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Q&A With Dwayne Dunham Jr.

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Dwayne Dunham Jr.
Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Birthday: Oct 17th
Joined: Jul 28th, 2003
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My Interview Question
What do you plan to do after grad school?
Current Whereabouts:
into shootin videos, editing videos, and just have fun livin life
Education   (request update)
North Carolina A&T State University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Mass Communication
Claim To Fame:
Don't wanna change the world, but if the opportunity presents itself, i'ma take it
Most Memorable Moment:
still actin a fool at the basketball games... all my friends are memorable to me...
High School: West Charlotte High in Charlotte, NC class of 2002
2 yr anniversary 2 yr anniversary
well two years ago, i joined HBCUConnect (well it was HBCU-Central back in the day) my only regret is not coming back on as much after i signed up.. i was just coming off my first year of college, and ...more
Posted by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on July 28th, 2005 • 284 Views
orientations orientations
well, i had fun at the orientations i went to, i was on campus for all of them, but i only was able to go to the Aggie Experience for the 1st and 5th ones... the 2nd and 4th ones i had to work, and i ...more
Posted by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on July 6th, 2005 • 232 Views
Relationships... To Stay or to Go? Relationships... To Stay or to Go?
what's up HBCU? it's been a while since i put something up... i guess i just wanna say that if you're in a relationship, big ups to you... if you're not, there's someone out there for you, if you're i ...more
Posted by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on June 17th, 2005 • 220 Views
time to change time to change
well, things still goin a lil rough, but i know with patience and prayer, i'll get through this rough time in my life... it's crazy, i think i need to start concentrating on me for a change, i've put ...more
Posted by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on June 4th, 2005 • 298 Views
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Aggie Pride!
Guestbook Comments
God bless you and may you have a marvelous and productive day. When you get a chance please visit my profile to check out some info that might appeal to you.
Tagged by Ralph White on 02/16/2014  
hello my friend my name is Amanda, in my search for friend, i came across your profile and after going through it, i then made up my mind to contact you as my friend, hope you don't mind,if you are interesting in knowing more about me, i want you to write back to me through my email address. so that i can give you my picture, for you to know whom i am, a single girl, i'm waiting to see your lovely reply soonest, GOD bless you,have a nice day. yours Amanda.
Tagged by hambrick Amanda on 05/15/2012  
It's about time you added me! lol. I joined like 5 days ago and your just now responding, I am so hurt...Love ya though! :) lol
Tagged by Jayme Canty on 02/19/2010  
Hey D! I'm doin aite today BET is here so I'll let u kno how that went. I am still waitin for your response to the message I pm'd u on the messageboards~Tiff
Tagged by Tiffany Lowder on 10/13/2005  
wassup I know you about to graduate and all but im thinking about transferin from TU to A&t and i cant find anyone to tell me some stuff about to school can you hook me up? Im out Shonda
Tagged by LaShonda Redd on 08/30/2005  
just showin you some love... good luck this year.... holla back ~*1*~
Tagged by Ebony Greene on 08/24/2005  
Yo wass up Dwayne, Just showin u some viking luv!!....Holla @ ya gurl!
Tagged by Shana Smith on 08/23/2005  
Hey Best Boi!! I just had to slide through and maintain my status as your Best Gurl... U know how we do!! Make sure you return the love punkin' head!!! Peace.
Tagged by Joy Guidry on 07/29/2005  
droppin some of my SC love for your page halla @ ya gyrl
Tagged by Erica S on 07/28/2005  
hey, just blessing ur book with some aggie love by the way of ct! i was just wonderin if u could give some tips to a fellow communications major! see u in fall
Tagged by Ashley Rogers on 07/27/2005  
hey thanx 4 hittin me up!
Tagged by Atiya Rideout on 07/06/2005  
Just wanted to drop by and show love
Tagged by Miesha Howard on 06/22/2005  
Hey, just came through to spread some Rattler love. God Bless.
Tagged by Whitney Graves on 06/17/2005  
Hey whats up, jus came thru to show ya sum luv. I wish you the best of luck with everything and a successful future.
Tagged by Kimberly John on 06/12/2005  
P.S. Your personality is starting to grow on me too... (wink wink) lol
Tagged by Joy Guidry on 06/12/2005  
Hi Buddy! Man, I just want you to know that I'm thankful for our friendship. You've really helped me out a lot and I appreciate that. I feel like we've know eachother since diapers! LOL... But really though... Thanks for everything!
Tagged by Joy Guidry on 06/12/2005  
What up JERSEY in da building. Hit Me Up ------->
Tagged by La'Kia Brandon on 06/03/2005  
where did you graduate from?
Tagged by Ivy Wells on 05/28/2005  
im glad u accepted my friend invitation....i was even surprised that u knew how to spell my name...i was like oh crap...interesting....but i did leave a couple of messages today on the board
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 05/27/2005  
and i didnt even know someone knew i existed on havent been in the chatroom cuz my computer is stupid....and i always wanted to tell u that u had sexy lips to back
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 05/27/2005  
lol thanx for signin my on tthe message boards but i dont really say much n-emore b/c there is not much to talk about on there n-emore...itz moving madd slow to me....none of the topics thatz being talked about intrest me
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 05/27/2005  
Comin' thru collectin' and receivin' that AGGIE LOVE!
Tagged by Atlee Jones on 05/27/2005  
whas good?? i just stopped by to show u some Aggie love hit me up later..ill be there soon..
Tagged by Kimyatta Perry on 05/27/2005  
hey im just showin u sum luv all tha way from jersey. get at me sumtime
Tagged by Tiffany Rice on 05/26/2005  
~*Hey there hommie! You know i had to come through and leave my future AGGIE mark on my boyz page... You better hit me back too... SMOOCHES
Tagged by Joy Guidry on 05/26/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/24/2005  
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