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Remi Oguntoye
Location: Stone Mountain - E.A.S.T.S.I.D.E.H.O.E., GA United States
Birthday: Nov 27th
Joined: Jul 16th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
E.A.S.T.S.I.D.E.H.O.E. ill be in the W. Towers come August. holla at ya boy. Hit me up on AIM (rocballaz) MSN ( or Yahoo (rocballaz) so we could chat
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Management
Claim To Fame:
i go to parties and drink a lot... basically jus like to have a good time. im a member of the GA club and the Gentlemen of Drew Social Club.
Most Memorable Moment:
almost died a few times. bein drunk on subway, or in restaurants or in cafe, or on yard, or wherever. my homeboys are all memorable. lots of stuff happens at and after parties... as well as in the cafe... lol and even at the mall.... but i mean follow me for a day, and itll prob be interesting...
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Guestbook Comments Check out my website if its something you think you would like give me a shout... I can sell you services you are already using at a discount price so don't wait contact me right away... 240.793.5354 or 703.622.5871
Tagged by Dr Barbie Banks on 09/27/2010 Check out my website if its something you think you would like give me a shout... I can sell you services you are already using at a discount price so don't wait contact me right away.. 240.793.5354 or 703.622.5871
Tagged by Dr Barbie Banks on 09/27/2010  
hey jus stoppin by to show ur page sum love...
Tagged by Kvba Smith on 04/26/2006  
Hey..i saw that you wrote on my page...i ended up not applying to Howard but i dont know how to change this thing to say i dont go there...maybe ill go to graduate school there...
Tagged by Rian R on 03/03/2006  
Hey fellow bison, I'm just showin you some HU love. Hopefully, I'll see ya around!
Tagged by Melanie Jones on 08/10/2005  
What's good folk Just showing you some ASU luv
Tagged by Odessa Y Smith on 08/10/2005  
thank you for stopping by and showing some love sorry it took so long to get back. Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall!!!
Tagged by Kendra Hargrove on 07/18/2005  
hey well since you offered, my question is what is howard like sociallly cus i got academics locked down but in any event what r the teachers like??
Tagged by Stoyan Francis on 07/13/2005  
wassup Remi. i saw that you're from GA (im from Atlanta), so i just wanted to drop a note and show some love...
Tagged by Alexandria McBride on 07/12/2005  
hey! thanks for the HU love, and the southern love--i got family that live in Stone Mtn.--see ya in the fall!!!
Tagged by Erica Freeman on 06/29/2005  
What up HU returning the LUV, thanks for the note
Tagged by Danielle on 06/27/2005  
Thanks for showing me some love! Stay in touch so we can meet in the fall!! Maybe you can show me around howard!
Tagged by Jacqueline Dagg on 06/26/2005  
Hey! I like that suit, very nice. Just showing that HU love. ttyl
Tagged by Elizabeth Easter on 06/09/2005  
hey what up, just came thru to show u sum luv. I wish nothing but the best and a successful future for you. if you ever wanna chat u could hit me up at AIM SN: mostdivine4ever holla back
Tagged by Kimberly John on 06/08/2005  
Thanks for the note...I feel the love! I appreciate you encouraging words. I wish you the best as well!
Tagged by Tanganica Turner on 06/03/2005  
Tagged by Alesha Brandon on 05/22/2005  
Hey whats up, just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/12/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
stoppin to show some rattler luv. we'll strike, strike, and strike again.
Tagged by ASHELEE SLATER on 05/09/2005  
Whats good...Just showin some HU love....Maybe I'll see you in August
Tagged by Jahna Riley on 05/08/2005  
HEY! I'm Just showing you dome HU LOVE! PEACE see you in the FALL!!
Tagged by Janika De*Nae on 05/03/2005  
whats up remi-- wanted to say hey n show u how REAL HU peeps get down holla back
Tagged by Amara Ihekweazu on 01/17/2005  
remi remi remi...the sexiest G.OD. @ HU!!!!!!!!
Tagged by Antennille on 01/02/2005  
hello love. how r u? excellent. well happy birthday cause i wont see u
Tagged by Cherelle on 11/26/2004  
GGGGOOOO! What's good bro...thanks for hitting up my page. U know I had to return the love
Tagged by Rich Young on 10/28/2004  
DARLING!!!......i want u to get some new know the deal...
Tagged by Amanda Guerrero on 10/18/2004  
Whats gud? I am just returning the Bison love, thanx for hitting me up n showing love, see u around campus
Tagged by Jamie Johnson on 10/04/2004  
Wassup Remi...thanks for signing my guestbook Yea I'm enjoying Howard. if you want hit me up on AIM-ModelchicRM.....see ya round campus -Gina
Tagged by Regina Mapson on 10/03/2004  
Hey Remi!! Thanx for signing my guestbook. I'm just here returning the love!
Tagged by Hana' Augins on 10/03/2004  
Hi Friend, thanx for leaving me a note. Just returning the favor....see ya around!
Tagged by Octavia Watson on 10/01/2004  
HEY... thanx for da luv, i'm doing just fine. i hope all is well wit u and that ur enjoying ur stay at "the meca" as much as i have. stay up, stay real, and stay BLESSED!...1 -d
Tagged by Danielle Demming on 09/13/2004  
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 09/09/2004  
hey remi!! jus showin u some '08 PIRATE luv!! havn fun at that otha HU & good luck this yr :) holla back xoxo -Jessica
Tagged by on 08/20/2004  
Just returning the love. I hope you have a great fall semester. Oh yeah by the way if Howard is the real HU...what's up wit signin' all the sista's at (Hampton)??? Just wonderin'...take care!
Tagged by Brandi Hendricks on 08/10/2004  
wassup remi! just sending a lil luv from the REAL HU!! it's ok..we all make mistakes every now and then. LOL!! But anyway, hope ur enjoying the rest of ur summer, and hope you have a great year. be blessed!
Tagged by Aneisha Cook on 08/09/2004  
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