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What is the #1 thing you like about
"I love the forums, as you can tell. lol Interacting with people from so many different backgrounds, having different point of views. This interview question thing rocks too! You have done an awesome job on this site. It's user friendly and fun! :thumbsup:"

Interviewed by Will Moss 03/07/08

(interview me)
Elda Cepeda
Location: Hialeah, FL United States
Birthday: Aug 17th
Joined: Aug 6th, 2007
About   (request update)
Just being me.
My Interview Question
What makes you so unique and special? Special enough to be my friend.
Current Whereabouts:
Minding my own biznaaaz!
Life & Professional Aspirations:
School Psychologist
Education   (request update)
Florida Int`l Univ class of 2012
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Claim To Fame:
I claim to be famous!
Most Memorable Moment:
Graduating, duh!
Union Institute & University class of
Grad Major:
High School: Miami Central Senior High in Miami, FL class of 1996
Activities & Accomplishments:
Volleyball Softball FEA Classical Band
Best Memories:
Skipping class to make my own pizza at Papa John's. That was fun!
What are the best Spring Break spots in the country? What are the best Spring Break spots in the country?
I need to know if there are any unheard of cool places to spend Spring Break. All I can think of is Cancun! Acapulco! Puerto Rico! Any OTHER places? ...more
Posted by Elda Cepeda on January 25th, 2011 • 345 Views
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Entrepreneurial Think Tank
Guestbook Comments
hey there! :)
Tagged by Hugo Caicedo on 12/19/2008  
r u cubiche?
Tagged by Marta Fernandez on 11/20/2008  
Tagged by Samuel Wilson on 07/10/2008  
Sending you some Grambling Love! Good luck on your future!!!!
Tagged by Lamon Dubose on 07/09/2008  
hey beautuful!! u look real good can i get to know you please?
Tagged by ram same on 07/03/2008  
I'm good sweetie. What's shakin on yo end?
Tagged by Marcus Matthews on 05/01/2008  
Hello miss Elda!
Tagged by Marcus Matthews on 05/01/2008  
Actually, I believe in this pic I'm sipping on a very enjoyable cocktail known as a Smooth Gentlman. Gentleman Jack, Amaretto and Cranberry juice. But I do enjoy a good Cosmo as well. LOL
Tagged by Will T on 01/16/2008  
Hey, Whats up? How are you doing? Hope life is treating you well.
Tagged by Nicholas Davis on 11/05/2007  
how's FAMU now? i did go there before i got deployed. i did like it wish i was there kinda
Tagged by dominic purnell on 10/23/2007  
Just Chillin!
Tagged by Elda Cepeda on 09/12/2007  
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