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Catherine Leverette
Location: Hampton, VA United States
Joined: Sep 25th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
CEC 205, CHILLIN. I got my own room, my own bathroom, basically, that keeps me stress free! I'm LOVIN' IT!!
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Nursing
Claim To Fame:
Well, I'm not really sure how people view me, but hopefully I am viewed as a smart, strong, God-fearing young woman who always tries her best no matter what obstacles are thrown my way. In the future, I want to be a successful Legal Nurse Consultant or a Nurse Attorney and a strong figure when it comes to helping people out in my community. "Stop telling God how big your storm is, instead tell the storm how big your God is!!"
Most Memorable Moment:
The Benches - Pre College '02&'03. Biggest lesson Freshman Year: Fallin' out with my roommate, and learning that friendships don't last 4ever, ppl grow & ppl DEFINATELY CHANGE!! Sophmore Year: Learning that one of my friends, is actually a better friend than I actually thought. I got so much luv for "MY TEDDY BEAR", thanx for everthing, especially 4 listening to all of my frustration that I took out on you when other ni99az messed up. You have let me cry on your shoulder over the stupidest things and even though I might b*tch alot over males you never shut me out. (on the other hand you deserve to hear me complain bc now that I think about it I met them through you! lol!)Congrats on that MEAC Championship! You're the BEST!! Memorable Classes: Dr. Blang's History, trippin wit Tracy and Charde, and watchin Brandon's head nod the whole class period. Honor's College Retreat, when Dr. Davy got Mashed Potatoes on her glasses, and asked Kendrick to clean them, lol! he broke em' the lens fell right out. Shhh! don't tell Dr. Davy, we slipped it back in. Dr. Moore's Humanities Class: I'm speechless, she is a sweet lady, but she is sooooooo boring. To everyone in that class, YEAH! WE made it through. Dr. Reynold's Nursing Class: If you were there, you know what I'm talking about, no description needed, shoot, words can't even begin to describe it. I've had a lot of fun times, but my most memorable events & have learned some life long lessons, that I guess I can say I was blessed to learn sooner than later. I've dealt with a lot of mess lately, but I am glad to say that I am a better person because of it. People are put in your life for a reason a season or a lifetime. I have been blessed to have found my lifelong friends. (names are not necessary, bc they know who they are) I am looking foward to spring semester bc I'll have my ride, and I can stop buggin people 4 rides! YEAH!!! Lookin foward to seein everybody that I've missed over the break, and lookin foward to creatin more memories. the words of Dr. Gallop: "Love Ya', See Ya'"
It's the Weekend!!! It's the Weekend!!!
Hey, Im excited, cuz its finally the weekend, and I am going out 2nite. Last nite was wack, cuz the holland jam sucked, but you bets believe, I GOT MY MONEY BACK!! HA HA! N E WAY, goin to a party 2ni ...more
Posted by Catherine Leverette on February 19th, 2005 • 103 Views
Yeah this is my first blog entry. Im sittin here listening to Brian McKnights, Everytime you go away, so yeah Im in a mellow mood, thinkin blout my lonley valentine's day and my ex. :( lol. Anyway, I ...more
Posted by Catherine Leverette on February 15th, 2005 • 112 Views
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Guestbook Comments
What up how is hampton, hopefully your having a good time. I hope everything is well but get at me anytime.
Tagged by Eric Thornton on 02/18/2005  
What up Leverette thanx for tha luv holla at cha boy
Tagged by Vernon Tabor on 02/16/2005  
Man, I'm doing alright, ready go back to da "A". It don't seem like to many people are doing HBCU anymore. Everybody up here is on Facebook now.
Tagged by Justin Horhn on 02/16/2005  
Hey Tap buddy! How's it goin. Keep having fun in your own room and bathroom, doin it up uh oh!
Tagged by Tiff G on 02/15/2005  
If u got aim u should holla at me on it some times.> Showard1010
Tagged by Sean Howard on 02/14/2005  
Wats good sweetheart, jus showing love. holla back
Tagged by Sean Howard on 02/06/2005  
Whats up Cat! I hope your break was good as well! CYa soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tagged by JasonJAIDILLAHDunlap on 01/04/2005  
Hello!!! I wish you the best on this roller coaster we call life. May the most that you wish for be the least that you receive
Tagged by Phil Rich on 12/29/2004  
Whats up!! Just stoppin by to return the luv!!! Maybe ill c u around on campus.
