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Alisha Renae Prince
Location: Dallas, TX United States
Birthday: Mar 9th
Joined: Aug 18th, 2007
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What was the most hurtful thing that life has put you through, and how did you overcome it?
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Paul Quinn College class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Sociology
Claim To Fame:
WELL WELL WELLÖ Where do I startÖ. Iím SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that I mad it out of undergrad, YAY ME J !!!!!! I LOVE to have fun and shop when I HAVE NO MONEY! I have an aversion towards THOSE THAT WILL STEP OUT OF CHARACTER JUST TO FIT IN (JUST TAKE YOUR TIME TO FIND YOURSELF I DID) I BELIVE THAT LOVE SHOULD SUSTAIN THE EVOLUTION OF PEOPLE!!! I AM A very very VERY SILLY PERSON, BUT I CAN BE SERIOUS AT TIMES!!!!!!!! It take a lot for me to get made, there is only one person that can make me cry!!! AND NO ITíS NOT YOU! WHAT MAKES ME, ME??? Well I have been told that I am VERY different, soooo Iíll stick with that. I AM AN EASSY GOING PERSON IT doesnít take much to make me happy, I love to be around people and can deal when Iím by my self. You can catch me at church the mall or the local Basketball court LOOKING at ALL the men!!! ANYTHING ELSE YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW JUST ASK!!!!
Most Memorable Moment:
When my cousin and I went ALL the way to Austin to meet someone for them not to be there BOY was we MAD!!!! When a group of girl in the dorm mad a HUNTED house out of the first floor and know one knew so they was walking around telling people that some boy from the boys dorm had snuck in the girls dorms and was having sex on the first floor just to get people down there!!!!
High School: Poteet High School in Mesquite, TX class of 2003
Activities & Accomplishments:
Everything i could do to get me OUT the house!!! LOL!!!
Best Memories:
Skipping class!!
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Hey HEFFA! You stink :-)
Tagged by VonGretchen Strickland on 05/06/2009  
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