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Dominic Dinkins
Location: Detroit, MI United States
Joined: Sep 3rd, 2003
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My Interview Question
Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
Current Whereabouts:
Detroit, MI.SHOUT OUT TO THOSE PISTONS.DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!repeat in 05.write it down now.... AIM: detmi7mile. hit me up oh yeah check out this site
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Computer and Information Science
Claim To Fame:
Well I decided I should update this a lil bit so here it goes.My new major is goin great although its hard.but hey what major isnt hard??the first semester couldve gone better grade wise but i was pleased.Im lookin to up that GPA some more this semester and I'm workin on gettin that full golf scholarship of course.And I'm still lookin to do big things on the tour so watch ya go.wish us luck this year. HU Golf spring 05: February 25-27...............Daytona Beach, FL March 13-15...................Jacksonville, FL April 1-3......................... Issue, MD April 10-11..................... Bethany Beach, DE May 5-8..........................Port St Lucie, FL
Most Memorable Moment:
still hurricane isabel and stayin in holland hall..Also the Wilder clique from las year. shout out to my peoples, the wild boyz:jrod,gj,justin,sef,and juan.
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Yo man represent the "D" peace
Tagged by Autry Brantley on 10/17/2005  
hey just wanted to show u some luv so hit me back later
Tagged by Ida ELey on 10/04/2005  
Hello, I am feeling your profile. I have a very strong spiritual side as well and in this day and age it is hard to find people of a like mind. I am really feeling your profile. So write me back whenever you get the chance.
Tagged by Tiara Dunigan on 07/15/2005  
Hey I love the fact that you have God in your life and you know what you want out of life. Keep in touch if you can.:)
Tagged by Nicole Cross on 07/08/2005  
Hey....I am feeling your profile...holla back at me...and check out my profile of course.
Tagged by Shatoria Smith on 07/02/2005  
Just wanted to show you mad love!
Tagged by Tonya Pankey on 06/27/2005  
was good! i'm a new cat at hampton! just coming through to show respect! Let me know about the ins and outs of HU. one
Tagged by Yazid Britt on 06/23/2005  
Hey! I had to start over but I came back through to show that "REAL HU"
Tagged by Elizabeth Easter on 06/08/2005  
You are By far the Most handsome man I have seen on this dite, wanted to show you much luv and respect. I love to see an educated Man with goals and Ambition.
Tagged by Dominique Smith on 05/04/2005  
What's up? I was @ Hampton's H.S. Day. Not sure what you look like so I might have seen you (like @ the Greek Party), but definately make sure you stay in touch- a girl can get pretty lonely so far away from home :0)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 04/04/2005  
My aim is "BmoresBest09", but you would probably be better off catching me on my cell- leave me a note if interested. College is expensive so I'd understand if you didn't want 2 incure extra charges 4 long distance phone calls)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 03/01/2005  
I'm a little worried about college (the usual freshman jitters), but knowing a familiar face always helps so stay in touch :0)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 03/01/2005  
A man of God w/ direction...I like that ;0) Check out my profile (a synopsis of me) and if you're interested, leave me a message. If not, I'll see you next year (will be attending HU in the fall of 2005)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 02/28/2005  
whats going on? hit me up sometime aim:iversonly im on mostly after 9:30
Tagged by LaToya Hopkins on 02/15/2005  
Hi , It's nice to see someone from detroit that is a gentleman. There isn't too many of them now at days. I hope to hear from you soon.
Tagged by kelly mcalpine on 02/12/2005  
Dom Dom! Stop following me man! Haven't conversed in a minute. You know its ok to call sometime!
Tagged by Cicely Gosier on 02/05/2005  
Whats good? Just comin thru with some of that HU love, holla back when u get a chance Aim: HUONYX7
Tagged by Seneca Mitchell on 01/17/2005  
hey, this is chele, just stoppin by to say hi...hope to c-ya around
Tagged by Michele on 12/10/2004  
Detroit is in the building Stand Up! This is Brian showing some 248 love, you know how we do, just seeing wats good tho, be easy, cant wait to go home for thanksgivin, KAPPA Party @ St. Andruws Friday....o boy
Tagged by Brian Albritton on 11/22/2004  
Whats good? Just showin that 313 love. I'm mad that u left architecture, but it's still good. Holla back.
Tagged by Trevis M. Cage on 11/14/2004  
What up my nigga. I see u big pimpin. Big shout out to Wilder 07, I'll be around so Holla at ya southern playa.
Tagged by B. Williams (B-dubb) on 10/24/2004  
Just wanted to say hi! Hit me up if you like
Tagged by Kiffany W. Stargell on 10/23/2004  
Hey wasup? How are you doing? I am just coming by to say Hi and I like your page too. Hopefully we can talk sometime. Talk to you later...Bye.
Tagged by Jia Herring on 10/23/2004  
oh yea...i forgot..DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!! Gotta keep reppin tha D
Tagged by Dominique Hackett on 10/22/2004  
Yall hampton folk stay deep on the HBCU tip...well anyways...i see you doin big things also...keep it up and never stop doin what u do best...U!
Tagged by Dominique Hackett on 10/22/2004  
Whuddup Dominic.. i see u tryna look all GQ.. D-town club ain't messin wit Bmore Club.. syke, holla back. n stay up
Tagged by Sef Franklin on 10/19/2004  
Well Good Luck in designing your own house! You might know Cedric he was a architecrture major! Oh thanks for signing my page!! Peace
Tagged by Andrea Carter on 10/13/2004  
I cant see your pix, but I like your style! I feel you on the ghetto girls. well, i am far from hit me back :)
Tagged by on 10/10/2004  
My life is beautiful!! Maybe one day we'll cross paths & it can get that much better :o)
Tagged by Cicely Gosier on 10/03/2004  
So how's life been treating you???
Tagged by Cicely Gosier on 10/03/2004  
I stay on Lauder. I understand ur mistake, but I just wanted you to know that Renn is definitely the best school in Detroit.
Tagged by Ashley E. Richardson on 09/26/2004  
I stay on Lauder. I understand ur mistake, but I just wanted you to know that Renn is definitely the best school in Detroit.
Tagged by Ashley E. Richardson on 09/26/2004  
Thanks for the luv. Hey I from 7 mi too! I went to Renn
Tagged by Ashley E. Richardson on 09/25/2004  
I should've known...You're one of those damn CPLA kids haha sike naw I got mad love for King! But you stayed on 7 mile too? You know I gotta fucks with you on that note! haha hit me up at
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 09/25/2004  
What up my nigga? What high school did you go to? I went to the infamous Cass Tech!! CT CT!
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 09/25/2004  
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