Tagged by Melanie White on 12/23/2004  
what up doe...just wanted to show a beautiful Hamptonian some luv...get at me
Tagged by Michael Glover on 12/01/2004  
Wel thanks for the love, and i also wish you a wonderful year.
Tagged by AJ Council on 10/02/2004  
Everything is good!!! I having an alright time. hope to see you around!
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 09/18/2004  
hey, how u doin? jus showing u some of that REAL HU love... holla at me if u get a chance... (aim=rocballaz)
Tagged by Remi Oguntoye on 08/08/2004  
im havin a good summer so far and im lookin forward to meetin u
Tagged by Alvin Gillem on 08/05/2004  
I like your quote... I needed that! NEWAYZ I hope I'll see you around. I'll be in rm#329 maybe we can meet each other!?
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 08/03/2004  
Hey wasuup, hows ur summer going. I dont know if we met, but we're in the same class
Tagged by Alvin Gillem on 07/30/2004  
I'll be in Twitchell, rm 216. Hope to see you soon.
Tagged by Cicely Gosier on 07/28/2004  
Just showing you some love and I wanted to wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 07/25/2004  
Hey Catherine! Thanx for tha welcome, hopefully I'll see u around! -JewelE
Tagged by Julie Marie (JewelE) on 07/18/2004  
Hey Catherine! Thanks for hitting me up! I'm glad to see your happy back at Hampton. I'm at home right now but I can't wait to get back down there. I'm gonna miss having you across the hall from me next year. Stay Good, GOD BLESS!!
Tagged by Alyson Law on 07/06/2004  
Wudup Do.. Yea,, I am chillin over where I stay but soon Imma b up in ATL shawty, in late july..but i hope you havin a good time. holla back
Tagged by Adric Kennedy on 07/05/2004  
Hey sexy lady. How are you doing at Hampton? I hope your enjoying it. Stay looking sexy and representin for SWD class of '03. The greatest H.S. in the world.
Tagged by Kyle Keye on 07/04/2004  
Hey Queen, Stay focused and NEVER forget why you are in school. Remember, Boy's before books brings baby’s. Take Care.
Tagged by William Lyle on 06/17/2004  
Hey I'm just writing to say hello. I will be attending precollege this summer and am looking forward to joining the HU family! Much Luv and God Bless, Brittany ATL ( Lithonia)
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 06/10/2004  
Heh girl...jus wanted to say heh to a fellow "Trendsetter"...from that good 4th flo...well hope ur havin a wonderful to ya girlie..
Tagged by Karissa Grant on 06/09/2004  
I just wanted to tell you to that I love your claim to fame. That's great and good luck with your future endeavors!
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 06/08/2004  
I see you've been keeping busy, thanks for signing my page again. I can't wait to see you next year! Much Love and success.
Tagged by Robert Byars on 06/06/2004  
"toast" i said what up....i'll holla atcha' lata'..ya gotta tell me where u stayin this fall
Tagged by Itayi Charasika (DaTru on 06/04/2004  
hey was real that last was nice meetin' ya and all...tell
Tagged by Itayi Charasika (DaTru on 06/04/2004  
Wutts good Catherine, mans those days in Dr. Blang class were crazy as hell, but it was mad fun, but yea ill be up there this summer also, so ill holla at ya when i get back up there, peace- BrAnDoN
Tagged by Brandon Nelson on 06/04/2004  
That statement about the storm and God is SO true. Much love to you my "Nursing sista", well i hope you have fun back there on campus over the summer. Take Care and much luv to ya-Candiace
Tagged by Candiace R. Trimble on 05/19/2004  
Wus happenin shawty, Dis ya nig John showin a lil luv and southern hospitality! Get back at me iight! GONE!!!
Tagged by JOHN-JOHN MCNEIL on 04/15/2004  
Hey girl! Thanks for signing the 'book! Yeah, the truth had to been told. I still haven't recognized him yet but it's alright. More fine Hampton men around! See ya. Trendsetter for life!
Tagged by ******Megan.Jerai*** . on 03/31/2004  
Tagged by Danny Boy Stewart on 03/20/2004  
Hey! Just stoppin by to return the luv...and to say hi...Oh and lets pray we make it through Anatomy :(
Tagged by Cheryl Naylor on 03/06/2004  
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