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Alizabeth Showers
CEO, Bourne Financial Consultants

Location: Bronx, NY United States
Birthday: Nov 17th
Joined: Aug 15th, 2007
About   (request update)
I am a TESTIMONY, a survivor, a fighter, a QUEEN who knows her place and birth right as a Child of God. I am a born leader, a revolutionist @ heart, an old soul, a young spirit. i LOVE to love thus for i love HARD..i am a SUPERWOMAN who carries all the worlds struggles as if they were her very own. I am Alizabeth Bernadette Showers. A woman who understands God is guiding her steps yet will give me lead way to make my own mistakes...i hope to leave this WORLD much BETTER than whence I came in...I pray to leave the beginnings of GENERATIONAL WEALTH for my children i hope to one day BARE. I am a black woman who wants to leave her name in the history books with the GREATS...therefore I am a complex, dreamer whose faith leaves her moving through this world @ her own PACE.
My Interview Question
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Current Whereabouts:
I am currently going back to school after 5yrs in the "real-World"...Majoring in Business Admin;minoring in Performing arts(( yes, i love to sing/rap and Act, it is safe to say I just love to perform since im not a bad dancer Also in major planning mode...I have a Empire to build and So many ways I want to build it, though all leading to the SAME GOAL...PROSPERITY FOR MY PEOPLE**....i am a avid, OBAMA SUPPORTER, SELF PRO-CLAIMED INDEPENDENT((and NOT the lou dobbs type...lmao)) I am a lover of CNN, A Good Book, The Good Book(BIBLE),Black People/all people, Animals, & life((not in any specific order))
Life & Professional Aspirations:
since i ammamongst friends, family, and like minded intellects i will share just a tidbit of my Life's To Do List: obtain my CPA Create a Financial Empire((comparable to Oprah)) where my name would become a BRAND and launch a series of successful businesses. Advocacy for Better Education in Urban Schools, Financial Empowerment Travel the entire Globe before I die
Education   (request update)
Morgan State University class of 2012
Undergrad Major: Entrepreneurship
Claim To Fame:
...getting there
Most Memorable Moment:
Winning the Class Senate Seat by A landslide Co-Chairing the Morgan State Student's for Obama Chapter Being selected to work on the Presidential Inaugural Committee HAVING A SILVER TICKET TO PRESIDENT OBAMA'S INAUGURATION
High School: Springfield Central High School in Springfield, MA class of 2002
Activities & Accomplishments:
Student Government-Class President, V.P. African American Society-President, Secretary, Treasurer Peer Mediator Show choir Who's Who Among American High School Students 98-99 Urban 'league commun
Best Memories:
High School for me was a different experience, i was working a ft job most of the time and trying to be a decent all around student..not too much of a social life w/ those @ my school...all my close friends were in've always been AHEAD OF MY TIME... but i was in some talent shows((always in the top 5...more like top 3)) and when i was in a color guard, marching in the parades were always fun** oh and when we competed in NJ, when i was a was c-r-a-z-y!!! and we won 2nd place!!!
I currently work with Bourne Financial Consultants as CEO
I have 5 years of experience working in the Financial Services industry.
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