009  
hey, howard is in my top schools and i wanted to know how the business program is ( marketing / Pr) specifically
Tagged by shanice clarke on 11/23/2008  
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