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Joyce A. Bridges
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Joined: Nov 8th, 2003
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
ClArK AtLaNtA UnIvErSiTy!! Off-campus this year:(
Education   (request update)
Clark Atlanta University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Accounting
Claim To Fame:
I WILL be a celebrity!! Be lookin for out 4 me!
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment was Freshman year gettin' that FIRST place trophy at tha CAU Homecoming Step Show for Ware Hall and doin that bootleg Showtime at the Apollo!!
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Guestbook Comments
praise the Lord my AUC sister in christ, I pray many blessings for you and please put God first in everything that you do
Tagged by Brandon T Smith on 09/18/2005  
hey gurl shoutin out all the pretty people.anyway look out for me when school starts so you can show me the ropes, holla. ta ta!
Tagged by pinky cole on 07/18/2005  
What's up? What u been up to?
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 06/02/2005  
Sup...just came by to let ya kno keep doin ya thang, and DO IT BIG!
Tagged by Lorean Smith on 05/14/2005  
I justed wanted to let you know that you are without a doubt one of the most gorgeous ladies i have ever laid my eyes on
Tagged by Donald Montgomery on 05/04/2005  
hey whats up with ya? Just coming through to show u some love. Holla at me
Tagged by Marcus Cowans on 03/22/2005 are you? Can I get your autograph before you blow up? I'm just dropping some GSU Tiger luv at ya. Holla...
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 02/28/2005  
whats goin on baby sister? hows everything goin witcha?
Tagged by Thomas Freeman on 02/17/2005  
Whaddup Doe......came by to say wassup showin soe love.....holla bac
Tagged by terrell TSnackS anderson on 01/30/2005  
How u doin today Joyce? Just thought I'd stop by to see how a sista doing you know. Hope you had a good break well get at me wen u get a chance
Tagged by Chris Coleman on 01/15/2005  
Whats up Joyce!! A celebrity huh, well let me get your autograph now. Jus wanted to sho sum love to ya. Good luck next semester. One love
Tagged by Bryant R. Ladson on 01/03/2005  
thanks for hittin me up, hope all is well and that your enjoying ya holiday
Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/31/2004  
Save Money Next Semester on your Textbooks, Electronic, and school supplies by buying, selling, and trading these items directly to other students on will launch in 2005 to begin the spring semester.
Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/17/2004  
Hey just wanted to show some luv from Sav State. My boyfriend plays b-ball for CAU #34
Tagged by Victoria Ransburg on 11/30/2004  
I'ma definately speak if i see you but i would love to talk to you some more. Do you have instant messenger or anything?
Tagged by Olafemi Hunter on 11/27/2004  
hey, what's up?
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 11/26/2004  
Hey, how you luv? Just wanted to bless an AUC sista with some love from "da house". Hope to talk to you soon and even though you off campus, i hope to see you around sometime. 2007~who fuxin' wit it
Tagged by Olafemi Hunter on 11/25/2004  
What up Joyce, this ya boy Rob, returning the Love, keep doing ya thang and stay blessed. Holla!
Tagged by Robert Riley Jr. on 11/08/2004  
just hittin your spot up! M.O.B.!!!
Tagged by Vergil Lloyd on 11/07/2004  
hey girl, just wanted to share the CAU love that was given to me. WARE HALL 3rd floor
Tagged by Ashley Jackson on 06/09/2004  
Thank you for signin tha book and normaly i would not say anythin but holla back at ya boi...
Tagged by Damien Ruff a.k.a Dae' on 03/04/2004  
Just giving you a jingle to tingle your mingle and saute` you with my Febreze flavor
Tagged by Philippe Warren on 02/28/2004  
Just showin u some CAU love. Take Care
Tagged by LaNise Thrasher on 02/27/2004  
What's really good sexy young lady. I was just stoppin by showin some of that good ol LU love. Show do ya thang and get back at me. Holla, YEAAAH!!
Tagged by Joseph Campbell on 01/27/2004  
sup girl ... showing ya some love ... stay lovely
Tagged by Kevin Chase on 01/27/2004  
hey beautiful just stopping by to say hi
Tagged by Paul (Skyllz) Williams on 12/03/2003  
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