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Lauren Minor
Location: Lanham, MD United States
Joined: Jul 21st, 2003
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My Interview Question
Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
Current Whereabouts:
Back in the AUC.
Education   (request update)
Spelman College class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Biology
Campus Organization:
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Claim To Fame:
I hope to go to Georgetown's Medical School and get an MD/PhD. Then I would like to do AIDS research, as well as open a clinic for women with AIDS/HIV who are pregnant. I would like to be the OBGYN for the clinic, but also have someone to do AIDS/HIV awareness component.
Most Memorable Moment:
2nd semester sophomore year
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LOT 14 we be performing at Spelman College on February 11. 3 Virginians & 1 New Yorker, all NSU, all HBCU students, all musicologists.
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 02/09/2006  
nice pic
Tagged by Reginald Perry on 05/31/2005  
hey gurl, haven't talked to you in ages... hope you're doing well and i wish you a very prosperous future!
Tagged by Natasha Hurst on 01/29/2005  
what it do, just showing a lil louisiana love righchea, U have a good secon semester and maybe we'll run into each other, I'll be over there a lot next semester promoting my last street album before i get a deal,one (
Tagged by GUMBO . on 01/23/2005  
Hey Lauren whats up? Just stopping by to show u some love. Holla back at me
Tagged by Marcus Cowans on 01/12/2005  
How did you pay to attend spelman? Did your parents contribute a lot? What was it about Spelman the attracted you? Does spelman offer good scholarship for grad sch?How is the Spelman Atmosphere? food,girls,prof.,rooms, social scene...
Tagged by Michaela Bailey on 12/23/2004  
Save Money Next Semester on your Textbooks, Electronic, and school supplies by buying, selling, and trading these items directly to other students on will launch in 2005 to begin the spring semester.
Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/16/2004  
holla at me, im at morehouse, and I WANNA meet you, and do you party, cus when school start I can show you where thats at!! and you look good in your picture too
Tagged by charles whitman on 08/03/2004  
Wassup Miss Lauren, just showin a lil bit of ATL luv to ya by way of Hampton U---holla at me sometime
Tagged by Devin (Decatur) Franklin on 08/03/2004  
Hello fellow Spelmanite, just stopping by to show some sisterly love. Hopefully I will see ya around. Well enjoy your last couple weeks of summer.Hollla
Tagged by Tamara Rogers-Gant on 08/02/2004  
Hey whats gwannin?!? Just another fellow Spelmanite Sista here!!! Sendin some Luv from London, England!!! Got any advice for a 1st year student ??? Im reppin the class of 08 (humpty dumpty) Stay Blessed (Jesus Loves You!!!)
Tagged by Deborah Owhin on 07/22/2004  
What iz it?! Nice pic
Tagged by Omar Rashad Parham on 07/14/2004  
I like that look @ my a$$ pose
Tagged by ;o) JAMEL WILLIS on 02/19/2004  
Hey babe Holla @ ur Boi. God Bless
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 12/17/2003  
Whassup Lauren? Hopefully we'll see each other this school year. Hit me back...Scoop
Tagged by Kyle "Scoop" Yeldell on 08/24/2003  
Hey how you doing? I thought I would hit you up and show some love....holla back
Tagged by Darnell Blocker on 08/21/2003  
Hey Lauren. Wassup sweetheart, how you doin? Hope everything is good with you, and that your summer is going well. Its nice to see your pretty face on this thing. Well stay sweet and I'll see you in the fall. Peace
Tagged by Sadiki Francis on 07/27/2003  
Hey Lauren...WASSUP WIT YOU!!!...just wanted to come through and show some love to one of my favorite Spelman Girls...hope your summer is goin well...and i'll see you back in the AUC...peace ...3 hugs...2 kisses...and 1 love...
Tagged by Spencer A. Burton-Webb on 07/25/2003  
I just wanna know when i can see u. U beautiful, Holla at me.
Tagged by Bryan Venable on 07/22/2003  
Good Luck.
Tagged by Daniel Moss on 07/21/2003  
Whaddup Babes, how is going well this summer, take care sweetie
Tagged by Vandy Gaffney on 07/21/2003  
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