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Centralian Are you registered at Centralian Connection website?
"No I am not registered at Centralian Connection website"

Interviewed by Patrice Lopez-Stringer 04/17/20

What are the three most important things in your life in order of importance?
"My God Family & Friends Music/Singing"

Interviewed by Annette Sanders, BSW 08/22/11

who am i
"What's up Frat, I hope and pray that things are well with you on your side of the world. Have a great week and God Bless"

Interviewed by Prince George Rawstarr Walker 04/26/11

do you watch comedy
" Always a pleasure meeting someone in the entertainment or performance business. Nice profile photo. God Bless you and yours. Have a great day. "Break a Leg""

Interviewed by diane corder 02/17/11

What is your my most prize possession?
"Always nice meeting nice and classy young ladies from Fisk. May God continue to Bless and Keep Your Process. Have a great week."

Interviewed by Teresa Carpenter Muler, PMP 02/15/11

What place are you at in life right now?
"Always good to meet another Central State Alumnus. For God, For Central, For State Nice profile photo. Have a great day. God Bless you & yours."

Interviewed by Kathleen Dow 02/14/11

(interview me)
Location: WILLOUGHBY, OH United States
Birthday: Apr 16th
Joined: Nov 10th, 2003
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
what influenced you to attend a HBCU school?
Current Whereabouts:
Retired Music Teacher, John Marshall HS, from Cleveland Ohio
My Groups
Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. Club
Central State University Club
HBCU Concert Choirs
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Tagged by David Williams on 03/15/2021  
I've not been on this site for years...(sigh). Thanks for your "touch base" note... Connected by the written word, Marcia
Tagged by Marcia Riley on 11/13/2015  
Don't forget to set your Clocks 1 hour up Tonight!! DayLight Savings Day! To make up for the 1 hour that you are losing, GO TO BED 1 HOUR EARLIER. Have a very Blessed Week.
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 03/08/2014  
God bless you and may you have a marvelous and productive day. When you get a chance please visit my profile to check out some info that might appeal to you.
Tagged by Ralph White on 02/11/2014  
Willie - thanks so much for the post and invite. I am actually located in the Orlando Florida area and am a member of the Everglades Alumni Chapter.
Tagged by Zakiya Brown on 09/04/2013  
“Courage: the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ¯ Maya Angelou
Tagged by Ralph White on 09/01/2013  
Thank you for the kind words. I retired from Cincinnati Public Schools in June of 2011. It is always great to meet one of thje fine men of Phi Beta Sigma! We just love that BLUE and WHITE! Betty (Lateefah) - Morris Brown College
Tagged by Betty (Lateefah) Harrison Kituku on 08/20/2013  
Thanks for the Mother's Day greeting. I don't visit the HBCU site much, so please excuse this delayed response (smie). Take care, Marcia - FAMU
Tagged by Marcia Riley on 06/28/2013  
Tagged by Kimberly A. Woods on 01/27/2013  
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Tagged by Terrance McCreary on 08/30/2012  
Good Morning Willie, Thank you for your response. I took my son to VUU on Tuesday and classes will begin next week. Thanks be to God, so far, so good...
Tagged by Loretta Faheem on 08/18/2012  
For God, For Central, For State!!! Thanks for the friend request!!!
Tagged by Nicole Robinson on 08/17/2012  
Willie: The pleasure is mine. Thanks for reaching out. Best regards, Byron
Tagged by Byron Ward on 05/21/2012  
How are things in your world? My son completed his Freshman year at Chowan U on yesterday. He'll attend Virginia Union University in the next school year. Any thoughts about Virginia Union? Peace and love, Loretta
Tagged by Loretta Faheem on 05/03/2012  
Hello it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me to know each other for relationship and will be glad if you write to me via email so that i can send you my picture( ) thanks from Angel, angelsunny42 at
Tagged by ange sunny on 03/11/2012  
Hello. Frat
Tagged by tyrone green on 02/16/2012  
Thank you again sir! I appreciate that and it is well received! I'll keep you posted.
Tagged by Denise Ewing on 02/01/2012  
Hello Willie: Thanks for visiting my profile - seems that you're quite active on this site (smile). Unfortunately, I only come here when there's a message posted...(sigh) Glad to read that your son's a Rattler!! HOORAY!! Wishing you continued success in all endeavors. Take care!! Marcia
Tagged by Marcia Riley on 12/05/2011  
Hello Hello and a Merry Christmas. How are you? Keep in touch.
Tagged by Thomasena Martin-Johnson on 12/03/2011  
Yes, anyone can joint he HBCU chior Group. :)
Tagged by Reginald Culpepper on 10/25/2011  
Hi fellow Maurader. No, I wasn't able to attend homecoming 2011.Nice to meet you.
Tagged by Annette Patterson on 10/15/2011  
Hi Willie, Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. Forgive me for taking so long to respond, but I have not been on HBCU network for some time. My journey was truly a challenge, but with much reward. I praise God for His faithfulness! God bless you always, Shirley
Tagged by shirley caldwell on 10/10/2011  
Hi Willie, the lady singing the song that Nancy made famous is Chante Moore..I found it and was blown away!!! I do have 200 diva songs at thanks have a wonderful day.
Tagged by Marta Fernandez on 07/11/2011  
Hey nice to meet you too Wille. Thanks for the add frat. For God, For Central, For State
Tagged by Ian Duff on 06/24/2011  
Nice to meet you Willie. Hopefully in retirement you still enjoy being involved with the arts. All the best to you.
Tagged by Hershell Norwood on 06/21/2011  
Hi, Willie! My new cd is at: Click on 'store' and type in my singing name which is: Lady Peachena. Enjoy the music! Have a blessed Easter Holiday, too! Lena aka Lady Peachena
Tagged by Lena Eure on 04/24/2011  
Thanks, Willie! Have a blessed sunday and thanks for stopping by!
Tagged by Evangelist Cookie Hunter on 04/10/2011  
Hello Willie, stop by to say hello you all is good god bless. Brunetta
Tagged by Brunetta Gaither on 04/04/2011  
Tagged by CLIFTON McBEAN-HENRY on 04/03/2011  
Hi Willie, Glad to hear from you! All is well in my neck of the woods. Have a great week!
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 03/28/2011  
Thanks for your kind words- it pushes me to do greater things to help others. Stay blessed! Joyce
Tagged by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on 03/25/2011  
Tagged by CLIFTON McBEAN-HENRY on 03/25/2011  
It was nice making your acquaintance. Yes, music is my calling or journey road in this life. I see music is a part of your life's journey as well. Good that gives us something in common to discuss.
Tagged by J'Kai Eaves on 03/20/2011  
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