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Juice Man
Location: BOSTON, MA United States
Joined: Aug 7th, 2003
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New York, New York....internship with an investment bank
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Howard University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Finance
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we'll see
Most Memorable Moment:
everyday's a blessing..GOD IS GOOD!!!
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Tagged by JaLeesa Bone on 07/11/2006  
whatz up? I know u hit up my guestbook a long time ago, but my schedule has been hectic... Sooooo here'z my over due return of the love.... :-) oh n i will watch out 4 ASA....
Tagged by Patrice Arguez on 08/03/2005  
Hey Chuma just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best in your future as you strive become a successful investment banker. And thanx for the mad luv.
Tagged by Candis McCastle on 07/31/2005  
i can be inspirational....many of my former teammates thought i was...i just like to look on the positive side of things thats for my summer its been nice...finishin up my last days at work...spenin time with my close friends
Tagged by Alexis Hamilton on 07/15/2005  
Hey thanxs for the love...hope to see you in the fall!
Tagged by Jessica M on 07/06/2005  
hey man thanks for the love...I feel loved ( who said East Coast brothers weren't friendly? lol j/k :) Thanks again. I will look out for ASA most def :)
Tagged by Jess DeT on 07/05/2005  
hey man thanks for the love...I feel loved ( who said East Coast brothers weren't friendly? lol j/k :) Thanks again. I will look out for ASA most def :)
Tagged by Jess DeT on 07/05/2005  
Hey! Just showing love to another BISON!!!
Tagged by Elizabeth Easter on 06/10/2005 your most memorable moment LORD KNOWS had it not been for his favor I wouldnt have made it through this semester....Holla
Tagged by Shatoria Smith on 05/12/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
What's good...just spreading some of the BEANTOWN luv, like only we can...My gyrl from back home used to go to the "real" HU...stay focused, and make the B proud...peace
Tagged by Sharra of Divine Ent. Group on 12/01/2004  
Hey whats really good papi, jus sendin u some big O' TEXAS love. Reppin that Houston. Holla at me, jus makin friends.
Tagged by Shannen Ebony Leonora on 08/22/2004  
juss stoppin by to show u some luv and imma see u soon
Tagged by Kiyanna Rivers on 08/10/2004  
Jus stoppin by to return tha luv Ill see u on tha yard
Tagged by Kenyona Davis on 08/10/2004  
What up thanks for signin my guestbook. We only got 4 days left, hit me up on campus sometime im stayin in the quad!
Tagged by Courtney Parker on 08/09/2004  
Can u believe they switched me to Slowe at the last min!? I am hear now and I like it, but I ihope u have fun at cook. I will definately holla at you tho when I see ya. Keep in touch.
Tagged by Lauren Smith on 08/09/2004  
Just saying what's up to a fellow Bison, hope to see you in the fall!!
Tagged by Nicole Phillips on 08/06/2004  
Hey Cee, just showin some luv, good luck on ya plans I know you can do it, good luck this fall> Holla @ ya gurl!!!!!
Tagged by SADE' SHABAZZ on 08/03/2004  
Cook Hall!!! I'm going to be an RA in Cook in the fall, so I will defiantely see you there. R u an athlete?
Tagged by Lauren Smith on 08/03/2004  
wat up esco? Since u took the time out 2 sign my g-book I have 2 take time out 2 return the luv. Hope 2 c u around campus in a couple of weeks. Stay True!!
Tagged by Ashley Brothers on 07/28/2004  
Hey dude I can't believe you found me on here. How's it going? I hope I run into to you next year.
Tagged by Marisha Melson on 07/27/2004  
Just want to say what’s up!! Holla back…. I like ur since of humor
Tagged by Patricia Seraphin on 07/26/2004  
just wanna show u some bison love...holla
Tagged by Danyelle Hadaway on 07/25/2004  
HU...yea i got a few cats ova there. do ya thing fam---beantown spread love
Tagged by Victor Kakulu on 07/25/2004  
Thought I'd share some Howard luv and say hello!
Tagged by Sharisse Jackson on 07/24/2004  
Wassup Cee. Sorry you missed out on the ATL, but I still hope to see you in the fall. Maybe I can tell you about the A-Town ;o)
Tagged by Jimisha Relerford on 07/14/2004  
Thanks fo showin me tha's sum right back at cha! See u in tha fall
Tagged by Kenyona Davis on 07/13/2004  
Hi Cee, Thanks for signing my guestbook. See ya in the fall!
Tagged by Jacqueline Brown on 07/12/2004  
Hey!! You probably signed my g-book a minute ago, but that okay...I'm here now!! :) Just wanted to return the love..
Tagged by Ihuoma Ukoh on 07/06/2004  
hi. just stopping by to say "what's up"
Tagged by Yvette Longonje on 06/30/2004  
Cee wuusup!! It's ya boi Jai just passin thru to show love to another brother from the continent! Keep doin ya thang & see u next year!
Tagged by Emmanuel Lartey on 06/28/2004  
Wassup Cee, thanks for stoppin by my page and showin some love. Hope to see ya in the fall - Look out for me
Tagged by Britney Davis on 06/28/2004  
wuz good....jus shoutin out another finance major....u from boston but u got a yankees hat on.....which side r u on???....n e ways i'll b there in aug...wun
Tagged by Ameer Sherard on 06/27/2004  
hey hope 2 see u in the fall
Tagged by Natilee McGruder on 06/24/2004  
hey wats going on.......thx for showin me sum luv & maybe i will see u next semester....."07"
Tagged by Liana Latasha Jones on 06/20/2004  
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