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Timothy Bennett
Location: Norfolk, VA United States
Joined: Sep 9th, 2003
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Current Whereabouts:
Representing Wahington,DC right now in Norfolk on nsu's campus at Scott Hall holding it down for the 2007 class thats whats up for now holla at ur boy
Education   (request update)
Norfolk State University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Computer Systems Analysis
Claim To Fame:
to recieve my bachelor's in computer technology and to futher recieve my masters and work for a professional computer firm in hopes one day to build and open my own company and to be partnered with other firms
Most Memorable Moment:
graduation 2003 at howard university from coolidge high school in nw dc and to get my high school ive actually accomplished one of the two three things i plan to get which are 1: high school diploma 2: bachelor's of computer technology 3: master's of computer technology
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Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 10/22/2006  
Its on & poppin this year hun .....i want NSU to try to bring it! ;-) lol How you been tho hun? Im NEVER on here...almost forgot about this site altogether lol....Get at me tho.. Ciao!
Tagged by India Bell on 09/19/2006  
Hey, whats up, just hitting u up. U were in one of my english class in 2004, I dont know if you remember
Tagged by Chantel R on 03/02/2006  
Hey!! I tried to put you on my friends list at!! Just another way to stay in touch!! See ya!! XOXOXO
Tagged by Tyeisha Clanton on 11/20/2005  
3 Virginians & 1 native New Yorker, all musicologists, all NSU/HBCU students. Sincere thanks from LOT 14 to the HBCU Family for their support. Wish all of you what you wished for us,the best!! [ WWW.4LOT14.COM/INTROPAGE.HTML ]
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 11/07/2005  
Whats good you make the legion yet and im holdin it down next fall i should be back if everything go as planed
Tagged by Germaine Pannell on 09/22/2005  
Thanks 4 ur comment to my blog. I understand(sumwhat) what I need to do to get the kind of relationship/friendship I want from a dude. Im juss gone chill doe cuz I really dont want a serious relationship I just wanna chill! Thank tho!
Tagged by Tiffany Wells on 07/17/2005  
things are geat and summer is cool...thanks for asking ;) how bout you
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 06/30/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/22/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/28/2005  
Hey, thanks for showin' luv and leavin a message in my guestbook, just returning the favor. Stay Sweet!
Tagged by Danielle Everett on 04/10/2005  
Thanks for signing my guestbook. You made a sis feel at home! So how is NSU?
Tagged by Jacinta Stockton on 03/10/2005  
Thanks for showing me luv on my page. Like the shuttle picture! LOL
Tagged by Andrea M. Brown on 02/10/2005  
Wuz GuD ! Jus returnin da luv 2 ya from a spartan! Keep doin yo thang on da shuttle bus. lol
Tagged by Shay Claxton on 02/07/2005  
hey my email address is i hope you do email me!!! :) take care
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 01/24/2005  
Just coming by to show some Howard love and some DC love
Tagged by Shawn Morrison on 01/23/2005  
from HU to NSU, wassup thanks for the NSU love!! get at me anytime!
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 01/18/2005  
I know that's right. Accomplish then goals! Just returning that Metro Area/ HU luv.
Tagged by Erkeda DeRouen on 12/03/2004  
not alot but often enough. hit me up on aim if u have it angel4u2014
Tagged by Sonya on 11/19/2004  
yeah so how was ya homecomin? mine wasn't great.
Tagged by Sonya on 11/17/2004  
Just stoppin thru to show u some love from the other side of the water! The real HU Hampton univ... 1 luv
Tagged by Dominique Steele on 11/04/2004  
yeah our homecoming is this week too... but it aint nothin to be hype about!
Tagged by Sonya on 11/02/2004  
Howard vs Norfolk 35-17...Nuff Said....LOL Sike was a good game tho....hope u had fun up here if u came....TTYL Tim *Buh Bye*
Tagged by India Bell on 11/02/2004  
Hey whats up.. jus wanted to show some HBCU love, in VA, so... holla!
Tagged by Sonya on 10/31/2004  
Im going to be at Coolidge because its our Homecoming that week. You gonna be at Howard? Hit me up
Tagged by Sigismond E. Nicolls on 10/28/2004  
Hey thanx for signin my g--book. Jus wanted to return tha luv :) -JewelE
Tagged by Julie Marie (JewelE) on 10/26/2004  
wassup...thanks for showing love on my page!
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 10/24/2004  
hi, axton isn't near's actually southern va....i'm 15 minutes from north carolina
Tagged by Tiana Hodge on 10/23/2004  
Just wanted to say hello from one Va HBCU to the next.
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 10/21/2004  
Yea i used to have a bp page...but i deleted it...i dont go on BP nemore....
Tagged by India Bell on 10/21/2004  
Just wanted to say wassup Tim...Hope yall ready next weekend! This should be good..since we're actually winning our games hopefully we'll win for our own damn Homecoming! LOL...Anyway...just sayin wassup to ya...Im Out! *Bye*
Tagged by India Bell on 10/21/2004  
hey what's good wiit u just comin thru wit that H.U> luv* get at me sum time ok
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/08/2004  
HEY...thanx for da luv. just coming through to return da favor. stay up, stay real, and stay BLESSED!...1 -d
Tagged by Danielle Demming on 09/13/2004  
Whats up!! Just showing u some of that SPARTAN love! Hope to see you around campus!!
Tagged by Tyeisha Clanton on 08/30/2004  
Hey!! Just showing you some CAU luv!!! Good luck in all your endevors!!
Tagged by Patrice Johnson on 08/25/2004  
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