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Location: Magnolia, DE United States
Birthday: Dec 24th
Joined: Nov 12th, 2003
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Current Whereabouts:
Reppin the 302 (for y'all that don't know... that's Delaware. Before you can even ask where it is, its on the EAST coast. lol) and the West Indies! Big shout out to MISSISSIPPI and the dirty south! But now I'm in VA chillin' at HU. Holla at ya girl! (AIM JaziD10021)
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Hampton University class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Biology
Claim To Fame:
Wow. so much to say lol. I'm that girl that looks all quiet and innocent, when u really hear me all the time walking around campus.(Looks are decieving!)I'm all about having fun, and actin' crazy. Mostly chillin with my girl Erinn, the other half of the Dynamic Duo, aka the Twins lol...we're always clownin' like woah, but its always a great way to stay entertained. Never a dull day in my life, maybe I can make yours exciting too! come holla at a girl! If ya see me, I'm always laughing and probably being loud, but hey! I gotta have fun. But after college, hard to believe, but I'm going to be a doctor! much love to all my fellow BIO majors!
Most Memorable Moment:
Wow...Round 1: Freshman year. So much went on, and it was ONLY freshman year. Some of those memories will last me for the rest of my life.. lol! From the crazy nights wandering aimlessley around campus to classes that were soo fun... BABY BLUE GLITTER GEL PEN.. oh yeah E, don't forget the PURPLE FUR COAT!! LOL or page 144! Of course I can't forget about all my crazy teachers that were on some other stuff! "the Frizz Puff" ha ha... Weekends were mad fun... from the crazy nights at the Legion with certain people all in the conversation, to Second Street (those parties were off the hook!!) "I'mma turn around and pick y'all up!" "OK!" lol, 87C..that's all I gotta say about that one lol.. Parent's Weekend 03, between my mom and our random night with Mike and Ray.. (LOL), "Gimme that Grey Goose" (Whoo... never thought that would become a song... lol), scopin', making The List, the WEB SITE!, our random adventures on the HRT, the yellow car, and to Strawberry Banks... "look what I got", "We're off to see the Wizard..." wow... Meeting people like 17 times, hanging out with the "Crews".. "Hi Twins!", random phrases and people I've encountered, chillin' in our spots around campus, the on campus events... man I can't wait for the Black and Gold Pagent this year *wink* lol...the Buy a Beauty show was on point last year too! whoo...all in all.. a great year. Round 2: Sophmore Year. I'm back and its started already! man... E they're not ready! This year is gonna be off the chains! The calendar and the book in the works... E, when are they coming out again? lol... September 30, 2004 8:45 pm, Serenade by the Water... LOL, too funny... I think my back still hurts from laughing! Can't forget the dude after the pajama party.. "I live on the campius" (meanwhile standing in front of s&t pointing to the harbors)lol, the stalking duo (they know who they are), "Erinn and Devona" from across campus, serenading the cab driver, becoming a "drug dealer" (thanks David. lol) the list and their staring problems, waving at random people, my popcorn shower at the movies, playing on the phone after seeing The Grudge, late night chats and walks, not to mention all the bad things that happen to me in the harbors after 12am. The Lovers and Friends Cabaret... that was too funny! Got a front row seat to a brawl, and pepper spray. LOL. Then a drunken night at the Legion... Great fun! :) then on to Spring Break... Great fun... terrorizing the Mississippi coast and New Orleans... he he. I told u they weren't ready. lol. but, back to the grind, and I'm doin my thing... but believe me its gonna be an interesting year...*wink wink* lol Round 2 Double Trouble... mann... you're not ready!! HOLLA!
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Jus passin thru spredin that Pirate love hit me up
Tagged by B Steel on 03/17/2005  
what up girl thanx for signing my page holla at me boo!!
Tagged by Latoya Ahart on 04/30/2004  
Hey I thought I left you a note but. . . .It's not there. Thanks for the luv TWIN. Keep havin fun and don't let Simone walk into anything when she is tellin her stories!! Have a great summer!
Tagged by Tiff G on 04/26/2004  
Hey Devona!!! I got ur message. What's been up with u?? Hope to hear from you soon!!! :)
Tagged by Nicole Cosey on 04/25/2004  
DEVONA!!!!! This ur girl Erinn here! I appreciate the shout out to Mississippi and the Dirty Dirty. That's what's up. All I have to say is that I hope next year is as eventful and fun-filled as this one. The book's coming out real soon
Tagged by Erinn J. on 02/14/2004  
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