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Q&A With Kelley B. Campbell

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Kelley B. Campbell
Location: Metairie, LA United States
Birthday: Oct 20th
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
A BOnafide member of the clazz of 2007 @ X.U. studying Mass Communications Journalism A lil' food for thought.... Sistah why do you cry through those mohoganny stained windows we call tight curls, black, outstretched like fists in the all the while the world is in the midst of dispair...disperse those sweet vibes of goodness and innocence of a child...truthful humble meek not weak pure and undefiled...with whom from divine provision will turn into a Mothah...the gentle patient strong stern and soulful..being superhuman in nature but her heart is her kryptonite...laboring for around 9 not knowing what was stirring and then birthing greatness in a bundle...each kissed by the sun blessed by the creator...eyes filled with mystery their lips like oracles spit revealations...through childhood misery comes sunshine foriegn and naive but out of darkness the sun flows in...
Education   (request update)
Xavier University of Louisiana class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Journalism
Claim To Fame:
To be comfortable in my life, not rich...With aspiration on becoming a Journalist/Author/Poet...I'm Currently working on a project to start a major magazine with a record label that will showcase Signed talent and unsigned Hype...COMING TO A PUBLICATION NEAR YOU!!...OUT!!!
Most Memorable Moment:
Dorm Step off was the jump-off and i gotta give big ups to ST.MIKES ( WHO YOU WIT'?!!? ) Also meeting great group of men that i'm proud to call friends...(Brandon Mack, Micheal Hanna, Moses Washington, Aton O., Jejuan Graham, Jody Bluit (in his absence), Mark S., Donald Piper...and some others but you know what it is...much luv...
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Guestbook Comments
hey, not that things have had time to settle down, how are you?
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 12/02/2005  
Hey! I love your words...also I see you're doing big things, good luck with everything!!!
Tagged by Elizabeth Easter on 07/29/2005  
wanted to come show a little Tougaloo love!! get at me!
Tagged by Lexi T on 06/22/2005  
guilty as charged. you seem to know my style.
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 06/03/2005  
a man after my own heart. i like that in you.
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 06/02/2005  
hey, africa was wonderful as usual. i met a few new friends, re-connected with some old ones. i will be going back soon, i got a little mission i'm on, so, i'll keep you posted. wass up with the magazine?
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 05/27/2005  
thanks, how are things in nawlins?
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 04/11/2005  
hey, things are good. i got a gig in africa, so i'm real happy.
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 04/06/2005  
Hey whats up just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 04/06/2005  
Hey... Nice pic.. but this ya girl reppin that ATL... see ya around! :)
Tagged by Olivia Boykin on 04/05/2005  
Hopefully, we will become some of the top journalists in the country.
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 02/21/2005  
Sup man. I see you repping the best state...Louisiana. I'm just showing some Tiger love...and good luck with your future endeavors...
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 02/15/2005  
you stylin' baby! lol!
Tagged by Serenity A. Garnette on 02/11/2005  
By the way u lookin rather suave in yo pic, I like?(lol)
Tagged by Adrienne English on 01/25/2005  
Hey Kelley, thanks 4 the message. I know we don't talk much anymore but ur still my boy & don't 4get that, I've just been busy wit school work cause last semester didn't look 2 good. Stay up & holla @ yo girl.
Tagged by Adrienne English on 01/25/2005  
i'm trying to get this master's so i don't have to keep working for "the master." so, how are the projects coming that you're working on?
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 01/07/2005  
kels, we got room keys. wassup kid i just stopped by to say what up holla at yo girl
Tagged by Leontranea Adams on 01/05/2005  
so what's up with you lately, did you have a good holiday break?
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 01/04/2005  
Sup Kelley, just droppin you a little note, thanks for the advise on my paper ;)
Tagged by Chavell Scott on 12/27/2004  
heeey kelley, you know i havent forgot about you since ive been home, are you still at xula? well im back here in tha A. i hope everyone is dealing with Kev passing very well. anyway, best wishes playboy!
Tagged by Brittany Miles on 09/01/2004  
thanks hon. hope all goes well with you this semester.
Tagged by Ayanna Muhammad on 08/24/2004  
It's Kels! How ya doin'? Hope ya summer is treatin' u nice. C u very soon...
Tagged by Alecia M. McCall on 08/02/2004  
hollatcha boy rico!!! this is B Mack, holdin it down for AR in Maryland. Stay up on them goals Bra
Tagged by Brandon T. Mack on 07/16/2004  
it's tha pied Piper!!!!!!!!......HOLLA @ YA BOI!! Wut it do Kels. wish the best, Keep God #1 & you #2, & ya boi in mind alwayz. Dueces.
Tagged by Donald D. Piper on 01/12/2004  
Wassup....from Mecca , Amaka, Bim and Chari...keep holding it down
Tagged by Amaka Ngoddy on 12/03/2003  
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